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WebSmart PHP is more than an IDE, it is a complete PHP Rapid Web Application Development tool. Read the top reasons to choose WebSmart PHP.

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  1. Rapid PHP development with DB2/400 and MySQL application templates
  2. Leverage existing RPG code and skills with System i centric PHP extensions
  3. Increase productivity with the WebSmart IDE (Syntax Checking, IntelliPrompting and more)
  4. Visual HTML editor and separation of HTML from PHP (MVC) for simplifying page design
  5. Uses nonproprietary PHP, one of the most popular web development languages
  6. Multi-platform hosting and database options
  7. Manage and control enterprise development
  8. Optional Central Repository for business and presentation rules at the file level
  9. Create simple or sophisticated apps including Web Services (SOA), XML, Ajax, Google Maps...
  10. Part of BCD's Modernization Suite including a web portal for securing and deploying your PHP apps
  11. Receive world class support
  12. Proven Web solution backed by a System i industry leader and by IBM

Prove it yourself with a no obligation free trial of WebSmart PHP.

1. Rapid PHP development with DB2/400 and MySQL application templates

WebSmart PHP comes with modifiable intelligent templates and wizards that make it easy for you to build fully functional System i or multi-platform PHP web applications that use database functions for DB2 SQL, Record Level Access and MySQL. Whereas most other PHP editors start you with a blank palette, WebSmart PHP templates guide you through the steps to perform specific functions, such as working with data (add, change, delete, search or list records), or input-capable lists for transaction-oriented applications, etc. It also automatically creates a professional looking app by generating the HTML and CSS for you.

Templates provide a teaching tool for your staff, as all the PHP and MySQL or DB2 code is generated for them, providing great examples to learn from. This is ideal for RPG programmers new to web development or to PHP developers new to the System i or needing a faster way to create PHP apps. Once you've created a PHP program using the templates, you can modify and enhance the code infinitely using WebSmart's integrated PHP code editor in native PHP code.

2. Leverage existing RPG code and skills with System i centric PHP extensions

WebSmart PHP is highly optimized for the System i developer and platform. It incorporates all native Zend Core System i centric functions and has unique functions such as setting library lists, an integral part of traditional System i applications. WebSmart PHP gives you flexibility for referencing database files or calling existing RPG or other ILE programs to leverage your legacy RPG code base. WebSmart PHP lets you use either DB2 SQL or record level access functions which RPG programmers will immediately understand.

3. Increase productivity with the WebSmart IDE (Syntax Checking, Intelliprompting and more)

WebSmart PHP's IDE is a complete IDE with the following features that help speed up development and eliminate coding errors:

  • 5000+ PHP functions documented and organized in separate tabs.
  • Intelligent syntax checking of PHP coding constructs, function names and parameters.
  • IntelliPrompting for PHP function selection and auto completion.
  • Context-sensitive help, and function and parameter prototypes and tool tips.

4. Visual HTML editor and separation of HTML from PHP (MVC) for simplifying page design

WebSmart PHP includes a visual HTML editor and separates the content presentation (HTML) from the logic (PHP), often referred to as MVC. Developers get to see what their finished application will look like as they work on it. This helps eliminate one of the initial barriers to creating web applications - it minimizes the need to know how to code HTML. The visual HTML design tool makes it easy to drag-and-drop HTML design elements or database fields on your page layouts and includes HTML wizards and supports CSS.

Separating content (page design) from behavior (programming logic), commonly referred to as MVC (Model-View-Controller) makes code easier to read and easier to re-use. WebSmart PHP promotes this development approach through unique features that let you work on presentation design (HTML) separate from server logic (PHP), instead of having your PHP intermingled with HTML.

5. Uses nonproprietary PHP, one of the most popular web development languages

WebSmart creates nonproprietary PHP code which can be run on any PHP supported platform without requiring a server license. WebSmart PHP developers can modify the PHP code directly in the IDE and anything that is supported in PHP is supported in WebSmart PHP. PHP is an open source programming language created specifically for web development. It is one of the most popular languages for web development with over 22 million web sites created with PHP and over 2 million PHP developers coding with it. There are also thousands of free scripts available and the PHP open source community is very active.

6. Multi-platform hosting and database options

WebSmart PHP applications can be hosted on any PHP support platform such as the System i, Unix, Linux or Windows and it can easily connect to databases hosted on various platforms - DB2/400 on System i, MySQL on other platforms and any other databases supported by the platform the PHP app is hosted on.

