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Below are the current Presto updates.

Current Release 8.2.0 (2019/07/03)

The current release is 8.2.0 for the server component and 8.2 r49058 for the PC component. If you are not on this release please contact Tech Support to get a copy.

Update Requirements

To upgrade to Presto 8.2 you need to be at version 4.5 or higher. When upgrading, log in to to review the Presto Upgraders Guide under Resources>Documentation>Presto. Note that the Upgrade Guide includes considerations for upgrading from version 4.5 or higher. If you are upgrading from an earlier version you need to also review the Upgrade Considerations sections in each of the intervening guides.

To verify your Presto release level:

  • Server (IBM i Component): Run the command DSPDTAARAXL_PRESTO/PR_GRLS
  • Designer (PC Component): Open the Presto Designer and select the Help/About Presto option.

If you are at an earlier release and wish to upgrade please contact Technical Support.

Presto 8.2 Updates

There are no updates for 8.2 at this time.

Presto 8.2 New Features 2019/07/03

  • You can now generate a report of active users (ex: CALL XL_PRESTO/SEATCOUNT).
  • Alert message if, when inserting a Google Map, your API key is not set.
  • Improved OA startup and error logging.
  • Spool File viewer will now prompt a confirmation panel when deleting a spool file (PR-14231).
  • Resolved issue where field were not retaining position after a chance in the Visual Editor (PR-14782).
  • Previous Session active message is now suppressed if the old session was closed (PR-14760).
  • Resolved issue where IDE crashed sometimes when opening Manage Pages (PR-14733).
  • Resolved issue where pressing Identities button on OA screen crashed Presto (PR-14672).
  • Resolved issue where Global Id isn't applied when the identifier contains accented character (PR-14669).
  • Resolved issue where windows touching the right hand edge of the screen were not detected (PR-14659).
  • Resolved issue where you were unable to customize a skin after switching skins (PR-14635)./li>
  • Resolved issue where Global Identity fails on similar screens (PR-14625).
  • Resolved issue where multiple pages displayed the same identity interface (PR-14612).
  • Resolved issue where subfiles in custom windows were offset incorrectly (PR-14586).
  • Presto.PlayMacro now disables input fields (PR-14570).
  • Custom windows no long impact Page Detection (PR-14547).
  • Resolved issue where connection was lost when using Manage Pages (PR-14542),
  • Select boxes no long span entire row when using a bootstrap grid (PR-14531).
  • Resolved issue where events were bound twice when the element was in a Responsive Grid (PR-14518).
  • Large Import/Export commands are no longer affected by the Exodus timeout (PR-14493).
  • Resolved issue where Subfile options and Flyouts didn't work on Android tablets (PR-14476).
  • Resolved issue where PR_HUB was crashing after a program call (PR-14471).
  • If you are recording a log and trigger a rebuild of the screen, the log will not be cut off now (PR-14456).
  • Resolved issue where pressing Cancel on prompt when device name is in use, acts as if you pressed Enter (PR-14448).
  • Improved manipulation in VE of elements nested in a table (PR-14445).
  • Resolved issues with creating custom tables in 8.0 (PR-14438 ).
  • Field exit will now exit drop down (select) boxes too (PR-14437).
  • Resolved issue with Menulink detection going into infinite loop (PR-14425).
  • Resolved issue where <style> tag in layout.html caused "Error occurred on Script" message (PR-14388).
  • Elements modified with Presto.Transform will now reposition correctly when a table reflows (PR-14377).
  • Presto developer will no longer crash when the Pacific theme company logo is missing (PR-14375).
  • Resolved issue where Calling Presto.Transform overrides positional transformations on that element if it is below a table (PR-14360).
  • Resolved issue where in some cases Function Keys could not re relocated to the right side (PR-14358).
  • Resolved issue where SQL requests prevented SendRequestOnce handler from cancelling request correctly (PR-14355).
  • Resolved issue where JDA menus were not converted to Menulinks (PR-14345).
  • You can now copy/paste into fields created with Custom HTML in IE (PR-14344).
  • Resolved issue when a Clone was created with Up/Down keys outside of Window (PR-14341).
  • Resolved issue where there were no function keys on a double screen (PR-14322).
  • Resolved issue where some menus were detected as a subfile (PR-14321).
  • Resolved issue where Window border text was not being displayed (PR-14316).
  • Opening a session on a disabled profile will no longer cause a Presto API error CPF87F8 (PR-14304).
  • Resolved issue where a cloned environment System Request would not work (PR-14303)
  • Resolved issue where SetCursor would not work as part of a Macro (PR-14293).
  • Resolved issue where you could not type a SQL Query name into SQL input under certain conditions (PR-14291).
  • Addressed performance issues on certain tables that were loaded row by row (PR-14287).
  • Addressed issue where input fields were not appearing in Presto when compared to a Client Access (PR-14273).
  • Resolved issue cursor issues when clicking either scroll bar in the VE (PR-14268).
  • You can now see the option values in the Subfile Option Flyout (PR-14266 ).
  • Improved XML validation when editing the config.bws file (PR-14104).
  • Resolved issue where JDE Panel Text was not displayed with it's original formatting (PR-13394).
  • Note: Exodus51 has been updated to Exodus55 since release 7.0. (Update your Start-up CL with STRSBS XL_EX55/EXODUS55)

Please visit the Presto New Features page to see an illustrated list of the most important new features, or visit the Presto Updates History page to review the changes in recent versions.

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