Progen PlusV. 9.0-9.6 Updates

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Release 9.70 Updates

You must be at release 9.70 to apply the following update and at V5R3 or later.

  • PG97001 - 2012/12/03 - Requires OS/400 V5R4 or later and ProGen 9.7. Addresses an issue where the CALLP action wasn't validating correctly in the Actions Editor.
  • PG97002 - 2012/12/03 - Requires OS/400 V5R4 or later and ProGen 9.7. Addresses a "Name or indicator not defined" compile error on a record format name - most likely an RNF7030 on CLRS01@@. This update also prevents the background getting cleared when a lookup window is called. (FS#12808, FS#11123). NOTE: Prior to running this update you will need to run this command: CHGOBJOWN OBJ(GN#LIB/GN#G05) OBJTYPE(*PGM) NEWOWN(QPGMR)
  • PG97004 - 2013/01/24 - Requires OS/400 V5R4 or later and ProGen 9.7. Addresses an issue where unlocking ProGen on very large systems would fail with an array index error. (FS#14388)
  • PG97005 - 2013/05/09 - Requires OS/400 V5R4 or later and ProGen 9.7. Addresses an issue where there was an array index error in GN#UWDW (FS#15854)
  • PG97006 - 2014/05/20 - Requires OS/400 V5R4 or later and ProGen 9.7. Addresses an issue where the Generate Source and Create Object parameters on the exit design panel were being ignored. (FS#18182)

Release 9.70 Enhancements - 2012/07/12

  • Better ILE integration on the Exit Design Panel.
  • New action - CALLP.
  • Resolved issue where a CPD0013 runtime error occurred when using an override on a file name with 9 characters.
  • ProGen no longer generates a F6 Create key when Define a "Create" Function key is N.
  • Corrected date format for RPGLE source members
  • Resolved issue where using the Knowledge Base to copy code to a user defined action failed to import the code.
  • Added the context *KYCF to the Style N programs.
  • Resolved issue where specifying a binding directory name that already existed would create a new one, overwriting the old.

Release 9.60 Updates

You must be at release 9.60 to apply the following update and at V5R3 or later.

  • PG96001 - 2011/11/08 - Resolves an issue where long EVAL operations were not being split across lines correctly.
  • PG96002 - 2011/12/01 - Resolves an issue where a lock is being generated in Factor 1 for the LDA in a Style F program when additional data areas are defined in the program.

Release 9.60 Enhancements - 2011/08/23

  • Resolved issue where the transfer of a definition from one environment to another caused the CMP process to go into MSGW status.
  • Resolved issue where option 13 was not listing referenced objects.
  • The installation now retains the RPG source files in GN#LIB.
  • Current version is now reflected correctly in data areas and message files.
  • Resolved issue with CPF5218 when loading an empty subfile list.
  • Resolved issue where the D spec for a timestamp was missing in the source.
  • Generation command ZCRTOBJ now points to the environment library in order to find the validation module master file.
  • Resolved issue where conditional attributes are stripped when moving a block of fields to a different location.
  • Resolved issue with function key messages.

Release 9.50 Updates

  • PG95002 - 2009/05/13 - Requires OS/400 V5R1 or later. Ensures that the generation command ZCRTOBJ points to the environment library in order to find the validation module master file.
  • PG95004 - 2009/09/02 - Requires OS/400 V5R1 or later. Resolves a problem where, upon moving a block of fields where several had conditional attributes, if any of the fields in the block was moved to the exact PREVIOUS location occupied by another of the fields in the block, the conditional attributes would be stripped from all the fields moved in the block and attached to the last field. You would be most likely to run into this when moving a set of fields directly up or down.

Release 9.50 Enhancements

  • Support for V6R1
  • Fix for installation issue in some systems due to an erroneous CCSID value in a file used during the update process
  • Fix for a reported issued where a Change Management Process went into message wait with CPF9898. This was due to an incorrect release level in the shell source.

If you are currently on release 9.00 please apply the following 3 updates or upgrade to version 9.5.

  • PG90001 - 2006/12/14 - Requires OS/400 V5R1 or later. The update will rename shell GN#GLES\GN#$PGMF2 to O9#$PGMF2 and replace it with a new version. Please note this involves a shell change. If you have a customized shell please back it up so you can copy your changes to the new shell. This update resolves the issue where when executing a time action the timestamp program field was not getting populated
  • PG90002 - 2006/12/19 - Requires OS/400 V5R1 or later. Will now generate code correctly at *AP01 when using a DATCVT and generating to *RGP400. This code was being generated out of order.
  • PG90003 - 2006/12/19 - Requires OS/400 V5R1 or later. Addresses missing parameters from lookup windows. The parameters were dropped and incorrectly added in the generated source code.

