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Installing and Getting Started

Install Clover using the online instructions, or the instructions in the User and Upgrader's Guides (see below).

To get started with Clover as quickly as possible, making the best use of our guides and online tools, review the Clover Steps to Success.

Overview of Features

Use these online resources to learn more about Clover and its newest features:

Manuals and Other Technical Resources

We have a number of online guides and technical resources for your reference:

  • User, Reference and Upgrader's Guides. log in to to view and download all Clover/WebSmart User and Reference Guides. In you'll also find upgrade instructions for current and previous versions.
  • Online Example Programs and Code Samples. Hundreds of example programs illustrating both Clover-specific and general web application programming techniques. These examples are particularly useful as you make the transition between the tutorials and starting to design your own programs.
  • Knowledge Base Articles. We also have many hundreds of Knowledge Base articles describing troubleshooting techniques, solutions to common problems, and simpler code examples.

Articles, Case Studies and Other Non-Technical Resources

Here is selection of other online information on Clover:

  • In the Press. Clover Empowers Users to Create and Run Real-Time Queries. Read more...
  • Press Releases. Read all the Clover Press Releases and In the Press articles.
  • WebCasts. View the educational Webcasts on web development that often feature discussions on the latest technologies.
  • Awards. Review the numerous awards received by Clover and other BCD products.