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This page is a record of the updates that have been prepared for Catapult. Use this information to identify whether a problem you might be having is addressed in more current versions.

Catapult 8.2.0 Recent Enhancements - 2018/01/16

  • Added an option in the Poller Configuration to disable combining of split segments with the same Key.
  • Additional messaging in Request and History list when **D-O-N-T-S-E-N-D** option is used.
  • Added another Network File replacement value &Z, - Creation Date/Time. (FS#29111)
  • Added option in Spool Explorer to retain original email functionality to use the PC email client. (FS#27737).
  • Resolved issue where ZDSTSPLF command was level checking on SP_GRBF. (FS#34145)
  • Resolved issue where saving multiple files at once in Spool-Explorer. (FS#27393)
  • Resolved issue where the append unique sequence number was not working as expected. (FS#33345)
  • Resolved issue related to error 'No recipients detected for this email'. (FS#32954)
  • Exodus51 has been updated to Exodus55. (Update your Start-up CL with STRSBS XL_EX55/EXODUS55)

Catapult 8.1.1 Update - 2017/06/08

  • Resolves an issue where the Z commands were getting CPF4131 errors. (FS#31613)
  • Resolved issue where EXWORK jobs would go into MSGW status when the Spool File list was really really really big.(FS#31613)
  • This updates Spool-Explorer from 8.1.0 to 8.1.1.
  • Both Client and Server side are full installs.

Catapult 8.1.0 Recent Enhancements - 2017/05/03

  • You can now drag and drop spool file attributes into the list filter.
  • There is an additional column available in the Catapult Console to display the last date and time a rule was run.
  • Added warning in case all queues were accidentally added to the Queues to Poll column in the Poller Configuration (FS#25755).
  • Added the ability to use the creation date/time replacement value with network polled files. (FS#29111)
  • Exodus51 has been updated to Exodus55. (Update your Start-up CL with STRSBS XL_EX55/EXODUS55)

Catapult 8.0.0 Recent Enhancements - 2015/09/30

  • The Poller Name ( Environment Name) is now displayed in the Console Title bar.
  • The Catapult download now includes installation files for the latest version of Spool-Explorer, release 8.
  • More details are now included in the Post Rule error notification email. (FS#20929)
  • Resolved issue where the client re-connect was only making one attempt to reconnect to the IBM i. (FS#21514 )
  • Resolved issue where the list of printers was loaded with each request group, delaying the print jobs. (FS#21142)
  • Resolved issue with the Poller checking the schedule when if didn't need to. (FS#21063)
  • Resolved issue where in some circumstances Extracted values used in a path were not escaped correctly. (FS#23671)
  • Note that Catapult 8 has a new IBM i install command: XL_CATINST/CATINSTALL

Catapult 7.10.1 r6723 Recent Enhancements - 2014/09/23

  • Resolved an issue where some mail servers were attaching PDF's incorrectly. (FS#21921)
  • The trace log (perror.log) now cycles daily. (FS#21837)
  • The Poller service is no longer checking the schedule every 30 seconds, reducing the number of jobs spawned. (FS#21063)

Catapult 7.10.0 r6674 Recent Additions - 2014/08/14

  • Exodus Connection changes will now apply to Poller instances without restarting the service. (FS#12410)
  • Catapult will properly apply the sender name from an email of the format NAME . (FS#15261)
  • Resolved an un-handled exception when putting bad data into the transform file name input. (FS#19447))
  • Resolved an un-handled exception when the communications logs were locked and the Poller was started. (FS#19724)
  • Validation of replacement token decorators in the Rule Editor now works correctly. (FS#20073)
  • The Poller service no longer checks scheduling information every 30 seconds. (FS#21063)
  • Poller instances that fail to connect because Exodus is not active will now retry every 30 seconds. (FS#19428)
  • Resolved an issue with Nexus Distribution site numbers padding incorrectly for split documents. (FS#20375)
  • Resolved a situation where some clients had significant delays at the start of each request. (FS#21142)
  • Long email passwords should no longer corrupt the Poller Configuration. (FS#21491)
  • Resolved an issue with replacement tokens in the post rule notification field. (FS#21526)
  • Resolved issues with Poller instances not starting if the service was left active overnight. (FS#21623)

Client side update Catapult 7.9.1 r6374 2013/05/21

  • Resolves an upgrade issue where rules would fail to load generating a message about CPageSetup not found. (FS#20883)

Catapult 7.9.0 r6217 New Features - 2014/05/21


  • Resolved issue where Additional files on a Network Poll using a wild card included the main file twice. (FS#15735)
  • BCD Upload Express has been updated to make getting the install files up to your IBM i easier.
  • Addition of server trace code for better logging. (FS#19291)
  • Improved handling of Exodus communications issues. (FS#19334)
  • Added a rule option for person to notify on error. (FS#15763)
  • Resolved issue where EZP option to rename output didn't work.
  • Poller configuration default split options were returned to the original settings. (FS#19115)
  • Combine split segment options are now in the correct order.
  • Last Modified By field is no longer blank. (FS#19084)

Catapult 7.82 r5955 - 2014/02/25


  • Added option to combine links into one email when splitting.
  • Created ZRUNNETRUL command as a ZRUNRULE for network files.
  • Added defaults for Last Created Date/By and Last Updated Date/By when creating a new rule.
  • Removed email validation. This was preventing some clients from using custom email addresses.
  • Automated Admin emails for Poller starts/stops now include the environment library name.
  • Prevention of resequencing a rule when the Poller is active.
  • Added meaningful descriptions of components during PC side install.
  • Increased the length of the archive path field to 512 characters.
  • Improved response times for spooled file selector User Interface.
  • Added the option to append a plain-text file to an existing one.
  • Added option to merge splits to previous keys.
  • Allow specification of the email From name, for example: Master Ryan <>.
  • Improved syntax checking for sub-string replacement function.
  • You can now import multiple rules at once.
  • Added a Clear button to the spool file acquisition page.
  • Added Logs & Configuration folder access from Launchpad.
  • Refresh will now force locally cached rules to be refreshed too .
  • Blank post processing actions will no longer show as errors.
  • When upgrading from Catapult 6, rules that were set with page range 0 to 0 should now be set to *All.
  • Prevent an issue where the PDF Generation process could fail when a font is unavailable.
  • Failed logins should re-prompt instead of closing the dialog.

  • Resolved Zip protection issues when archiving with ZDSTSPLF.
  • The Console should no longer crash when an invalid admin email is given.
  • Resolved issue where double clicking for selecting an out queue was not saved.
  • Resolved issue where the Console would hang when an edited archive path was not valid.
  • Resolved issue where spaces in network security profiles could crash the Console.
  • Resolved issue where the Poller occasionally failed to start when set to Automatic.
  • Resolved issue where the Poller could crash if it attempted to convert a TIFF of a very specific size.