Release 9.02 Updates

If you are currently on release 9.02 please apply the following updates or upgrade to version 9.5.

  • PG90004 - 2007/05/22 - Requires OS/400 V5R1 or later. Resolves issue when trying to change library reference for a file using ZCHGDBF for a specific definition and the validation would not allow the user to rename the file.
  • PG90005 - 2007/05/22 - Requires OS/400 V5R1 or later. Resolves an issue where Style F programs would crash when the user hit ENTER from the main screen (Report Panel Design Aid) if there were more than 50 detail formats.
  • PG90006 - 2007/07/05 - Requires OS/400 V5R1 or later. This update will replace the shell files for Styles A and N for both the ILE and RPG400 platforms. If you have customized shells please back them up so you can copy your changes to the new shells. Resolves cursor position error when calling a program that loads an empty sub-file list .

Release 9.02 Enhancements

  • Added option to ZDLTPDF to delete CALLSBR and USRCOD members.
  • Additional options to change management to copy the validation module definitions, objects and source.
  • Added validation to the USRCOD member delete.
  • Added parameter and validation to delete USRCOD from the ZDLTPDF command.
  • When modifying a window in ProGen, it will now validate so that you cannot enter the value 1 or 80 into the starting and ending column fields.
  • Two parameters have been added to the ZCRTENVR command for GN#USRC and GN#VSRC to allow the source file length to be changed to 112 instead of the default 92.
  • Imbedded period in a database file name is now supported.
  • Support for changing files that have type O fields.
  • Support for *MODULES containing SQL.
  • Conditional attributes are now supported for fields defined in zdsnpnld.
  • Support for more Double Byte Character Sets (Type J, E, O, G)
  • A new feature that allows character conversion after the generation of the ProGen source.
  • RPDA the cursor is moved in couple of pos position when &W or &P is used. This also includes any field placement &1 etc. This will now position to the position prior to the placed field for easy editing.

