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File-Flash Updates History

File-Flash 4.21

Requirements: Please note that these updates require V5R1M0 as a minimum operating system release level.

  • Resolves issue in which File Flash would error out during installation if the client's iSeries didn't have a CCSID of 37 or 65535 (as described on task 6051).
  • This version includes all the individual updates from FFP40001 to FFP40011.

File-Flash 4.50

Requirements: Please note that these updates require V5R1M0 as a minimum operating system release level.

  • Support for V6R1

File-Flash 4.20

Requirements: Please note that these updates require V5R1M0 as a minimum operating system release level.

  • FFP40011 - 2007/03/12 - New command added to the GO FFPLUS menu, FILDFT, allows the ability to alter your display defaults.
  • FFP40010 - 2006/04/27 - This update drastically reduces the wait time in building the result set when using the OPNQRYF on a non-keyed file in File Flash".
  • FFP40009 - 2006/01/19 - Allows you to properly export negative values to a CSV file. Please note, For this to work the "Choice for editing numeric fields" must be set for "File Flash Editing".
  • FFP40008 - 2005/08/10 - Support for displaying files linked to an IDDU description. Addresses an issue with displaying a file linked to an IDDU description where it would fail with a "Could not resolve to object" message.
  • FFP40007 - 2004/11/17 - Problems using FILDSP over multiple record format logical files have been resolved. A problem adding new files to the repository using the FILRPS command has been resolved.
  • FFP40006 - 2004/10/21 - Addresses an issue with positioning when the key field is a type O, DBCS field.
  • FFP40005 - 2004/10/05 - Added support for type O, DBCS fields for FILDSP and FILMNT commands.

Requirements: These updates require V4R5M0 as a minimum operating system release level.

  • FFP40004 - 2004/07/08 - Corrected problems with numeric fields over 15 bytes. Fixed looping problem when incorrect subfile options taken from F23, F24.
  • FFP40003 - 2004/06/03 - Fixed the ability to print query results from a non-keyed file.
  • FFP40002 - 2004/05/10
    1. F23 to switch files when specified file not found now issues a message instead of backing out to a command line.
    2. Printing records when displaying in arrival order has been fixed, it issued an incorrect message validating a field.
    3. File lookup (F4 from F23) no longer crashes on a join logical.
    4. Repository, *ALL is now valid value for FILE when importing into the repository.
    5. F12 from the OPNQRYF results screen takes you back a screen instead or running the query again.
  • FFP40001 - 2004/01/20 - Fixed problem where you could not view DDM files in File Flash 4.2 using FILDSP command.


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