Client side update r5483 Client side update 2013/10/30

  • Resolves issues where post processing error messages were being reported when they shouldn't have been. (FS#18084)
  • Resolves issue with Exception: Index and length must refer to a location in a string error. (FS#17316)

Catapult 7.81 (r5407) - 2013/09/30


  • All Z commands on the server side now include help text.
  • If an extracted data value being sent to nexus is disabled, the associated nexus search value will also be disabled.
  • You can now use replacement values in the Poller Administration Emails section of the Poller Configuration.
  • The Poller service will now try and restart polling instances if they fail for some reason.
  • You can now set a connection profile to log on to the console without prompting (otherwise it will auto-fill values but require a mouse click).
  • When updating the configuration of an active Poller, new settings should automatically be applied without restarting the Poller.
  • Response time for the spooled file Locate button has been improved.
  • You can now turn off automatic history/error purging completely in the Poller configuration.
  • You can now add substring modifiers to replacement tokens. This allows for more dynamic replacement options.
  • Certain post processing actions will now return a warning instead of an error (e.g. if you try and hold a file that is already held).

  • Resolved an issue with distribution groups not being set for fax and print in ZRUNRULE.
  • Resolved an issue in Windows 8 where the Poller Status window would not connect because of a blank padded IP address.
  • Resolved an issue where in certain cases closing a partially edited rule without saving could retain certain changes anyway.
  • Resolved an issue with non-English language spooled files sometimes showing incorrect characters after splitting.
  • Resolved an issue that could sometimes prevent connecting if the client PC was part of a VPN.
  • Resolved an issue where the console would ignore the specified CCSIDs for translation making it hard for international clients to view spooled files properly.

Catapult 7.80 - 2013/06/05


  • Option to specify the day of the week when scheduling the Poller start and stop times.
  • Option to disable email address validation prior to distribution in case your mail server can handle custom formatting.
  • When post processing actions fail the Poller will now include the CPF error number.
  • The debug tracelog (perror.log) will now include a header segment on startup.
  • PDF encryption has improved and now uses a more secure algorithm -128bit instead of 40bit.
  • Added option for automatic error reporting which would send reports directly to BCD. This can be enabled during install or from the console configuration.
  • The message you receive when starting a Poller instance while the service is off can now be disabled.
  • You can now double click an outqueue in the Poller configuration to select/deselect it for polling.
  • Email address validation will now allow a broader range of possible formats.
  • Imported grab rules will now be inactive by default

  • Resolved a problem loading a distribution group if the list of key values is incorrectly formatted.
  • Resolved some user interface exceptions when working with network polls and extension-less files.
  • Resolved a problem where the Add button was not enabled when defining distribution group entry key values.
  • Resolved issue with using a hostname instead of a qualified domain while defining a new connection.
  • Resolved issues during PDF transformations for international users.
  • Resolved an issue where certain split segments did not fully translate for international users.
  • Resolved an issue where the final page of a spooled file could go missing when viewed from the Console.
  • Resolved an issue loading spooled files with file numbers greater than 4 digits into the Console.
  • Resolved a few issues with incorrect rule data being carried over between rules when the rule editor is closed without saving.
  • Resolved an issue while loading the list of printers.
  • Resolved an issue loading certain configuration files for international users.
  • Resolved an issue with extracted values being mis-translated for international users.
  • Resolved an issue where duplicate distribution group entries caused problems when combining email attachments.
  • Resolved an issue with using replacement tokens in the zip creation fields.

Catapult 7.72 - 2012/04/02

  • Resolved issue where Split segments were adding question marks in place of certain characters.
  • Made a subtle change to the history list conversation to avoid time out issues.
  • Changed how Catapult moves files. Moving a network file will now replace an existing file with that same name.

Catapult 7.71 - 2011/12/21


  • Resolved issue where errors during post processing delete of spooled files were not being reported correctly.
  • Resolved issue with the error message displayed when a post processing move of a spooled file failed.
  • Splitting a document will no longer remove the first blank line of the document.
  • Added a new mail server option that forces the Poller to use individual SMTP conversations instead of sharing for batches of emails.
  • Resolved issue with the spooled file date replacement value for split segments.
  • Will now properly handle an exception when the final file name for a document included illegal characters.
  • Resolved issue with leading page breaks not being removed for split segments.
  • Resolved a unhandled exception that was ending all email processing instead of just the individual request that encountered the exception.
  • Resolved issue where the file name was being carried across rules if you used the X in the top right of the rule editor to close it.
  • Resolved issue where history entries from version 7.63 or earlier were permitting documents to be reprocessed.
  • Resolved some problems with requests failing because of an incorrectly formatted download.
  • Addressed some situations where the IBM i jobs went into MSGW when the Exodus conversation died unexpectedly.

Catapult 7.7 - 2011/08/03


  • Added a new option for the Catapult Launchpad to start the console automatically
  • Implemented enhanced searching for spool files from the console

  • Fixed a problem where split segments were getting created even if an anchor wasn't found.
  • Fixed a problem where certain scenarios caused the Poller to end incorrectly and stay in a RUN status.
  • Added new spool file identifiers introduced in V5R2.
  • Fixed a problem resequencing rules with very large numbers.
  • Fixed a problem resubmitting a request.
  • Implemented enhanced searching for spool files from the console.
  • Fixed a blank error message when a spool file fails to load (CPF3492).
  • Fixed a problem that was causing the cache to get corrupted.
  • Fixed some problems during upgrades if files are locked.
  • Added a request detail entry if the document comes from cache.
  • Fixed an issue where a trailing split segment could cause the automatic temp file cleanup to fail.
  • Changed the temp file cleanup message so that it correctly indicated it as a warning and not an error.
  • Fixed a problem where a failure to load a rule would cause the Poller to crash.
  • Fixed a problem where if the local store copy of a rule fails to save, the process loops indefinitely.
  • Added extra messages when polling cycles start and end.
  • Fixed a problem with the option to create separate emails.
  • Fixed problems with corrupt console configurations.
  • Changed the label in the Communications Configuration for informational messages.
  • Moved the batch processing before document transformation, matching Catapult 6.
  • Fixed a problem with new email header/footers updating when clicking apply.
  • Fixed a problem where the Rule editor sometimes had the wrong Nexus site.
  • Fixed an unhandled exception when using the Disable All Rules option.
  • Fixed some problems with improperly formed strings of multiple email addresses.
  • Fixed a problem viewing spoolfiles in the Console when a default queue has been configured.
  • New rule folders will again show up in the Rule Editor without requiring a restart of the Console.
  • The widths of columns in the main Console window will be retained between restarts.
  • Fixed several problems involving extracted values with none zero key line offsets.
  • Fixed some problems with Local IP addresses when defining a connection.
  • Added extra debug logging when requests end in error.
  • Fixed some problems with duplicate rule numbers causing the console to become unuseable.
  • Added a new option for the Catapult Launchpad to start the Console automatically.
  • Fixed some problems with splitting where pages would be missing.
  • Fixed a problem with Network Poll post processing causing the Poller to crash.
  • Fixed a UNC warning when adding parameters to the batch file path.
  • Fixed a problem inputting sequence numbers in the Rule Editor.
  • Fixed an inconsistency between version 6 and 7 with unassigned segments not being combined into a single email.
  • Removed the Exodus Priority configuration from the Poller as it is no longer necessary.
  • Added the version number to the installation process on the iSeries.
  • Fixed a problem using full document split.
  • Fixed a problem maintaining distribution groups if two entries had the same sequence number.
  • Fixed an inconsistency between the user interfaces for Request and History entries.
  • Fixed a problem where the Console folders states (open/close) weren't being remembered correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where a grab rule would fail to load, but the message didn't include a specific error.
  • Fixed an exception when the cache size was set to 0 (no limit).
  • Fixed a problem where changing the application data root didn't copy over the existing configuration files.
  • Fixed a rare problem where Catapult would not correctly disengage from the mail server.
  • Fixed an exception that sometimes occurred if the Communications Configuration failed to load.
  • Fixed the error message displayed if the security code is invalid or expired.
  • Fixed a problem causing the Print Controller to end unexpectedly which ends the Poller.
  • Fixed a fatal exception while faxing.
  • Fixed a problem where the HTML font size always defaulted to 4 even after being modified.
  • Fixed a problem with split emails using the "**D-O-N-O-T-S-E-N-D**" special keyword. These now remain unassigned.
  • Adjusted the trimming so that leading white space in User Data fields are retained

