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Benetech creates new revenue stream and solidifies long-term IBM i strategy with PHP web application

Benetech, a leading employee benefits solution provider for over 30 years, worked with BCD Professional Services to develop a browser-based benefits enrollment application that uses PHP and integrates with their IBM i.

The application has created a new revenue stream for Benetech and expanded their customer base outside of New York, which shows potential to grow nationally. It has also helped define Benetech's long-term IBM i strategy. "BCD showed us that we can use modern web technologies with the IBM i and that we can be innovators in our industry," says John Dalmata, Benetech's Director of Operations.

"BCD is an extension of our staff and a big part of our IT strategy going forward. They have restored our faith in web developers."

John Dalmata, Director of Operations


Eight years ago, Benetech decided to move from pen-and-paper enrollment to online PDFs and forms. Another development company created the original application, an endeavor that took much longer than expected.

Unfortunately, the finished product didn't meet Benetech's needs. The enrollment form was monolithic, looked outdated and lacked important features. For example, employees couldn't select different health/dental configurations when adding dependents to a benefits package. These deficiencies increased administration time and potential data entry errors.


BCD's Professional Services team worked closely with Benetech to develop a online employee enrollment application that would replace the original form. "BCD turned fragmented thoughts and ideas into a product that more than met expectations," says John.

BCD used WebSmart PHP, their rapid web application development solution, to develop the new application. It integrates with Benetech's IBM i and uses Zend Framework 2, which gives it a modular, extensible architecture. WebSmart PHP also made it easy to reuse Benetech's existing RPG code.

The modern, user-friendly application has over 10,000 users who can log in to their accounts to:

  • Sign up for coverage
  • Compare costs for different coverage
  • Add and modify dependents and their coverage
  • Download and print confirmations

HR staff can also log in and approve, deny or request revisions to the coverage. With more user-driven interactions online, Benetech's customers often need only one HR employee instead of the two or more who would normally handle paperwork and administrative duties.


"This application will give us a competitive advantage going forward and is a big part of our business strategy," says John.

The new application has also created a new revenue stream for Benetech. They signed two new contracts within a month of going live and expanded their customer base outside of NY for the first time. "We hope to increase tenfold over the next five to ten years," says John.

"BCD is an extension of our staff and a big part of our IT strategy going forward. They have restored our faith in web developers," says John. The relationship has also helped solidify Benetech's long-term IBM i strategy. "We know people who have talked about abandoning the i because they don't know the possibilities with modernization. But the reason why we're all on the IBM i is because nothing compares in terms of stability and database security," says John

About Benetech

Founded in 1985, Benetech started as an employee benefits consulting firm. They have continued to evolve into a business solutions provider of technology, consulting, and management services to meet their clients' needs.

Benetech has made outsourcing benefits administration, workforce management and regulatory compliance simple and easy through their single source solution. Their unique approach creates savings and efficiencies by integrating technology, administrative services, and insurance and consulting expertise through their cloud platform.

Since their clients have fewer resources and less time to dedicate to managing benefits and employees, Benetech's solutions allow their clients to outsource these functions cost effectively. Their goal is to build a process that creates efficiencies for their clients, reducing overhead and reducing cost, without diminishing performance or results. This is the reason why hundreds of employers have chosen to outsource to Benetech.


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