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Below are the key new features for ProGen Plus 9.0-9.7

You can download ProGen including the free trial from our public site or on If you are not on version 8 or above of ProGen visit the ProGen Updates page for instructions.

New Features and Enhancements for ProGen Plus 9.7

  • Better ILE integration on the Exit Design Panel.
  • New action - CALLP.
  • Resolved issue where a CPD0013 runtime error occurred when using an override on a file name with
    9 characters.
  • ProGen no longer generates a F6 Create key when Define a "Create" Function key is N.
  • Corrected date format for RPGLE source members.
  • Resolved issue where using the Knowledge Base to copy code to a user defined action failed to import
    the code.
  • Added the context *KYCF to the Style N programs.
  • Resolved issue where specifying a binding directory name that already existed would create a new one, overwriting the old.

New Features and Enhancements for ProGen Plus 9.0-9.6

  • Added option to ZDLTPDF to delete CALLSBR and USRCOD members.
  • Additional options to change management to copy the validation module definitions, objects and source.
  • Added validation to the USRCOD member delete.
  • Added parameter and validation to delete USRCOD from the ZDLTPDF command.
  • When modifying a window in ProGen, it will now validate so that you cannot enter the value 1 or 80 into the starting and ending column fields.
  • Two parameters have been added to the ZCRTENVR command for GN#USRC and GN#VSRC to allow the source file length to be changed to 112 instead of the default 92.
  • Imbedded period in a database file name is now supported.
  • Support for changing files that have type O fields.
  • Support for *MODULES containing SQL.
  • Conditional attributes are now supported for fields defined in zdsnpnld.
  • Support for more Double Byte Character Sets (Type J, E, O, G)
  • A new feature that allows character conversion after the generation of the ProGen source.
  • RPDA the cursor is moved in couple of pos position when &W or &P is used. This also includes any field placement &1 etc. This will now position to the position prior to the placed field for easy editing.

For a complete list of 9.0-9.6 enhancements and fixes visit the updates history page.