Catapult 7.63 - 2011/02/14 (PC side Only)


  • Resolved an issue with page breaks being stripped during Full Document Splitting.

Critical Security Fix in Catapult 7.42

In Catapult 7.42 we fixed a critical problem where if two requests were being processed concurrently, sometimes the generated documents would get swapped between requests. This is a security risk.

If you are using Catapult 7 and you are at a release earlier than 7.43, we strongly recommend you upgrade as soon as possible. This issue does not affect Catapult 6.

Catapult 7.61 - 2011/01/10


  • Improved support for very large spoolfiles (500MB+ in size).
  • Resolved an issue with some upgraded version 6 rules that used the Full Document option for splitting.
  • The Audit option for the Poller has been removed
  • Issue with date and time stamps for rules not updating correctly have been resolved.
  • Resolved some iSeries installation issues.

Catapult 7.60 - 2010/11/16

New Features:

  • Catapult is now using EXODUS51 for communication. (Please note the new subsystem is started with STRSBS XL_EX51/EXODUS51)
  • Catapult (due to EXODUS51 ) no longer requires the QSECOFR profile for installation.
  • EXODUS51 uses port 4015.
  • Exodus51 provides more informative messages when connection issues occur.
  • Added a menu option under the Help menu for Gotomeetings.
  • Added the ability to specify parameters in the batch file path (EZP) which permits flexible output file naming.

  • Distribution errors no longer prevent archiving.
  • Increased the size of the distribution group entries key list from 132 to 512.
  • Updated the email validator to use a less restrictive regular expression.
  • Changed the label in the Poller Configuration for email authentication from Ssl3 to SSL3.
  • The last selected History List filter is now being saved between console sessions.
  • Added new request detail entries for split rules to the Request and History lists.
  • Added the ability to add line breaks when maintaining Title/Footer pages.
  • Increased the limit for active rules to 7500 from 5000.
  • Enhanced the request messages regarding Nexus errors.
  • Added the ability to specify multiple email addresses in the Unassigned Segments category.
  • Added the ability to modify a temporary rule (ZDSTSPLF/ZRUNRULE) from the Request list's right click context menu.
  • Added the ability to import a rule directly into a folder instead of into General.
  • Clarified the error message you get if a request tries to send to a blank email address.
  • Clarified the request detail record generated when a request fails to distribute to Nexus with a *NORULE message.

  • Increased the information included in Nexus distribution errors.
  • Issue involving a Console crash when modifying the Title/Footer pages.
  • Resolved issue with attachments being sent to the wrong CC/BCC addresses.
  • Resolved issue when two different concurrent requests were trying to run the same EZP batch file.
  • Resolved an exception during PDF creation involving overlays.
  • Resolved issue with &NBSP characters in html email Header/Footer segments.
  • Resolved issue with *FILE download format not adding line breaks when a page break is encountered.
  • Resolved issue with the hidden rule toggle in the Console not working correctly.
  • Revamped the printing process to solve a host of problems and at least one exception.
  • Resolved several issues with archiving (illegal characters and path too long exceptions).
  • Resolved issue where an incorrect error regarding non *SCS spool files was showing up in certain circumstances when a spool file failed to load. The correct error should now be displayed instead.
  • Removed the row of asterisks when emailing documents via the email body if there is only one document.
  • Resolved issue where email web links were not correctly adding a slash before the filename.
  • Resolved issue where the console would crash if you tried to view a rule (not edit it) and went to the Header/Footer category.
  • Resolved issue with requests being stuck in email pending status.
  • Resolved an issue where ZDSTSPLF emails were being sent with low priority.
  • Resolved issue with ZDSTSPLF not using the command time out feature.
  • Resolved issue where you couldn't load more than 25 nexus libraries into the console (Likely didn't effect any users).
  • Resolved issue submitting split documents to nexus.
  • Resolved issue where archived split documents were overwriting instead of appending a unique sequence number.
  • Resolved issue where a negative value for print copies would crash the console.
  • Resolved issue with the PDF generator that prevented them from opening in Adobe Reader 6 and 7.
  • Resolved issue with the wrong message displaying if the Poller configuration fails to save.
  • Resolved issue where sometimes selected out queues weren't being saved.
  • Alignment issue in the Document Preview window under Windows XP.
  • Abri barcode fonts are now correctly being added on install.
  • Resolved issue with the rule folder structure when changing environments without closing the console.
  • Resolved issue where you could successful poll the root directories of the Poller machine (C:\).
  • Resolved issue with Additional files doubling up in the Rule Editor when its closed and then reopened.
  • Resolved issue with the usage icon for Additional files not working consistently.
  • Resolved issue with ZDSTSPLF not correctly using the overwrite file flag.
  • Resolved an issue where you couldn't add Additional Files if they were in the root folder (C:\).
  • Resolved issue with orphaned Console jobs on the iSeries.
  • Resolved an incomplete error message when *DELETE post processing action fails.
  • Resolved an issue with font tags {Fs} messing up RTF documents.
  • Resolved an issue with custom application data paths.
  • Removed the ability to modify the email Header/Footer combo box (which was causing the console to crash).
  • Resolved several issues with the spool file cache.
  • Resolved an issue with ZDSTSPLF and distribution groups.
  • Resolved several problems with Network Polling and network authority.
  • Resolved an issue with the list of printers in Unassigned Segments doubling up.
  • Resolved some problems with printing unassigned segments for some clients.
  • Resolved an exception when exporting if the target location doesn't exist or isn't accessible.
  • Resolved issue where deleting a network polling rule that is active doesn't stop it from processing until you restart the Poller.
  • Resolved issue with emailing document links that didn't take into account unique sequence numbers.
  • Removed the case sensitivity of the Network Polling file path field when comparing extensions. (Differing extensions generates a warning/error).
  • Resolved an issue with ZDSTSPLF not recognizing page ranges correctly.
  • Resolved an issue where large sequence numbers were getting interpreted incorrectly.

