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WebSmart Editions

Rapid Mobile Web App Development for IBM i and Other Programmers

WebSmart Mobile jumpstarts mobile web app development with templates that generate the initial UI (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and server-side (RPG or PHP) code. You can then use wizards or edit the generated code in the WebSmart IDE to produce any mobile web app you need.

Users can access the applications from browsers on all popular mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry), so there is no need to learn additional languages like Objective C and Java, and no need to deploy from app stores.

WebSmart Mobile is included with WebSmart PHP and WebSmart ILE.

WebSmart Mobile is an incredible piece of software. This should be a 'must have' tool for anyone wanting to develop mobile apps on IBM i."

  • Danny Chandler
  • Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation
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Why Choose WebSmart Mobile?

Intelligent Templates

WebSmart Mobile's jQuery-based templates make it easy to create HTML5 mobile web apps in minutes, even if you have no prior web development experience.

Access From Any Device

WebSmart mobile web applications are accessible from browsers and run on all popular mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry).

Productive IDE

Use point-and-click code snippets to add mobile UI elements like slider bars or HTML 5 input fields, or access the generated code to create any type of mobile web app.

Mobile Look and Feel

WebSmart mobile web applications look like native mobile apps. They include touch gestures and auto-resize to fit any device or when rotated.

Modern Web Technologies

WebSmart uses standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery Mobile and Ajax. It's also possible to add geolocation and offline functionality.

Included with WebSmart

Take advantage of the WebSmart IDE's productivity features including syntax checking, a debugger, and a wizard to call back-end RPG programs.

Please visit the WebSmart home page to see all the benefits of developing web applications with WebSmart. WebSmart Mobile is part of the WebSmart family, which also includes WebSmart PHP, WebSmart ILE and Clover.


Start developing RPG or PHP web applications with WebSmart today.

You get quick results and unlimited support. WebSmart takes 15-30 minutes to install.

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