WebSmart Support

Installation Instructions

These instructions are for new installs of WebSmart 11 ILE, PHP (on IBM i) and Clover (or higher) only. Please log in to myFreschesolutions.com to access the New Features and Upgrade Guide as well as the User Guide. If you don't have an IBM i, use these instructions to install WebSmart PHP on your PC.

Step 8: Create an ODBC Connection.

This step is only required for WebSmart ILE or PHP programs running over databases other than DB2. If you are only using DB2 tables, skip to the next step.

If you intend to use WebSmart to create programs over other databases (such as MySQL in PHP, and MySQL, MsSQL or Oracle in ILE) you need to create an ODBC connection to your target database so the WebSmart IDE can load the file layouts.

To create a new ODBC connection, launch the WebSmart IDE and go to the Tools/Options menu. Select the Servers/Databases section and click Add to present these options:

Here is a description of the options you need to enter:

Name/Description Type a name and description for this ODBC connection.
Database Type Select whether you are using a database type of MySQL, SQLServer or Oracle.
Server/PortType a server IP and port number.
Database Enter the database name.
User/PSWD Type the User ID and password to be used to connect to this server.
Driver Select the driver.

After entering the required values, click the Test Connection button to verify that you have entered your configuration details correctly. If the confirmation window tells you that the connection is working, press OK to create the connection and continue with the next section.