Catapult 7.43 - 2010/05/18


  • Resolved issue where distribution errors prevented archiving of split segments.
  • Resolved issue where the ZRUNRULE or ZDSTSPLF command would report that a spool file was not *SCS, when in fact it was.
  • Resolved issue where illegal characters in the archive path caused an error.
  • Resolved issue where upon adding documents to the email body, the email would include a row of asterisks (intended to separate multiple reports) even when only 1 was included.
  • Resolved issue where emails were permanently stuck in pending status.
  • Resolved issue where Catapult 7 wasn't using the timeout/notify feature of the ZRUNRULE command.
  • Resolved issue where web paths (for email text/html links) didn't check for a trailing slash.
  • Resolved issue where a crash exception was occurring when viewing Header/Footer category.

Catapult 7.42 - 2010/03/03

  • Resolved issue with multiple concurrent requests trying to use the same EZ-Pickin's batch files.
  • Resolved exception that sometimes appeared when working with Title/Footer pages in the Rule Editor.
  • Resolved issue with non breaking space characters ( ) being replaced in email header/footers incorrectly.
  • Resolved issue with Title/Footer pages not including line breaks correctly.
  • Resolved issue with a missing line break at the end of a document page when using *FILE.
  • Resolved issue with the PDF generator generating exceptions in certain circumstances.
  • Resolved issue where distribution errors were preventing the archiving process.
  • Added the file name to the error message generated when a documents fails to get submitted to Nexus.
  • Resolved issue with hidden rules sometimes being displayed in the rule list incorrectly.
  • Resolved an exception that caused the Poller to end while printing under certain conditions.
  • Updated the maximum length for key values in distribution group entries from 132 to 512
  • Added an error message to the request list when a spool file post processing *DELETE command fails
  • Resolved issue where the CC email recipients would sometimes get incorrect documents.
  • Resolved issue where if two requests were being processed concurrently, sometimes the generated documents would get swapped between requests. This is a security risk.
  • Resolved issue with duplicating Additional File entries under certain circumstances when editing a rule in the console.

Catapult 7.22 - 2009/11/17

  • Increased the fax server event timeout to 2 minutes (up from 30 seconds)
  • Resolved an issue with contiguous split segments not being combined correctly compared to Catapult 6
  • Resolved an issue where you couldn't always select extracted values when submitting to Nexus
  • Resolved an issue submitting custom search values to nexus
  • Resolved an issue with certain email address being rejected by Catapult
  • Resolved a problem sending faxes in Windows 2003
  • Resolved an issue with bookmarks in PDFs not being generated correctly
  • Resolved a problem where you couldn't enter replacement values for printer paths
  • Resolved a problem with split segment email rules getting stuck as Finalization pending
  • Resolved a problem starting the Poller if there are any requests sitting in finalization pending at startup
  • Resolved a problem involving the Poller crashing when faxing if the windows fax console is not installed
  • Resolved a problem involving connecting under certain situations where the PC has multiple local network addresses assigned.
  • Resolved a problem where the Poller Default Email Name was not being used for the return email address
  • Resolved a PDF generation problem where bold tags were not being retained across page breaks
  • Resolved a problem where temporary rules (created via the ZDSTSPLF command) were not being deleted consistently
  • Resolved a problem with incorrect spacing for Courier fonts in PDFs
  • Resolved a problem where you could no longer specify a negative char spacing or leading value in the Document Setup category of a rule
  • Resolved a problem with extracted values and negative key line offsets

Catapult 7.21 - 2009/09/25

  • Resolved an issue with some extracted data values having a positive key value line offset even though it should be negative
  • Added the courier font to the Document Setup page as the default font to match Catapult 6.

Catapult 7.20 - 2009/09/14

  • Resolved issue with the installer not correctly identifying the version of the .Net Framework in certain cases.
  • Resolved issue running EZ-Pickin's Autoscripts over split segments.
  • Resolved issue where defining an extracted data value anchor at the very beginning of a document would cause it to revert to *STARTTEXT.
  • When deleting Key Values in a distribution group, the remaining values are re-indexed and focus goes to the next value in the list.
  • Resolved issue where you would get a warning if you had overridden the default values for a document but still used the Courier font.
  • Changed some UI labels so that the use of Outqueues is consistent.
  • Resolved an issue where email additional files would show up in the email attachments before the main document would.
  • Resolved issue where certain extracted data values would have the key values reverted to blank when edited.
  • Resolved issue where the Email Category usage icon was not being displayed correctly under certain circumstances.
  • Resolved issue where the PDF Category usage icon was always being displayed even if all options were turned off.
  • Resolved issue with the Poller option to fragment large documents into smaller pieces. This option has been re-enabled.
  • Resolved issue where you would get an incorrect error when trying to save a rule that indicated a split distribution group when splitting was disabled.
  • Changed some UI labels between the Overlay and Title/Footer page Categories to make them consistent.
  • Resolved issue that allowed you to load an *AFPDS spool file into the Document Viewer.
  • Added a final check for a blank file name after final resolution. If one is found, a default of "&n" is added.
  • Resolved issue where Poller Status conversations weren't being ended correctly and leading the Console to hang.
  • Changed the initial warning regarding no Exodus connections from an Error to an Info message.
  • Resolved issue where UI windows were sometimes being pushed off the visible desktop.
  • Resolved issue where the docked windows in the console could sometimes be shrunk far enough to become invisible.
  • Added extra logging into the Print Controller. When running in debug mode, you will see a list of all available printers in Perror.log as well as which printers the Poller is trying to access.
  • Resolved issue involving file names that include reserved characters. These characters are now replaced by underscores.
  • Resolved issue with the &T replacement value. The string being replaced was incorrectly formatted. It will now return a time stamp in the format HHMMSS.
  • Resolved issue where extracted values that shared substrings where not always being replaced correctly. From now on, extracted values are replaced based on length as well as alphanumeric values (longer ones first).
  • Resolved issue in the RTF/PDF and HTML document generators that caused them to fail to generate if there was an embedded font tag at the end of a line.
  • When copying an existing grab rule, the creation user and datetime stamps are now updated correctly.
  • A new column has been added to the Console rule listing for Acquisition type. As well, values specific to Spool File Acquisition (such as spool file name) are no longer displayed for rules that are grabbing Network Files.
  • Resolved issue involving rules failing to load correctly in the Poller.
  • The sorting orders for Grab Rule folders should now be more consistent.
  • Resolved some text problems with the iSeries Exodus Installation for new users.
  • Resolved issue in Windows Vista where UI windows would continually grow as you closed and re-opened them.
  • Resolved some issues with the Document Preview window while defining split segments values and extracted data values.
  • Changed how you define document fragmentation in the Poller Configuration to more closely match Catapult 6.
  • Added checks for reserved characters in file names when submitting a rule from the Rule Editor.
  • Resolved issue where email address lists being returned via replacement value weren't being split up correctly into individual addresses.
  • Resolved issues with EZ-Pickin's Batch processing.
  • Resolved some issues with embedded fonts not showing up the same as in Version 6 (in PDF's).
  • Resolved issue with overlays in PDF's causing exceptions if they aren't located.
  • Changed how split and fragment temporary files are stored internally to prevent file name conflicts.

