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Business partners & ISVs will receive up to $65,000 in FREE BCD IBM i product licenses to grow their business.

Grow your business by participating in the #1 IBM i business priority — moving business applications to the web. You'll get there faster and easier by using BCD software solutions to deliver your applications to clients in web browsers, tablets and handheld devices. BCD's modernization suite includes WebSmart, the award-winning IBM i rapid web application development tool, and Presto, the fastest way to give green screens a rich web GUI.

BCD Helps K3S Modernize User Interface for Multiple Devices, Cloud.
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The benefits of using BCD software solutions are known by thousands of organizations worldwide. BCD solutions are currently used successfully by scores of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Business Partners. Our partners build modern applications for resale and offer development services to their clients using BCD products.

Clients are demanding more web / browser based applications for information access and ISVs are scrambling to provide their clients with the required infrastructure. To meet these demands, numerous ISVs have selected WebSmart ILE and WebSmart PHP to build new web applications integrating with DB2/400, MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle databases and many have also selected Presto to instantly web enable green screen applications and to enhance their look and extend their functionality.

IBM's Mark Shearer and Joyce Bordash, make BCD their first stop at the COMMON Expo and meet with Eric Figura, BCD's Director of Sales and Marketing.

(Left to right: Eric Figura, Mark Shearer, Joyce Bordash)

As a BCD Business Partner you can leverage your existing client base, providing new revenue opportunities where none existed previously. You can quickly build new WebSmart programs that integrate with your current text based applications. You can also leverage your existing programs and modules calling them directly for various types of data retrieval, validation and processing.

BCD makes it easy for you to modernize your applications and those of your clients by providing an exciting BCD Partner program that allows you to receive up to $65,000 of BCD tools license FREE! You only pay the annual maintenance to cover updates, new versions, support, documentation and more. You can select individual BCD tools, however, if you select the entire suite of products you will receive a significant discount on the maintenance. The cost of ownership and ROI is easily reconciled with our BCD Partner program.


Business Partner Program

Business Partners, ISV's and Consultants receive up to $65,000 in FREE BCD IBM i product licenses.

With BCD's new partner initiative, BCD partners can select most BCD solutions license free with paid maintenance. If partner selects the entire $65,000 BCD suite then BCD will cut the annual maintenance to less than half. The full suite fees for the US market will be lowered to $7,500 annual maintenance/support with a maximum 5% per year increase. BCD's partner program includes:

  1. BCD's Modernization suite:
    • WebSmart ILE (CGI) - Rapidly develop IBM i web applications accessing IBM i and multi-platform data.
    • WebSmart PHP - Rapidly develop IBM i and multi-platform PHP applications. License is included if acquired with BCD's full modernization suite.
    • Presto - Instantly give a Web GUI to all your IBM i screens including system screens and 3rd party applications. Users can then use the Presto visual editor to add new functionality to web enabled screens or to further enhance their appearance. Do all this with NO RPG, COBOL or DDS code changes.
    • Clover - Design and run real-time IBM i web reports, queries and dashboards with graphical drill-downs .
    • RDW - Convert RPG/DDS to WebSmart ILE.
    • Nexus Portal - Portal with Application Frameworks, tight Security, Web menus, Executive Dashboards, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and more.
    • ProGen Plus - Rapidly develop ILE/RPG Applications.
    • Catapult - Automate report and document distribution including providing secure web access to reports via Nexus Portal.
    • EZ-Pickin's - Mine reports and extract data (also interfaces to Catapult)
    • Docu-Mint - Document IBM i Software (RPG/400, ILE/RPG, RPGII S/36)
    • Other included solutions in the full suite include Spool-Explorer, DbGen and File-Flash Plus
  2. A commission structure for sales of BCD solutions to your clients
  3. Free Nexus Portal for your clients, the $15,000 license fee is waived, only maintenance is billed)
  4. All product updates to the products listed
  5. All new product releases
  6. Unlimited Technical Support
  7. 24/7 access to online knowledge base
  8. Access to Free Web code snippets for you to add to WebSmart created programs
  9. Online technical training
  10. Hard and soft copy User and Technical manuals
  11. Up to 500 IBM i site names in their region (US only) to market to
  12. An assigned Technical and Sales Manager

John Quarantello, IBM i Tools Executive
comments on IBM i's Developer Roadmap and BCD's WebSmart, Nexus, Clover and Catapult.

"BCD is a charter member of IBM i Tools' Innovation program and their products help IBM i clients modernize their existing applications, and build new IBM i web applications around the world. Their solutions WebSmart, Nexus, Clover and Catapult have all been certified and all are highlighted on the IBM i Developer Roadmap. IBM appreciates BCD's continued support of the IBM i platform and we value them as a partner."

Contact Us

To discuss your needs in more detail please contact Eric Figura, Director of Sales and Marketing, by phone at 630-986-0800 or email at: eric@bcdsoftware.com.

We look forward to working with you and building a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Become a BCD Business Partner.


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Partner Testimonials

"In any given year, WebSmart plays a part in 80% of our business"
Chuck Mason President, Mason Comp. Consulting
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"If you're looking for leading edge technology and excellent support to help drive business, I recommend BCD and their tools."
George Herr, Pacific Software

"The module we developed with WebSmart has really opened lots of doors for us."
Scott Henderson, Optimum Solutions

"All of our IBM i development work is made possible with the use of BCD's WebSmart - a developer's dream come true"
Mary Rooney-Lucas, president of DCS
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