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Rapid Open-Source PHP Desktop and Mobile Web Application Development

WebSmart PHP is the fastest way for RPG, PHP and other programmers to develop IBM i and multi-platform PHP web applications. It's more than a PHP editor: It's a rapid web application development tool that includes program templates that guide you through creating database-driven web applications in minutes.

You can further customize the applications in the WebSmart IDE to create powerful web applications that can be accessed from PCs, tablets and smartphones.

I love coding in WebSmart PHP. The templates not only allow me to write an input screen in an hour or less, but it greatly helped me through the learning curve in moving to the PHP language."

  • Melinda Fowler
  • Ouachita Baptist University
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Why Choose WebSmart PHP?

Open Source

WebSmart PHP uses PHP, a popular and proven open-source language developed specifically to create web applications.

Zend Server

PHP is fully supported by IBM and Zend on the IBM i. WebSmart PHP runs with Zend Server if hosting on IBM Power Systems.

Free Code

There are many websites dedicated to PHP and thousands of free PHP scripts online that you can plug into your own code.

PHP Bundles

BCD's IBM i PHP bundles help IBM i organizations get started with PHP as successfully and as efficiently as possible.

Rapid Development

WebSmart PHP templates shorten the web development learning curveby generating the starting PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

IBM i Integration

WebSmart PHP supports both IBM i PHP toolkits to help you leverage your existing RPG code and skills.

Hiring and Resources

PHP is easy for RPG programmers to learn because you can code procedurally or OO. It's also easy to find PHP developers.


WebSmart PHP also runs on other PHP supported platforms, including Windows, Linux and Unix.

Please visit the WebSmart home page to see all the benefits of developing web applications with WebSmart. WebSmart PHP is part of the WebSmart family, which also includes WebSmart ILE, and Clover.

WebSmart PHP in the News

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