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Current Release

The current version of Nexus is Nexus 4.09.

Download Nexus from our client portal at or from our public site.

To check your release level run this command for releases prior to version 4: DSPDTAARA XL_SMSLIB/BCDREL. As of version 4 the command to find out your release level will use the library name you specified during the installation or the default, XL_NEXUS: DSPDTAARA XL_NEXUS/BCDREL.

You can find further information on the most recent versions and updates below.

Update Requirements

You should be at release 3.60 or higher to upgrade to release 4.09. If you are not at 3.6 you can download it from the Download/Product Archives at You can review the Nexus 4.09 system requirements here.

The update(s) below can only be applied to Nexus 4.09 which is the current full version. To check your release level run the command: DSPDTAARA XL_SMSLIB/BCDREL (Your environment may be different than XL_SMSLIB). If you are on the current release and the last update you applied was a lower number than the one listed below download and apply the update. If you are not on the current release you can download version4.09 here.

Instructions to Install Update(s)

Click on the links below that start with NX followed by the update number. Save the exe file to a folder on your computer then double click to run. The update wizard will pop up and step you through the rest of the process. The update(s) below must be applied in order of earliest first.

Nexus 4.09 Updates

There are no updates available for release 4.09.

Release 4.09 - 2014/04/2

 Nexus 4.09 includes the following enhancements:

  1. Added a single view of all of the distribution rules displaying all of the rule parameters. (FS#14831 )
  2. Restore option to browse ECM to create a hyperlink in an ECM document. (FS#19375)
  3. Added an ECM default for how newly added documents should open - so they can be opened in a new window. (FS#19463)
  4. Increased the size of the Welcome Message edit box in site settings.
  5. You can now specify IP addresses along with LDAP server name.
  6. Resolve issue where documents were not getting purged from all sites. (FS#19508)
  7. Resolved issue where the page number was not updated when moving a page from one group to another. (FS#19095)
  8. Resolved issue were user received Script 70: Permission Denied messages when accessing iframe dialogs. (FS#19117)
  9. Resolved issue where incorrect icon was defaulted for ECM objects.(FS#18880)
  10. Resolved issue where the Document Tree was taking too long to load. (FS#19042)
  11. Rule number is now displayed in the Distribution Rules portlet. (FS#14884)
  12. Increased length of the DropDown Menu title to 25 characters from 16.
  13. Resolved issue where the application smurf was getting deleted when logging back into Nexus. (FS#19664)
  14. Removed authorities control from Portlet Classes.
  15. BCD Upload Express will now sense the name format when uploading install files to the IBM i.