WebSmart Support

Installation Instructions

These instructions are for new installs of WebSmart 11 ILE, PHP (on IBM i) and Clover (or higher) only. Please log in to myFreschesolutions.com to access the New Features and Upgrade Guide as well as the User Guide. If you don't have an IBM i, use these instructions to install WebSmart PHP on your PC.

Step 6: Configure Communications to the IBM i.

This step is required for installations on the IBM i.

The WebSmart IDE needs to be configured to connect to the IBM i so it can retrieve file layouts and perform other functions related to your IBM i database. [If you aren't using an IBM i as your server, please see the instructions for installing WebSmart PHP without an IBM i.

  1. Launch the WebSmart IDE. If this is a new install, WebSmart will automatically prompt you to complete your server configuration. Click 'Yes' to add a system:

  2. ? Enter your system name and IP (or domain name). The default port number is 4015. You may need to confirm this in your EXODUS55 configuration (as noted at the end of the Step 3 tab).
  3. From the window above you can also set default values for a few options that you need to specify every time you create a new WebSmart ILE program. These include your RPG source file and object libraries. The program object library XL_WEBAPPS will work in conjunction with the standard WEBSMART HTTP server instance configuration.

    Note: If this is a new install and you choose to use a different library, you will also need to adjust the default configuration for the WEBSMART HTTP server instance or create your own HTTP server instance to use instead.

  4. For the default web path to object, type http://your_ip_address:8150/webapps/ where 'your_ip_address' is the IP address of your IBM i (make sure you don't forget the port number and final slash shown above). This assumes that you are using the default configuration and the WEBSMART HTTP server instance.
  5. ? To confirm your configuration click the Test Connection button. When you do this WebSmart prompts you to sign on to your IBM i and then displays a confirmation message.
  6. Click OK to add the configuration entry.

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