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WebSmart 10.5 - 11.6 New Features

You can download WebSmart, including the free trial, from our public site or on Version 10.5-11.4 new features are listed below 11.5.

WebSmart 11.6 New Features

PHP Validation Enhancements

WebSmart PHP templates contain a new option to validate required fields in add/change. You can also extend your PHP add/change validation code with custom validators.

Validate required fields

WebSmart 11.5 New Features

PHP Templates Field Option for Input/Output

On screens where you have a lot of input fields you will often want some of those to be output-only. A new option in the template wizard now does this for you. PHP templates contain a new option to set fields as output-only on add and change screens. During the wizard steps for selecting fields there is a drop down for each field where you can select to leave it as input or change it to output-only.

Field Option for Input/Output

Other new features

  • Improved parm handling in Clover charts with prompts.
  • ILE JSON function parameter 64k data size limit has been removed
  • Write to the job log with new ILE function wrtjoblog
  • You can now select multiple items in the file browser
  • Japanese edition: 'Tip of the day' has been translated

WebSmart 11.4 New Features

CCSID and Domain in the ECFGSMTP command

The ECFGSMTP settings now support domain names. You won't have to worry about IP address changes impacting the email sent via WebSmart with this new feature. As well there are now optional CCSID settings.

Configure WebSmart SMTP (ECFGSMTP)

Other new features

  • Improved the code for retrieving parameters and building SQL in the PHP templates.
  • New HTML encoding attribute for Alpha fields - encode="html".
  • New Encode setting in the HTML Field <Right Click>Properties window.
  • New strmfexists function allows you check that a stream file exists.
  • Sendmailex now supports setting custom ASCII and EBCSID CCSIDs.
  • NodeJS dynamically loads the DB2 module based on the installed node version. This allows WebSmart for Node.js to work with v4 and v6 of Node.js.
  • WebSmart PHP's WebSmartObject's new getParameters function retrieves multiple URL parameters at once.

WebSmart 11.3 New Features

Japanese PHP Edition

To meet the growing demand for PHP on IBM i we have created a Japanese edition of WebSmart PHP in a joint effort with our partner Solpac. In addition to Unicode and DBCS support this edition has a Japanese version of the IDE and the templates. All the menus and prompts in the IDE have been translated as has the User Guide. The Japanese version of the templates have all the action buttons and text constants translated as well.

Other features

  • Option to choose whether to include a qualified library name in SQL statements in generated programs (PHP edition only)
  • New character set encoding option in PHP templates to select between UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1.

WebSmart 11.2 New Features

WebSmart for Node.js

WebSmart for Node.js is the newest WebSmart edition. These new templates produce server-side JavaScript and are built with Bootstrap, a responsive, mobile framework that uses a single code base for the desktop and mobile versions.

Watch the video below for an introduction to WebSmart for Node.js. You can also get more information and request a trial at

Improved Internationalization with Unicode edition

The PHP and Node.js editions of WebSmart are now also available in a Unicode edition. This provides enhanced support for internationalization. WebSmart already had support for DBCS databases, the Unicode edition provides the ability to enter almost any DBCS character into the IDE. This makes it easier to support text constants in any language.

Additional 11.2 Feature

  • Minimum IBM i OS release for WebSmart for Node.js is V7R1. Minimum IBM i OS for ILE, PHP, and Clover is V6R1.

WebSmart 11 New Features

Responsive Templates

WebSmart now includes responsive PHP, ILE and Node.js templates for creating mobile-friendly applications. The templates generate a single code base for desktops and mobile devices using Bootstrap, the most popular open-source HTML/CSS/JavaScript framework for responsive websites.

Watch the above video to preview the new templates.

WebSmart 10.10 New Features

  • WebSmart ILE now supports qualified data structures. You can use these to prevent field naming collisions between your structures.
  • You can now set *OBJLIB as the default library list for an IBM i connection.

WebSmart 10.9 New Features

Z-Ray Integration

WebSmart PHP now includes integration with Zend's Z-Ray to help you write better, faster PHP programs. Z-Ray is included with Zend Server Professional and Enterprise and provides deep insight into application behavior, performance, and quality by giving developers real-time insight into how their application is running and consuming resources - from PHP variables to DB2 for i queries to RPG program calls.

