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Export to XLS with EZ-Pickin's

Launch EZ-Pickin's from Spool-Explorer

EZ-Pickin's is BCD's PC-Based Report Mining application and is seamlessly integrated into Spool-Explorer. It lets you filter out any set of data from a report and format it for use in other PC applications, such as Excel. Spool-Explorer includes an interface that lets you launch EZ-Pickin's with the push of a button.

Apply Data Extraction Models

When launching EZ-Pickin's from Spool-Explorer you can instantly apply an existing data extraction model to a report.

Convert to Excel Spreadsheet

There is also a powerful feature to invoke the EZ-Pickin's autoscripting utility from Spool-Explorer, which allows you to instantly apply a data extraction model to a report, and export it to Excel (or any of several other formats).


Use Spool-Explorer to instantly access, print and send spool files.

Users can point-and-click to display, print, save and email spool files as PDF, RTF, HTML and TXT.

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