Catapult 7.11 - 2009/07/22

  • When switching connections from inside the console, the connection in the poller status window will update now if required (to show the correct status for that instance).
  • Fixed a problem where defining an extracted data value with anchor and key would then allow you to edit it and remove the anchor and/or key without an error message.
  • Removed the Index column in the Distribution Group Maintenance UI.
  • The Distribution Group Maintenance UI will now always have a default sort order by Group Name.
  • History detail records carried over from version 6 will have more information included.
  • Fixed some problems with the EZ-Pickin's batch processing functionality.
  • Fixed a typo in the message that comes up when attempting to find an equivalent UNC path for files.
  • Fixed a problem where an empty dialog window would appear if you tried to launch the poller configuration from the launchpad and the Catapult security code was expired.
  • Removed the Poller Status Communications port from the poller configuration. This port is now determined automatically so doesn't need to be configured ahead of time.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause the poller to end unexpectedly if the poller PC machine name was longer than 20 characters.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause the poller to end unexpectedly if the profile used to start the poller was longer than 20 characters.
  • Fixed a problem where spreadsheets created by EZ-Pickin's weren't being cleaned up correctly after distribution.
  • Fixed a problem in the nexus distribution that would cause requests to fail to process correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where the Poller configuration would fail to save but an error wasn't shown.
  • Fixed a problem where the download format *FILE wasn't stripping out trailing blank lines and page breaks.
  • Fixed a problem where the poller status window was sometimes displaying incorrect data.
  • Fixed a problem where manually specifying a split start/end and then using the Document Viewer to specify the anchor and key was overwriting the end text with *STARTTEXT.
  • When downloading a non *SCS spoolfile and attempting to convert it to a file type other than TIF/PCL, you should now get an error message for that request.
  • Fixed a problem with an exception showing up under certain circumstances when loading data from the iSeries.
  • Fixed a problem generating PDF's with certain spool files using over-printing for bolding.
  • Fixed a problem involving spool files that use absolute horizontal positioning control characters.
  • Fixed a problem with international clients experiencing exceptions when loading rules.
  • Fixed a problem with blank external values being removed incorrectly leading to inconsistent replacement.
  • Added new information to exception error reports.
  • Fixed some problems with spool files with international encodings not displaying and translating properly.
  • Fixed a problem with the Rule Editor not storing document settings correctly.
  • Fixed a problem with the Nexus link.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect tabbing in the Exodus Connection window.
  • Fixed a problem with international clients and empty PDF's under certain conditions.
  • Fixed some problems with importing rules that were previously exported.
  • Fixed a few problems with the fax controller.
  • Added new detail records for email additional files.
  • Fixed a problem involving documents being submitted to Nexus incorrectly.
  • Fixed a problem where EZPickins batch rules were sitting in active status indefinitly when run from a non local directory.
  • Removed the option to email objects using default from address if the Console Configuration default from address is not valid.
  • Fixed a problem with the poller manager when run immediately after a new install before creating a communications configuration.
  • Fixed an exception that occured rarely when exporting a grab rule.
  • Fixed an exception that occured rarely when starting/stopping pollers while the Poller Status window was open and active.
  • Made a change to retain FIFO order for PDF bookmarks that share a key value when sorting alphabetically.
  • If two bookmarks with matching keys are one after the other, the second (and subsequent bookmarks sharing the key) are not added.
  • If the console's email server address has not been configured, the option to export an object via email will be disabled.
  • Fixed a problem with some RTF bookmarks not functioning correctly for some people.
  • Fixed a problem with using wildcards in additional file paths.
  • Fixed a bug using the special *STARTTEXT value for extracted data value anchors.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you disable extracted values.
  • Fixed some problems with the RTF/PDF and HTML document generators.
  • Added a default value to all numeric text fields for the case where the value is left empty and you exit the field.
  • Fixed a problem involving exporting an object when the Console Config values for emailing haven't been correctly defined.
  • Removed the &E replacement value from the replacement value picker window
  • Disabled some of the Document Setup values for HTML documents that should not have been enabled.
  • Fixed a few problems during SCS spool file translation.
  • Fixed some problems with the automatic upgrade of Poller Configuration values when upgrading a poller PC from 6 to 7.
  • Fixed a problem removing the split segment distribution group.
  • Fixed an exception that occurred in certain circumstances while using the Poller Configuration UI.
  • Updated user guide and help file.
  • Fixed a problem with RTF underlines not showing up correctly.
  • Fixed a problem while displaying the Contents of the online Help.
  • Fixed a problem that occured when opening the Poller Status window directly from the launchpad and then cancelling the login.
  • Fixed a problem with distribution group entries upgraded from version 6.
  • Fixed a problem with unassigned segments not being sent as they did in version 6.

Catapult 7.10 - 2009/04/27

Poller: 7.10, Console: 7.10

  • Speed - Catapult has been re-built from the ground up. The Poller will run considerably faster.
  • Runs as a Service exclusively
  • Distribution Group Maintenance has changed significantly
  • New Launch Pad where the Poller Monitor no longer exists
  • Poller status (old name was Poller Monitor), Request list and History list are now dockable windows
  • Significant changes to Spool File Selector
  • The UI now only shows spool files that would be polled. Non polled queues are greyed out
  • List Updated on the fly, you no longer have to refresh the grab rule list after making changes
  • Double Click Folders to Expand/Collapse Rules
  • Add, edit and delete folders directly in the console
  • New Keyboard Hotkeys
  • New Grab Rule Editor
  • Right Click to insert replacement values
  • Improvements to Spool File Preview window
  • Improvements to Spool File Selection window

Catapult 6.19 - 2008/09/04

Poller: 6.19, Console: 6.19

  • Support for V6R1
  • The administrator will now be notified of several additional types of email errors.

Catapult 6.18 - 2007/10/07

Poller: 6.18, Console: 6.18


  • Using a replacement value inside the user defined Fax Number field in a split segment now works correctly.
  • An issue with the &i replacement value has been resolved.
  • An issue which occurred submitting documents to the ECM with a qualified share name has been resolved.

Catapult 6.17 - 2007/09/12

Poller: 6.17, Console: 6.17

  • A change to the Exodus code in Catapult allows users to specify a specific CCSID for both the iSeries EBCDIC encoding and the PC ASCII encoding. The Data Area SP_CCSID can be modified to indicate the expected CCSID's so that a proper translation is performed on any data sent to and from the iSeries.