Additional 10.9 New Features

  • IDE debugger supports Clover programs

WebSmart 10.8 New Features

Inline RPG Editing

You can now add inline free-format RPG code to WebSmart ILE definitions. This feature gives programmers even more opportunities to leverage their existing skillset. For example, you can now reuse a piece of free-format RPG code you've already written by inserting it directly into the WebSmart code.

Edit RPG inline with WebSmart 10.8

New PML Operators

WebSmart ILE's new PML operators (-=, /=, *= and **) provide expanded math capabilities to manipulate expressions more efficiently.

JSON Manipulation

JSON is a common data format that's often used with Web Services or API calls. WebSmart ILE includes a new suite of functions that enables you to create and manipulate JSON objects and convert them to and from strings. PHP already includes similar functionality, which can be used in WebSmart PHP.

HTML5 Charts and jQuery

WebSmart's SmartCharts have been updated and exclusively use HTML5 and JavaScript. They previously used Flash as the default with JavaScript fallbacks for mobile devices.

WebSmart's templates have also been updated to the latest version of jQuery and jQuery UI. This version includes a new widget, selectmenu, and improved stability.

Mobile IBM i business intelligence

IDE Shortcuts

The WebSmart IDE includes several new shortcuts:

  • Right-click a segment to create a new one
  • CTRL+W to close the current tab
  • Right-click in the Fields window to Find/Find All
  • Ctrl+Alt+T to create a new text file (previously Ctrl+T)
  • Ctrl+Alt+J to create a new JavaScript file
  • Ctrl+Alt+C to create a new CSS file

Additional 10.8 New Features

  • New PML functions for string padding, strpadr() and strpadl()
  • New PML function, getstrmfinf(), to retrieve IFS file attributes
  • We have increased the size of query in sqlexec above 4096
  • We replaced MySQL PHP templates with PHP Data Objects templates

WebSmart 10.7 New Features

  • You can now increase and decrease the IDE's code font size using CTRL+ and CTRL-.
  • The IDE now auto-formats PHP nested arrays.
  • Added a new date-dimension file, MU_DATEF in XL_WEBDEMO, that's useful for creating date-based reports.

WebSmart 10.6 New Features

PHP Data Objects (PDO) Templates

WebSmart's new PHP Data Objects (PDO) templates make it easier to access MySQL and IBM i DB2 or to switch between them because they use the same set of templates for both connection types. These templates are more complex than the basic OO DB2 and MySQL templates but they use more advanced and safer techniques for running SQL statements. You can also use the same PDO functions to issue queries and fetch data from MySQL and DB2.

PHP data objects template

Watch the above video to see how new PHP templates support all levels of development.

Additional 10.6 New Features

  • You can now view previously installed template versions in the new program window
  • WebSmart supports UTF-8 for posturl
  • You can copy/paste all repository extensions from one field to another

WebSmart 10.5 New Features

PHP Zend Framework 2 Templates

Use the Zend Framework 2 (ZF2) templates to write PHP applications over DB2 on IBM i that are based on a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. ZF2 is a PHP framework for deploying modular, extensible, secure and high performance PHP applications.

ZF2 and MVC are advanced coding techniques that are a good fit for experienced PHP programmers and for larger projects. These templates create separate files for each part of MVC, all contained within a single composite document in WebSmart.

Zend Framework 2 template

HTML Validation Engine Validates HTML5

You can now validate HTML5 in your HTML segments, which will help you identify and fix syntax problems more efficiently.

New Composite Document

WebSmart now includes an empty composite document that allows you to better organize projects by opening and closing associated files and programs together.

For example, you can automatically open or close CSS/JavaScript files when you open or close a PDW/PHW. You can also open and close programs (like non-CGI WebSmart programs) with the program that calls them.

Additional 10.5 New Features

  • You can now declare a UCS-2 field for improved multilingual support.
  • Custom jQuery UI themes are more compatible out of the box.
  • The PHP debugger now supports PHP 5.4 and 5.5.

To view all previous releases and updates, please visit the Updates History page.


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