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Below are the current Presto updates.

Current Release 8.4.0 (2019/12/17)

The current release is 8.4.0 for the server component and 8.4 r50924 for the PC component. If you are not on this release please contact Tech Support to get a copy.

Update Requirements

To upgrade to Presto 8.4 you need to be at version 4.5 or higher. When upgrading, log in to to review the Presto Upgraders Guide under Resources>Documentation>Presto. Note that the Upgrade Guide includes considerations for upgrading from version 4.5 or higher. If you are upgrading from an earlier version you need to also review the Upgrade Considerations sections in each of the intervening guides.

To verify your Presto release level:

  • Server (IBM i Component): Run the command DSPDTAARAXL_PRESTO/PR_GRLS
  • Designer (PC Component): Open the Presto Designer and select the Help/About Presto option.

If you are at an earlier release and wish to upgrade please ontact Technical Support. If you are at an earlier release and wish to upgrade please contact Technical Support.

Presto 8.4 Updates

There are no updates for 8.4 at this time.

Presto 8.4 New Features 2019/12/18

  • Presto License Seat Counts are now enforced as of this release - 8.4.
  • Ability to create and manage site wide Global Transformations.
  • Ability to export screens that have changed after a certain date.
  • JavaScript Code Snippet panel is now accessible from the Visual Editor event editor panels.
  • JavaScript Code Snippet panel is now accessible from the Custom HTML panel.
  • Window properties can now be adjusted from the Visual Editor.
  • Added Advanced Configuration option to bypass Display Program Messages screen.
  • Added view filtering for the transformation list in the Visual Editor.
  • Added option to download all Insight recordings with one click.
  • Resolved issue with Auto-complete not working on a window on top of a window (PR-15615).
  • Resolved appearance issues with printing a window or subfile (PR-15517).
  • Resolved issue with overlaid function keys when printing (PR-15504).
  • You can now map Enter, numpad Enter, left Ctrl and Right Ctrl separately (PR-15502).
  • Resolved issue with autologin cookie after upgrading to 8.2 (PR-15499).
  • Resolved copy/paste differences between Ctrl v and Right Click options (PR-15491).
  • Resolved issues with Settings screen not being updated after changing the configuration file directly (PR-15441).
  • Resolved issues when using screen values containing back slashes (PR-15433, PR-15421).
  • Resolved issues with Danish characters corrupting Page and JavaScript descriptions (PR-15404, PR-15409).
  • Resolved connectivity issues when the config.bws was > 99999 or Browser Activity Timeout was > 1666 (PR-15394).
  • Resolved issues related to manually overriding cursor position (PR-15346).
  • Resolved issue with Tab order not working in custom HTML on fields with no IDs (PR-15322).
  • Resolved issue with Presto not finding stored SQL function in library list (PR-15317).
  • Resolved issue where a blank at the end of the connection URL caused a 404 page (PR-15304).
  • Resolved issue where Presto.Oa.Grid.SetSize didn't do anything (PR-15299).
  • Resolved issue where OA column width changed on sort (PR-15296).
  • Resolved issue with a JavaScript crash when trimming a field with a NULL value (PR-15288).
  • Resolved issue with Window not being detected on initial load (PR-15278).
  • Resolved issue where disabling a Presto.Transform is undone by an error dialog (PR-15277).
  • Fixed Drop Down Transform so it HTML escaped values (PR-15276).
  • Drop Down Transform now honours the maxlength property (PR-15274).
  • Hub no longer goes into infinite loop when a Macro receives a CANCEL_INVITE op code (PR-15265).
  • Resolved issue where a Macro would input data into two fields instead of one (PR-15253).
  • Resolved issue where the Table Editor area was limited on the first attempt (PR-15246).
  • Resolved issue with Presto crashing when you clicked Help>About (PR-15219).
  • Resolved issue where Paging Buttons became disabled after a pop up error message (PR-15184).
  • Resolved issue where Parent window changed position while paging through a child window (PR-15175).

Please visit the Presto New Features page to see an illustrated list of the most important new features, or visit the Presto Updates History page to review the changes in recent versions.

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