  • Added in a message to indicate that the PDF generator failed to create the PDF temporary file after it has finished the generation process. This was incorrectly distributing a plain ascii text file with a .PDF extension that wasn't a correctly formatted PDF file.
  • An issue with the compression Zip password being incorrectly updated has been resolved.

Catapult 6.16 - 2007/07/04

Poller: 6.16, Console: 6.16

  • When a new rule is created, the Console will load the correct OS dependant decimal symbol instead of always loading a decimal point.
  • The option for specifying the maximum number of lines per page when overriding the Page setup has been enabled for use with RTF documents. This option will add extra page breaks based on the number of lines placed on each page
  • When Catapult submits a document to Nexus and gets returned a message stating No Distribution rules match it will now flag that document as a warning and not an error.
  • Catapult will now send out a warning email to the administrator if no distribution rule matches a given Nexus document.


  • Resolved issue with faxing when using a fax number from inside a distribution group.
  • Resolved issues associated with using a group to assign return addresses to split segments.
  • Resolved issue where less than requested number of copies for an RTF document were printed.
  • Encrypting compressed file issue has been resolved

Catapult 6.14 - 2007/03/12

Poller: 6.14, Console: 6.14

  • A new default translation table has been added that will be installed with a fresh installation of Catapult.
  • A character in the default translation table has been changed to more properly reflect the ECBDIC to ASCII conversion
  • There has been a change in how Nexus and Catapult talk to each other, involving the share and path that points to the ECM folder on the IFS. For more details, please contact Technical Support. Nexus sites that are currently configured do not need to be modified to continue functioning.


  • There have been some changes regarding how Catapult interacts with the operating system. As a result, there have been improvements in the response time regarding Catapults system tray, as well as improvements in the response time of the Office suite while the Poller is running.

Catapult 6.12 - 2007/01/29

Poller: 6.12, Console: 6.12

  • Additional files will now have individual History and Request records added that indicates each file was successfully processed.


  • Made a change in how extensions are handled when using wildcards in the Network File path field.
  • When using a wildcard (* or *.*) with additional files, Catapult will no longer add directories to the list of potential files, and therefore will not display the warning message indicating it could not find a file named '.'.
  • The level check when right clicking the Poller icon in the system tray and choosing to view the server status has been fixed.
  • The level check when running the Poller monitor has been fixed.
  • When splitting a report and emailing to a distribution group, multiple group entries with *ALL as the key will all receive the report now.
  • A problem involving Poller configuration passwords when upgrading from 5.XX to 6.XX has been resolved.
  • A problem involving curly brackets { and } has been fixed in RTFs.
  • A problem submitting Network files to Nexus that had file names longer than 32 characters has been resolved.

Catapult 6.11 - 2006/12/19

Poller: 6.11, Console: 6.11

  • There is now a new option in the Page Setup when creating a PDF report that lets you specify the maximum number of lines per page. This is used for correctly breaking pages on reports that don't already include page break control characters.
  • Added in request and history list logging for CC and BCC emails.


  • Solved reported problems with the Server status window accessed from the Poller application right click menu.
  • Changed the Catapult library label version.
  • Changed the iSeries installation to not automatically load the Catapult website.
  • Solved a problem with an unsupported formatting code not being filtered properly.
  • Resolved some start/stop issues when running Catapult as a service. To address the reported problems all registry keys have been reverted to using Local_Machine instead of Current_User.
  • Resolved a problem where the Poller would attempt to process both Spool File and Network Polling options rather than just the option currently selected in the grab rule.
  • Fixed a problem that triggered an Out of Bound error when moving the first column of the rule listing and then clicking on a folder.
  • If you had a Network Polling rules that sent an "Other" file type as a link, when you saved the rule it would revert to sending it as an attachment. This has been resolved.

Catapult 6.10 - 2006/11/21

Poller: 6.10, Console: 6.10

  • Zip file names will now be automatically parsed before they are created for bad characters. If any are found, they will be converted to underscores. This will prevent creation failures.
  • Added the ability to disable all spool file previewing from the console.
  • Support has been added for the following European language Font Encoding when creating PDF or RTF documents: Central European (i.e. Polish), Cyrillic (i.e. Russian) and Greek. Users can select a Font Encoding by Overriding the default values in the Page Setup tab of the Download Category.
  • Users can select a default Font Encoding from the Console Configuration. This setting will be used for all new rules that are created.
  • New iSeries installation process allowing you to choose the initial Library.
  • If you have a rule selected when creating a new one, it will default to the same folder.
  • All context sensitive help has been updated to reflect the new user guide.
  • The OVRSCOPE parameter in OVRDBF statements have all be hard coded to use *ACTGRPDFN in case the iSeries default value has been changed to *CALLLVL.
  • Some small general UI changes.
  • You can now turn off the informational message asking if you would like to load the spoolfile list automatically When clicking the "Show Spoolfile" checkbox back on. The option is available in the console configuration.
  • When the console loads the list of spoolfiles (when clicking the "Show spoolfile" checkbox), the first spoolfile in the list will automatically load into the view screen.
  • The Nexus page under the Parse/Split Category has been removed. This functionality is still available in the main Nexus Category.
  • Lots of changes to how Nexus works. You can now choose a library when specifying which Nexus site you'd like to use. Nexus 2.53 and below will only have the choice of XL_SMSLIB.
  • Some small changes to error reporting when the Poller fails to connect to a network resource.


  • Fixed a problem where user would need to login again when shutting down the Poller.
  • Fixed a problem where any additional files would be included twice if the rule created a compressed zip file, and then again separately.
  • Fixed a problem involving split sections not receiving Title/Footer page data when created.
  • A problem involving viewing spoolfiles, where the console would report an ambiguous error, has been fixed. The console will report an error code and more direct error message.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause the Poller to loop if the email address field included the &E replacement value.
  • Fixed a problem involving changing split rules from iSeries polling to Network polling. The split section was not being disabled properly.
  • Fixed a problem when splitting very large reports that are then saved to a network location.
  • Fixed a problem with the Poller crashing when trying to poll an IFS directory with poll-a-dir.
  • Incorrect decryption of poll-a-dir profile information has been fixed.
  • Several small changes to UI and Poller.
  • Fixed a problem involving the profile information for network polling rules.
  • Fixed a problem involving the Target filename being converted when opening certain network polling rules.
  • Fix for a problem involving European language iSeries machines when run with a US language console PC.
  • Assorted small changes and fixes.
  • Your choice for automatically loading the spoolfile list is retained correctly when you permanently dismiss the window.
  • A problem involving grab rule security has been resolved. This caused some rules to have consistent invalid security settings requiring SECADM authority to open them.
  • Nexus search values are replacing correctly now. You no longer need to use &W1 instead of &W0 for your first search value.
  • Fixed a problem when connecting to a Poll-A-Dir network folder.
  • Selecting to have your polled PC file moved after processing now works correctly.
  • Some elements in the Grab rule UI have been moved or modified.
  • In some circumstances underline characters were being interpreted wrong in the console's viewer.
  • Several Nexus related fixes, including support for Nexus 3.
  • Other miscellaneous fixes.

