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Current Release

The current version of Catapult is:

  • 8.1.1 (IBM i-side)
  • 8.1.1 r7670(PC-side)

Download Current PC and/or iSeries components from our client portal at or from our public site.

You can find further information on the most recent versions and updates below.

Update Requirements

When upgrading from version 6, read the New Features and Upgrader's Guide for critical instructions and descriptions of changes. If you are upgrading to 7.60 or higher from an earlier version of 7.xx (7.43, for example), you can use the simpler instructions in the Catapult 7.x to 7.7+ Upgrader's Guide.

You must be at release 6.10 or higher to upgrade to release 7. To verify your Catapult iSeries release level open the Catapult Console and select the Help/Test Connection menu option or run the command: DSPDTAARA XL_CATAPLT/SP_CATAPLT. To check the PC release launch the Catapult Console and select the Help/About option.

If you are at an earlier release and wish to upgrade please contact Technical Support.

Catapult 8.1.0 Update

Client and Server side updates: Catapult 8.1.1 r7670 2017/07/08 - If you are already at release 8.1.1 you do not need this update.

    • Resolves an issue where the Z commands were getting CPF4131 errors. (FS#31613)
    • Resolved issue where EXWORK jobs would go into MSGW status when the Spool File list was really really really big.(FS#31613)
    • This updates Spool-Explorer from 8.1.0 to 8.1.1
    • Both Client and Server side are full installs.

Catapult 8.1.0 Recent Enhancements - 2017/05/03

  • You can now drag and drop spool file attributes into the list filter.
  • There is an additional column available in the Catapult Console to display the last date and time a rule was run.
  • Added warning in case all queues were accidentally added to the Queues to Poll column in the Poller Configuration (FS#25755).
  • Added the ability to use the creation date/time replacement value with network polled files. (FS#29111)
  • Exodus51 has been updated to Exodus55. (Update your Start-up CL with STRSBS XL_EX55/EXODUS55)
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