7. Manage and Control Enterprise Development

Project management features are included and built into WebSmart and have the following features to facilitate group development projects:

  • Check in and out your work which locks definitions, preventing multiple developers from working on the same definition at the same time.
  • Automated logging tracks all access and operations on definitions providing a complete and accurate audit trail of your development efforts.
  • Archive definitions and source compare different archived versions. Rolling back to earlier code bases of your application is very simple by restoring archived versions.

8. Optional Central Repository for business and presentation rules at the file level

The Central Repository lets you define business, database and presentation rules at the database level, providing powerful data modeling capabilities that save you time and makes coding more consistent. For example, if you associate a Customer Master File with a Customer list popup window with the Customer number in an Orders file, when you write your Order Entry application WebSmart PHP will automatically include code to show that Customer pop-up window. Rules only needs to be defined once in a definition and any new definition will adopt these changes.

9. Create simple or sophisticated apps including Web Services (SOA), XML, Ajax, Google Maps...

WebSmart PHP lets you develop new web applications for any industry or application and is ideal for both simple or sophisticated applications. You can create B2B, B2C and e-Commerce sites including on-line ordering, inquiries and maintenance programs, and implement browser-based or SOA (web services) applications. WebSmart PHP supports everything that can be done using PHP including:

  • Web Services for SOA
  • Full support of AJAX so you can build rich web content applications that behave like Windows apps.
  • Send emails in HTML format.
  • Integrate applications with maps like Google or Flashmaps.

10. Part of BCD's Modernization Suite including a portal for securing your PHP apps

WebSmart PHP is part of BCD's System i Modernization Suite, a complete application and business process integrated suite, which gives you the option to select any of the following components: System i web portal, RPG CGI or PHP Web development, flash graphs, Web query and reporting, and automated report distribution.

Nexus logo

Nexus Portal is BCD's web portal that provides an application framework for securing your PHP and other web applications. Nexus provides a secure login and extra layers of security to your applications by hosting them in a secure and reliable System i hosted portal. It also includes application frameworks such as menu trees, drop-down web menus and executive dashboards. All content in Nexus is based on user and group authority lists that are configured without requiring any coding. WYSIWYG site design and administration help you create and manage a dynamic and secure portal which can all be done without requiring HTML knowledge.

SmartCharts logo

SmartCharts lets you design and integrate real-time animated Flash 2D and 3D bar charts, pie charts, executive dashboards, gauges and KPIs with drill downs in your PHP apps for clear visual representation of your data and business metrics.

WebSmart logo

WebSmart ILE and Clover Query users will find the transition to WebSmart PHP intuitive because both versions share the same IDE. However, WebSmart PHP also includes user interface features specially designed for PHP programming needs and you code in PHP, not PML. You can move seamlessly between writing ILE CGI or PHP applications in the same WebSmart IDE. And, you can mix and match ILE-written and PHP-written web applications with it all being transparent to your users. BCD offers existing WebSmart ILE clients a discount when WebSmart PHP is also licensed.

Clover logo

Clover provides a way for end users and developers to quickly and easily design real-time Web based System i reports and queries. With Clover you can actually write reports with little or no coding at all! Clover's own templates drive the report creation Wizards making it easy to design reports with breaks, sub totals, graphs, Excel spreadsheets and more.

Catapult logo

Catapult provides unattended report and document distribution via email, print, fax and archive to network or web portal. You can create front end prompt screens with WebSmart PHP which execute your reports and then call Catapult functions to distribute and convert your iSeries reports.

11. Receive world class support

If you are new to PHP or to web development, technical support services can be very important. Our technical support team is ranked in 98th percentile in customer satisfaction surveys. Our support agreements provide you with unlimited phone, email and web support for the life of the agreement and during your evaluation period. When you call BCD Support, a technical representative will answer the phone, use desktop sharing when beneficial and your emails will receive a rapid reply during normal business hours. We encourage our clients and prospects to call whenever we can be of help. We are here to support you and to help you succeed.

12. A proven Web solution backed by a System i industry leader and by IBM

Thousands of organizations and end-users depend on applications created with WebSmart ILE including users from Starbucks (4,500+ stores), CompUSA, Goodyear, Universal Music (70+ countries), Hickory Farms, Formica, Kawasaki, Mallinckrodt, City, County and State Governments, and more. Our extensive list of customers has helped WebSmart accomplish the following:

You can comfortably put your trust in BCD and our 20 years of experience in developing leading edge development tools, and our 30+ years as an industry leader. Thousands of customers have enjoyed great success with our technology, support and ongoing development efforts. We are committed to the iSeries and provide the best web development technology and solutions available in the iSeries marketplace.

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