Catapult 5.72 - 2006/09/18

Poller: 5.72, Console: 5.72

  • Added the ability to disable spool file viewing via the console. Please contact Tech Support for more details.
  • The specified archive file name you provide when compressing a report will now be checked automatically for bad characters, making it easier to use with replacement values.
  • You can now use Replacement values inside Title and Footer pages that you add to your documents.


  • A problem involving imbedded font tags not displaying properly in documents generated as RTF has been resolved
  • A problem involving viewing spoolfiles has been fixed. This was causing the console to crash under certain circumstances when trying to view a spool file.


Release 5.71 - 2006/05/23

Poller: 5.71, Console: 5.71

  • A Problem involving European language iSeries and US region Windows OS which caused the console to hang has been resolved
  • If a rule fails to connect to a network resource when saving a report, the request will now be flagged as an error
  • Putting a negative bottom margin was causing the sequence number to become negative, this has been fixed.
  • Resolved a problem with the ZDSTSPLF command where it received a level check.

Release 5.69 - 2006/04/20

Poller: 5.69, Console: 5.69

  • Resolved an exodus problem that sometimes caused message overflow errors to occur
  • Resolved a problem during PDF creation that added a '\' character before parentheses

Release 5.68 - 2006/03/07

Poller: 5.68 Build 17, Console: 5.68 Build 8

  • Fixed an access violation that occurred while trying to modify a rule if you did not have a default printer installed in windows 2000 and 2003.
  • Extracted Data Values will now work correctly when the rule is run using ZRUNRULE
  • In certain circumstances unassigned split segments were trying to send with a return address of **D-O-N-T-S-E-N-D**. This has been fixed.
  • A problem using Catapult on ports other than 2015 has been resolved.
  • The Console will no longer hang if you try and view a spoolfile that includes '{' and '}' characters that aren't part of formatting tags.
  • PDF and RTF documents will no longer convert a slash followed by numerics into their octal ASCII equivalents.
  • Resolved a problem where the port numbers in the exodus system list were not displaying correctly in the console configuration.
  • Fixed an access violation that occurred while trying to modify a rule if you did not have a default printer installed in windows 2000 and 2003.

Release 5.66 - 2006/01/17

Poller: 5.66 Build 17, Console: 5.66 Build 8

  • There is now an option to enable a socket Keep alive message in the Poller configuration. This can be enabled if you find the Poller and iSeries stop communicating during long idle periods.
  • Added support for Nexus 3 ECM document additions. You can now distribute documents to multiple ECM folders based on your distribution rule.
  • Placing a comma in the fax number for a group will work correctly in rules that use split sections.
  • When emailing a spoolfile to support, the attachments are no longer showing up in the body of the email.
  • A new control character added to *SCS spoolfiles (only useable by certain printers) is now being trapped and removed. This was causing accented 'u' characters to show up in reports.
  • You can no longer place a non integer value in the Font Size Select box when overriding the default spoolfile formatting attributes.
  • The incremental split section replacement character &i is now using the correct split number.
  • The Report subject replacement character &s will no longer create a loop when an &s is part of the replaced value.
  • Users that had previously set up an anonymous user login will no longer be prevented from signing onto the Poller configuration.
  • The filtering options for 'Pending only' and 'Errors only' in the Requests and errors list is now displaying the correct request.

Release 5.65 - 2005/08/09

Poller: 5.65 build 2128, Console: 5.65 build 1794 update 0

  • Upgraded email component to help remove Catapult generated emails from spam blacklists (such as SpamAssassin). SpamAssassin was arbitrarily picking up the series of characters embedded in a MIME tag used to separate attachments within the email.
  • Modification to how the Poller 'fixes' file paths to remove invalid characters. In some cases it was removing backslash characters incorrectly.
  • Catch Windows message when re-connecting to a Network resource. The Poller was incorrectly flagging the request in error in this case.
  • Resolved a problem encountered with embedded font tags in *RICH downloads when creating PDF and RTF documents in the Poller. This problem would only occur when Split/Parsing from *STARTOFREPORT to *ENDOFREPORT and the font tag is past the key value in the report.

Release 5.63- 2005/04/05

Poller: 5.61 build 2091, Console: 5.63 build 1789 update 0

  • Resolved a problem encountered while downloading extremely large spool files.

Release 5.62 - 2005/03/22

Poller: 5.61 build 2091, Console: 5.62 build 1787 update 0

  • Resolved a looping problem in the Poller when the Split/Parse group had certain combinations of duplicate keys and email addresses.

Release 5.61 - 2005/02/18

Poller: 5.61 build 2091, Console: 5.61 build 1786 update 0

  • A problem copying GrabRules with Extracted Data Value processing has been resolved.
  • A problem with Email Header/Footer Text using Extracted Data Values has been resolved.

Release 5.60 - 2005/02/16

Poller: 5.60 build 2085, Console: 5.60 build 1785 update 0

  • Catapult 5.6 installs into a new directory and creates a new Program Group in the Windows Start Menu (rather reusing the existing Catapult entries). This will allow multiple versions of Catapult to be installed on one machine. This means that if you have created short-cuts on your desktop for Catapult programs, you will need to update them to point at the correct executables. If you run Catapult Poller as a Windows Service, you will need to replace the Windows Service. See Appendix C item #9. Note that the path to use will be 'c:\program files\esdi\catapult 5\poller', not as listed in the manual. If you run the Poller as a Scheduled Task, you will need to re-map what the Scheduled Task points to. The new path is 'c:\program files\esdi\catapult 5\poller'.
  • Catapult now supports extracting up to 10 additional data values from the report data to use as replacement values for filenames, addresses etc. Use &X0; through &X9;.
  • Call-out program functionality has been added to allow end users to create programs that will query in-house databases to return values to Catapult. Use &B0; through &B9;.
  • Additional values can now be attached to Group Entries. This will allow user specific values to be stored with the group (for example: PDF password). Use &A0; through &A9;.
  • CSS Style sheets are now supported for HTML generation.
  • Support for *NONE in overlay graphics in PDF/RTF/HTML generation.
  • Catapult Poller can now chop large files downloaded in *RICH and *RPT format into smaller sections. The Poller Config has been updated to include a file size (in pages). The Poller will chop up large files after the Split/Parse process, before the file is formatted into PDF/RTF/HTML.
  • PDF passwords now support replacement values.
  • Zip passwords now support replacement values.
  • Catapult Poller can now send separate emails for 'Grouped' addresses. So, rather than sending out one email with;;, Catapult will send out three separate emails. This will help to keep email addresses private.
  • Optionally open favourite windows: History List, Request and Errors List, as well as Poller Status when Catapult Console starts.
  • Exodus now supports OS/400 Password Level 2.
  • Exodus now Blowfish encrypts the iSeries password passed between the client and the server on startup.
  • The Print functionality now includes the option to not attempt to wait for the print application to complete (typically Adobe Acrobat/Reader or Microsoft Word). The print time out can simply be a timer, allowing the Catapult Poller to simply move on to the next request after the specified time.
  • 'Where Used' screen to show which GrabRules use any particular Group.
  • In the Email thread, if there is a connection error to the email server, add Request Details for each of the files that should have been emailed.
  • Catapult 5.6 installs into a new directory and creates a new Program Group in the Windows Start Menu (rather reusing the existing Catapult entries). This will allow multiple versions of Catapult to be installed on one machine.
  • Catapult now uses a replacement to the external Exodus communications layer previously used. Configuration screens have been updated to reflect this. Granularity was added for handling and logging communications errors. The Windows path no longer needs to be updated to include the path to Exodus.
  • Added options to handle Windows Fax Services "Queued" messages (see Poller Configuration).
  • Added an 'Email Cache' directory for the Mail thread to use. This will ensure that file name conflicts do not occur with the main Poller thread.

