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Below are the current Presto updates.

Current Release 7.1.0 (2017/06/19)

The current release is 7.1.0 for the server component and 7.0 r41525 for the PC component. If you are not on this release please contact Tech Support to get a copy.

Update Requirements

To upgrade to Presto 7.0 you need to be at version 4.5 or higher. When upgrading, log in to to review the New Features and Upgrade Guide. Note that the Upgrade Guide includes considerations for upgrading from version 4.5 or higher. If you are upgrading from an earlier version you need to also review the Upgrade Considerations sections in each of the intervening guides.

To verify your Presto release level:

  • Server (IBM i Component): Run the command DSPDTAARAXL_PRESTO/PR_GRLS
  • Designer (PC Component): Open the Presto Designer and select the Help/About Presto option.

If you are at an earlier release and wish to upgrade please contact Technical Support.

Server Side Updates

There are no updated for 7.1.0 at this time.

Presto 7.1 New Features 2017/12/20/

  • Generally Improved usability out of the box.
  • New icons that allow users to log off, access spool file data and be notified of new messages from any screen.
  • Primary function keys such as Exit and Submit styles as buttons that are more visible on every page.
  • Scrolling subfiles is made simpler with convenient page up and down buttons.
  • For subfiles that only have one action option, users can now trigger the action by clicking anywhere on the subfile row.
  • Presto automatically detects date fields and adds a pop up calendar to them making it easier for users to enter dates.
  • Added more Responsive / Mobile designer views for various mobile platforms.
  • Table Editor is now part of the Visual Editor with options available of the right-click context menu.
  • Window Editor is now part of the Visual Editor with options available of the right-click context menu.
  • Improved RPG Open Access Functionality with DDS field attributes, such as colors, converted to CSS classes.
  • You can now run Presto a custom subsystem.
  • There is an option to run a macro file after login.
  • JavaScript Snippets now supports creating a snippet from selected code.
  • Improvements to table and window editors in Presto Designer.
  • Option in VE to Right-Click and delete a grid.
  • Option in config.bws (Advanced Options) to remove field exit behaviour from numpad character +/- (FS#32952 ).
  • Better handling of invalid SSL certs in the Presto Designer (FS#32605).
  • You can now clear queued up commands by pressing the Ctrl key (FS#32064).
  • Improved session closing for mobile devices so hub/vt jobs end in a timely manner (FS#32178).
  • Saving a spool file will now default to using the spool file name (FS#29472).
  • Exodus51 has been updated to Exodus55. (Update your Start-up CL with STRSBS XL_EX55/EXODUS55)

Please visit the Presto New Features page to see an illustrated list of the most important new features, or visit the Presto Updates History page to review the changes in recent versions.

Presto update history available on