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myBCDSoftware.com is BCD's customer portal. Here are some of the main reasons to request a profile today:

Download Software with no Form to Fill Out!

Log in to myBCDSoftware.com to download any of our products without having to type your data into the download request form!

WebSmart, Clover, Presto, JavaScript and HTML Example Programs

Access the source code for our growing list of hundreds of WebSmart, Clover, Presto, JavaScript, jQuery and HTML example programs. From within the portal you can run the example programs and also download the program definitions and code samples.

Manage Your Blog Subscripion Options

The BCD Tech Blog is your source for current information in product updates and releases, as well as technical articles, tips & techniques and company news. When you log in to the portal you can work with your subscription options to receive email notices when articles are published in the categories that interest you.

View License Keys and Maintenance Details

Your myBCDSoftware.com profile is linked to our sales records so you can review your license keys (past and present) as well as check your maintenance expiry dates. When new versions of our software incorporate new security features and require new license keys, you can get those here.

Request Emergency Temp Codes

When you log in to myBCDSoftware.com you can also submit requests for emergency, short-term license keys you can use in cases where you may need to restore a product to a backup machine, or recover from a disaster at a time when our offices are closed. Emergency 3-day license keys are available for most products.

Submit Technical Support Tickets and Review Open Task

You can also use myBCD's online form to submit new support tickets without having to fill out all your contact information. Once you have submitted the ticket you can see

Download User Guides (New and Old)

All our user guides are also here for you, for both current releases and older ones.

Download Older Software Versions

If you haven't been keeping up to date with the latest releases of our software, and then your PC dies, you can log into the portal to download older versions of Catapult, WebSmart, Presto and other software tools.