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Current Release

The current release of Docu-Mint is version 6.61, released September 10, 2012.

This version contains all previous enhancements and can be download from here. If you are already at Docu-Mint 6.0, you can update your release to version 6.61 with the updates below.

Docu-Mint 6.61 Updates

These updates are available for Docu-Mint 6.61:

  • DN66003 - 2013/12/09 - Addresses an issue where the Program Explosion Report wasn't exploding all CL and RPG program calls. (FS#18264)
  • DN66006 - 2014/12/05 - Addresses an issue where the Print Orphaned Objects Report was ending abnormally. (FS#23292)
  • DN66007 - 2015/01/09 - Addresses and issue where Option 9 from Menu DM2 was failing with a Session or Device Error. Requires the Docu-Mint System 36 component to be installed. (FS#22575)
  • DN66008 - 2015/01/09 - Addresses a Length or Start position is out of range for the string operation error received by ANZRPGLE. (FS#18711)
  • DN66009 - 2015/02/12 - Addresses an array index out of range issue in ANZRPGLE.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Docu-Mint 6.50 Updates

Accum Updates

  • DN65RA01 - 2011/02/14 - Accum update 1 contains both individual updates 1 and 2 listed below and will update your release level to 6.60.

Individual Updates
These updates are available for Docu-Mint 6.50:

  • DN65R001 - Resolves an issue where the WWU command was showing duplicate records when child object type of *ANY was used and updates the release level to 6.5 (FS#7819).
  • DN65R002 - Resolves an issue where the Total Objects in library was not being updated and updates the release level to 6.5 (FS#7821).

Release 6.50 (2008/09/10) was created to add support for V6R1. Docu-Mint 6.50 also includes an updated demo library, and incorporates all previous updates. See the Updates History page for details.


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