  • Validate that the 'General' folder is not modified or deleted.
  • When creating a Quick Rule from the Preview Spool Files window, the selection criteria was not being populated correctly.
  • Validate the Page Selection range.
  • The error checking process of the automatic update download in Catapult Console has been improved to report conversation timeouts more consistently.
  • In Catapult Poller error checking during spool file downloads has been improved to report conversation timeouts more consistently.
  • Resolved crashing problem in the Console when there is a default printer assigned to Windows, but the printer is invalid.
  • Resolve problem/silent crash retrieving the font list during the Catapult Poller startup on machines with extremely limited resources.

Release 5.16 - 2004/10/22

Poller: 5.16 build 1928, Console: 5.16 build 1659 update 0

  • The Poller Monitor now has options to send alert emails when the Poller ends.
  • The Poller Monitor now has options to pop-up alerts to the desktop when the Poller ends.
  • The Poller can automatically email the Catapult administrator on startup and shut down.
  • A crashing problem has been resolved in the Catapult Poller. This problem generally manifested itself in the following sequence: the Poller would start up and process one or more requests. Unexpectedly, and with no messages being logged to the error log, the PC side of the Poller would silently crash. This problem would only occur on GrabRules that involved Splitting/Parsing.

Release 5.15.2 - 2004/10/07

Poller 5.15 build 1918, Console 5.15 build 1655
New Features:

  • Added functionality to enable and disable submitting the base spool file as well as documents) created from the split/parse functionality to the Nexus WOW. *** Note *** Please review any GrabRules that submit documents to the Nexus WOW to ensure that your GrabRule will function as you expect.
  • Added Nexus Wow Data values as replacement variables. Up to nine values can be extracted from a report and used in file names, descriptions, etc. The variable names are &W1;, &W2;, ... &W9;, and correspond with the Nexus Search Criteria number. &W1; will contain the first value retrieved by the first Nexus Search criteria. Similarly, &W2 will contain the first value retrieved by the second Nexus Search criteria defined.
  • When submitting documents to the Nexus WOW, first attempt to logon to the shared IFS folder.
  • Added support to download and send spool files to tech support for V5R1 through V5R3.


  • Using *ALL as a key value for emailing now works as expected. In certain situations, it would only email to the *ALL recipient.
  • Resolved a problem when saving split segments with overwrite and emailing, where each recipient would receive the same segment - the last one created in most cases.
  • Temporary files should now be cleaned up in a timely fashion.
  • The Poller Monitor now exits correctly when Windows is shut down.
  • A problem submitting documents to Nexus WOW has been resolved when more than one search key is defined.
  • A problem with the OK button not being enabled after viewing a GrabRule has been resolved.
  • RTF generation has been modified to better handle characters in Column 1, Row 1 of reports.
  • Several lists in the Console have been updated to use a more modern control.
  • An obscure problem where un-addressed split sections would be emailed to a group has been resolved. This would only occur if the base spool file was being emailed to a group, the report was being split, and not all the splits where being assigned to an email address based on a key value.

Release 5.12 - 2004/05/11

Poller: 5.12 build 1873, Console: 5.10 build 1584 update 0

  • In the Poller config, queues that the user is not authorized are shown grayed out. This will give an indication which queues cannot be processed by the Poller if the Poller uses the same user profile.
  • A problem with ZRUNRULE not creating the Parse/Split and the Bookmark section of the GrabRule has been resolved.
  • A problem with the Show Spool file has been resolved. Queues encountered that the user did not have authority to would cause the search to end prematurely.
  • Occasionally the Mail thread would get behind, leaving the last request in Pending state until the next request entered the queue. This has been resolved.

Release 5.11 - 2004/05/10

Poller: 5.11 build 1872, Console: 5.10 build 1583 update 0

  • Added GrabRule created by and modified by information to the General tab in the GrabRule wizard.
  • Resolved a memory leak issue when splitting and creating many PDF's from a large spool file. The symptoms exhibited included receiving Error Code = 6 from the Poller after creating a large number of PDF's.
  • Resolved problem in the Console when attempting to copy GrabRules without a GrabRule selected.
  • Resolved a problem in the Console when copying email groups that could occasionally lead to a loop on the iSeries.
  • Fixed problem with Toggle All Rules Active/Inactive, which would pop an AV message.
  • Modified how the sort order is handled for the GrabRule column in the Console.
  • Fixed size limitation for email address.

Release 5.10 - 2004/03/29

Poller: 5.10 build 1783, Console: 5.10 build 1550 update 0

  • Integration with the Nexus Document Repository. Catapult GrabRules can be defined to automatically populate the Document Repository. This includes extracting search values from within the document.
  • New spool file preview function from the GrabRule wizard. A list of spool files subsetted to meet the selection criteria can be displayed. A selected spool file can be downloaded and displayed one page at a time.
  • A Poller Monitor has been created to help monitor the Catapult Poller PC operations remotely. This program can be added into your Start Up group so that you can always keep an eye on the status of your Poller.
  • New Console feature to group GrabRules within logical folders or by GrabRule number. GrabRules can now be grouped logically be function, user, etc. You can drag GrabRules between folders, or update the folder using the GrabRule wizard.
  • Added GrabRule Process Sequence. This will allow spool file Requests to be generated in a priority sequence rather than by GrabRule number sequence.
  • The FontStart tag has been updated to optionally include Character spacing and Leading. Read more about the Catapult rich text facilities for formatting your reports.
  • Include additional files when a spool file is distributed by email, print and fax. The file name supports the standard replacement values, so the name can be dynamic.
  • Catapult Poller now includes a series of bar code fonts to use. This third party font set is licensed to use on your Catapult Poller PC by Catapult.
  • Improved automatic overriding of document properties for PDF and RTF.
  • When creating the final spool file name, invalid characters are removed and replaced with underscores. Invalid characters are most often introduced when using key values extracted from the report data as part of the file name.

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