Spool-Explorer Support

Installation Instructions

These instructions are for new installs of Spool-Explorer only. Please log in to myBCDsoftware.com to access the software User Guide for more upgrade instructions and additional product information.

Step 4: Install the IBM i Components and start the EXODUS subsystem.

? After closing the upload window, log on to an IBM i session as QSECOFR. Run the command XL_CATINST/SPXINSTALL. At the panel presented, select the product Spool-Explorer and press Enter. Follow the on-screen instructions.

? The default install library is XL_SPLEXP, but you can change it at this step if preferred:

When prompted, enter your Spool-Explorer License Key:

? Your license key will be validated in Step 7. If you don't have a Spool-Explorer License Key, contact BCD at (630) 986-0800 to request one. You can also press F3 to Exit (and complete) the installation process, and add the license key afterwards using the command XL_SPLEXP/UNLOCKSPX.

Next, run the command WRKACTJOB and verify that the EXODUS subsystem is active and contains a job called EXSERVR:

? If the subsystem has been started, continue with the next step. You do not have to make any changes to EXODUS55 if it is present.

If you IPL your IBM i nightly or on the weekends, you will now also need to restart TCP/IP services and the EXODUS subsystem as part of that process. While you probably already have processes in place to restart TCP/IP, you can add the command STRSBS XL_EX55/EXODUS55 as part of that process (or just run it manually while you are still evaluating the software).