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Current Release

The current version of ProGen Plus is 9.7.

Download the current version from our client portal at or from our public site.

Update/Upgrade Requirements and Information

You must be at release 8.0 or greater to upgrade to 9.7. You can download 8.0 from the Downloads/Product Archives menu in MyBCD

ProGen Plus 9.7, and all updates to this version, require V5R4 or higher.

Note: If you are upgrading to ProGen Plus 9.7 from a release earlier than 9.5, you will need a new license key (free if you are on maintenance). Please email our sales office or phone (630) 986-0800 to get your new key before upgrading.

Review the ProGen Plus Upgrader's Guide (available from for complete upgrade instructions.

Current Updates

Release 9.70 Updates

  • PG97001 - 2012/12/03 - Requires OS/400 V5R4 or later and ProGen 9.7. Addresses an issue where the CALLP action wasn't validating correctly in the Actions Editor. (FS#12766)
  • PG97002 - 2012/12/03 - Requires OS/400 V5R4 or later and ProGen 9.7. Addresses an issue where display files are sometimes generated with certain record formats missing, causing an RNF7030 "Name or indicator not defined" error on a record format name, most likely CLRS01@@. This update also prevents the background getting cleared when a lookup window is called. (FS#12808, FS#11123)
  • PG97004 - 2013/01/24 - Requires OS/400 V5R4 or later and ProGen 9.7. Addresses an issue where unlocking ProGen on very large systems would fail with an array index error. (FS#14388)
  • PG97005 - 2013/05/09 - Requires OS/400 V5R4 or later and ProGen 9.7. Addresses an issue where there was an array index error in GN#UWDW (FS#15854)

Release 9.70 Enhancements - 2012/07/12

There are currently no updates for release 9.7. This release has the following additions:

  • Better ILE integration on the Exit Design Panel.
  • New action - CALLP.
  • Resolved issue where a CPD0013 runtime error occurred when using an override on a file name with 9 characters.
  • ProGen no longer generates a F6 Create key when Define a "Create" Function key is N.
  • Corrected date format for RPGLE source members
  • Resolved issue where using the Knowledge Base to copy code to a user defined action failed to import the code.
  • Added the context *KYCF to the Style N programs.
  • Resolved issue where specifying a binding directory name that already existed would create a new one, overwriting the old.

Please contact Technical Support if you have any questions about this upgrade.


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