Release 9.02 Fixes

  • DA=Definition Activity correctly displays history records for definitions where the definition name has changed. The position-to functionality has also been fixed.
  • An error when exiting the definition details panel (Option 5 from ZWRKPDF) has been addressed.
  • The list of validation module usage entries has been fixed to correctly handle renamed definitions.
  • An error with using single quotes in Panel Init has been fixed.
  • ProGen Plus validation module source member descriptions are now correctly updated.
  • An error message is now issued when a KB group references a context that is not found in the to definition.
  • A problem with a discrepancy between the subfile size and subfile record number has been fixed. This was causing a a session or device error.
  • An invalid validation 'Error: File name is already specified for this definition' message/check when file isn't already specified has been corrected.
  • The wrong field was being placed in a style F program when creating a CONCAT work field with &W.
  • A problem when you have two or more *DATCVT fields over the same field in the subfile control has been fixed.
  • A problem with the Day of Week *DATCVT work field has been resolved.
  • A problem where user defined validation modules were not automatically selected when you created them has been resolved.
  • A PDA problem has been resolved, where a combination of F20/F16/Page Up/Page Down caused the fields window to disappear.
  • A problem with conditional attributes not being handled correctly on the lines immediately above the subfile on the Delete confirm screen has been resolved.
  • An RNF3712 compile error with substring work fields with a length of 1000 has been resolved.
  • When using the UPDFLD action to update a non-existent field with a constant, a decimal data error ensued. This has been fixed.
  • A problem with ZWRKDATCVT for RPGILE when you pressed F4=Edit Member has been resolved.
  • Mis-typing the called program library on a call (*LILB rather than *LIBL) caused the creation of a duplicate parm list. Validation was added to check for a valid library name.
  • A fix was made to a problem where multi-line free-format conditions could be split in the wrong places, causing compile errors.
  • A fix was created for an Actions Editor, where code in the context *STPC generated an error when F11 was pressed.
  • An edit word problem (unable to add an edit word of '0 ' to a 5,0N field) was resolved.
  • A problem with importing panels from the KB was resolved.
  • A fix was created for a problem where Style D programs with ISO dates would not compile if the "Conversion options" were set to *NONE.
  • An ILE object management problem with an incorrect reference to the module library was resolved.
  • A problem with UIM help not functioning correctly when a fold/drop key is defined has been addressed.
  • A problem with the SNDMSG action using a workfield has been fixed.
  • Added validation, with suggested workaround, was added to prevent creating more than 999 lines of actions at a single context.
  • Fixed a problem where ProGen would not allow you to define a *LIKE work field over a program field.
  • Fixed a problem where defining a panel help as a call program did not work when trying to pass parameters.
  • Corrected a problem that would cause style X and F programs to lose the upper limit key after doing a ZCHGDBF, when the same key field was used.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple /INCLUDE statements in your USRCOD was not permitted.
  • Fixed parameter list for ZDLTPDF which resulted in the CALLSBR being inadvertently deleted.
  • Corrected a problem encountered when trying to copy a Style G program to a combination of Styles A and N (Maintenance and Transaction) or to two Styles D's (Inquiry with subfile).
  • Corrected problems with validation modules when using option 6 to copy a definition. A record in file GN#FFVF was not being updated properly.
  • Corrected a problem where duplicated parameter lists were being generated when a program was copied.
  • Corrected a problem where duplicate parameter lists were being created when adding elements from the KB.
  • Fixed a problem where the Free Condition option disappeared after renaming a definition.
  • Corrected various problems when renaming definitions, where not all references were being changed.
  • Fixed a problem where cancelling out of creating a validation module still results in the module being attached.
  • Corrected a problem where deleting a logical file from a definition resulted in the removal of the primary file.
  • Fixed a problem where if a field name in a condition was changed, a trailing apostrophe was missing.
  • Corrected a problem where if you resized a *PANEL work field, the change was not correctly reflected in the subfile display (PDA).
  • Fixed a problem where compiling RPG/400 programs with *LIKE work-fields caused errors.
  • Added missing parameter to a program call to GN#RPI.
  • Improved string handling in EVAL and Conditions.
  • Corrected problem with display of work field creation screens where extraneous characters were present in name field.
  • Several changes to file process when deleting, including the Where Used screen which now displays correct Where Used file list. Also other minor fixes.
  • Addresses issue with parameter mismatch on ZDLTPDF.
  • Fixed panel delete issues with orphaned attributes and validation modules.
  • Addressed an issue where you couldn't add several panel work fields to a panel using &P in several locations at once.
  • Addressed an issue where cursor positioning code at *BKYP was being superseded by generated code.
  • Various minor fixes were made in the Actions Editor.
  • Corrected a looping problem that came up when over 30 *LINK work fields are used in a definition.
  • Corrected the parameter conflict with GN#X66C when running the command ZCHGDBF.
  • Corrects the issue where the panel help would get unselected when you pressed F3 from the Work with Panel Help screen.
  • Corrected an issue with adding data areas to the KB.
  • Corrected the handling of the sub-file option K at the Work with Work fields panel.
  • Corrected display on ZCHGFFD for blank records on the sub-file.
  • Fixed cursor positioning problem in ILE programs using windows.
  • Fixed a problem where changes to the modification log were not being retained.
  • Properly display 3=Error Messages on the Work with Files screen.
  • Fixed an issue with substrings in large fields.
  • Corrected the Exit key function in Repository File Layout Screen (Option 1 from the Work with Files screen).
  • Corrected a problem when creating multiple *MAP workfields sequentially, where the field description was being overwritten.
  • Fix debug option string for OPM validation modules called by ILE programs.
  • Fix F3 and F12 processing on the Exit screen.
  • Fixed truncation of workfield description, where descriptions were over 20 characters.
  • Conditional attributes and validation modules will now remain attached to fields when the starting subfile row changes.
  • Validation modules were being dropped or incorrectly assigned following a block move on the PDA. This has been resolved.
  • Corrected a problem were a parameter list was orphaned if an option 7 then 11 was used from the Work with Program Definitions panel (ZWRKPDF).
  • Addressed an issue with *DATCVT work fields where the attributes were mistakenly changed.
  • Addressed an issue that was producing an error when changing the conversion type on a *DATCVT workfield.
  • Fixed a problem with deleting Externally Described Data Structures.
  • Addressed an issue where field extended attributes were lost when panel was copied.
  • Fixed a problem when working with parameter lists for user defined validation modules. The runtime error "Receiver value to small to hold result" occurred in modules that were converted during the upgrade to release 8.
  • Corrected a Change Management issue where QRPGLESRC was being created with a record length of 92 instead of 112.
  • Corrected a problem with copying lines in the RPDA in a Style F definition.
  • Corrected a problem with parameter passing from a window lookup program.
  • Corrected a problem where in the RPDA &s was not creating the subtotal work field over the specified field.
  • Corrected a problem where work fields on a copied line were not having names generated properly.
  • Corrected problem with retrieving correct based-on work field for subtotals.
  • Corrected array index error in GN#G06 when exceeding 100 display attributes.
  • Corrected problem where conditions were not being selected from the Actions Editor correctly.
  • Corrected a problem were validations modules would always be created at the default target release.
  • A problem with Style F programs was resolved, caused by work fields with long field names.
  • Improved the panel flow for working with report control options.
  • Corrected string parsing for EVAL and conditions.
  • Corrected problems with work fields with names over 6 characters long. These work fields would not be computed if based on auxiliary files.
  • Updated the HTML report generation to use code page of *PCASCII. This corrects problems with displaying the HTML pages outside of the IFS.


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