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Updates History

This page is a record of the updates that have been prepared for Spool-Explorer. The objective of the page is to help you identify whether any problems you might be having currently at an older release of the software have been addressed in more current versions.

Spool Explorer 8.2.0 Enhancements - 2018/01/16

    • Added option in Spool Explorer to retain original email functionality to use the PC email client. (FS#27737).
    • Resolved issue where saving multiple files at once in Spool-Explorer. (FS#27393)
    • Exodus51 has been updated to Exodus55. (Update your Start-up CL with STRSBS XL_EX55/EXODUS55)

Spool Explorer 8.1.1 Update - 2017/06/08

  • Resolves an issue where the Z commands were getting CPF4131 errors. (FS#31613)
  • Resolved issue where EXWORK jobs would go into MSGW status when the Spool File list was really really really big.(FS#31613)
  • This updates Spool-Explorer from 8.1.0 to 8.1.1
  • Both Client and Server side are full installs.

Spool Explorer 8.1.0 Enhancements - 2017/05/03

  • The Spool Explorer Initial list of files defaults to that of the user who just signed in.
  • You can now drag and drop spool file attributes into the list filter.
  • User is now prompted to save Open as Profile changes.
  • The Save As X profile window has a new field for the file name which allows replacement values. (FS#27393)
  • You can now select a group of files and save them as a batch action and not be prompted to save each individually. (FS#27393)
  • When Viewing a document, the document name is displayed in the Title Bar.
  • The escape key will close the document being viewed.
  • You can now access the Communications Configuration from the IDE.
  • Added a confirmation prompt when deleteing files.
  • Added a *DEFAULT option in the user security module. (FS#30291)
  • A failed sign-on attempt will no longer start the Spool Explorer IDE. You will be presented with another opportunity to sign on.
  • There is an option to run Spool Explorer on the last install step.
  • Exodus51 has been updated to Exodus55. (Update your Start-up CL with STRSBS XL_EX55/EXODUS55)

Spool Explorer 8.0.0 Enhancements - 2015/09/30

  • Support for using domain names.
  • More flexible filtering .
  • New and improved and more intuitive User Interface.
  • Tighter integration with Catapult.
  • Re-written from the ground up.
  • Can now customize environment(library) name.
  • Stability Improvements
  • Note that Spool-Explorer 8 has a new IBM i install command: XL_CATINST/SPXINSTALL

Spool Explorer 4.52 server side install - 2014/03/04


  • Addresses an issue related to the maximum size of a user space on V6R1 and higher. (FS#18336 )

Update 4.52 PC side build 1370 - 2011/04/12


  • Resolves issues when printing multiple spool files at a time.

Update 4.51 PC side build 1366 - 2007/09/10


  • Intermittent issue involving using Save As quick buttons while viewing at a spool file.

Release 4.50 - 2007/09/10

PC Build 1364, iSeries version 4.50. Includes all previous updates.


  • Support for V6R1


  • An issue involving the last overlay option (individual image per page) has been resolved.

Release 4.33 - 2007/09/10

PC Build 1352, iSeries version 4.33. Includes all previous updates.


  • An information message is displayed when attempting to view a file type the default viewer is not configured to read.


  • Catapult Quick Rule is working again after resolving an Exodus communications issue.

Release 4.31 - 2006/10/05

PC Build 1345, iSeries version 4.31. Includes all previous updates.


  • Support for alternate font encodings has been complete. Users now have the option of choosing an encoding when they create PDF and RTF documents. The default is standard windows 1252 Latin 1 encoding. Users can also choose Central European, Cyrillic and Greek encodings.
  • Support for Central European characters in PDF documents has been improved. When a user selects to override a document with a CE font (e.g. Courier New CE), Spool Explorer will correctly use the Windows 1250 code page to map characters.
  • The default value for the "Format As" field in the Spool Explorer configuration has been changed to "Print Format" from "Data File Format".


  • All OVRSCOPE parameters on OVRDBF commands have been hardcoded to the value *ACTGRPDFN.
  • Emailing a report while using the built in Spool Explorer email client will no longer place the attachment into the body of the email.
  • Spool Monitor issue has been resolved.

Release 4.29 - 2006/07/03

PC Build 1331, iSeries version 4.29. Includes all previous fixes.


  • You can now sort a list of spoolfiles by multiple columns. To do so, click the column you wish to have as the high order sort, then click additional columns while holding down the shift key. You can remove columns by clicking them while holding down the CTRL key.
  • Sorted columns are now retained when you refresh the list or load a new list.
  • The default sort for spoolfile lists is now the same as wrksplf on the iSeries.


  • A problem involving spoolfiles with spoolfile numbers over 9999 has been resolved.
  • A problem connecting using ports other than 2015 has been resolved
  • Fixed an exodus problem involving NULL values in the Spool File Attributes
  • Resolved an access violation when saving a "New Print Area" as a PDF.

Release 4.27 - 2006/04/10

PC Build 1320, iSeries version 4.27. Includes all previous fixes.


  • Resolved an issue where adding a user in the User security module would cause the exodus job to go into MSGW.
  • Resolved a problem involving the Spool Monitor not shutting down properly.
  • Resolved an exodus bug that could cause message overrun errors.
  • Resolved an issue involving saving and viewing reports as TIF images.
  • Resolved an issue where the files SP@QLSTD and SP@QLSTH where not being retained properly after an upgrade.
  • Under certain conditions, lists of spoolfiles would fail to load. This has been resolved.
  • A new control character added to *SCS spoolfiles (only useable by certain printers) is now being trapped and removed. This was causing accented 'u' characters to show up in reports.

Release 4.23 - 2005/08/09

PC Build 1295, iSeries version 4.23. Includes all previous fixes.


  • Spool-Explorer now uses HKey_Current_User for all registry settings. This change facilitates using Spool-Explorer in secure environments when using Windows 2000/2003 and Windows XP.

    Note: On initial startup Spool-Explorer will migrate existing settings in the registry.

    Depending on your computer this can take a few minutes. Please be patient, this process is only executed once per User/PC.

  • All default directories have been switched to 'My Documents\SpoolExplorer'. This removes the difficulty restricted user profiles encounter when trying to create temporary files and translation tables.
  • Upgraded email component to help remove Spool-Explorer generated emails from spam blacklists (such as SpamAssassin). SpamAssassin was arbitrarily picking up the series of characters embedded in a MIME tag used to separate attachments within the email.
  • Spool-Explorer security has been enhanced to disable modifications to spool file contents.  This can be set for individual users or groups.

Release 4.20 - 2005/05/24

PC Build 1248, iSeries version 4.21. Includes all previous fixes.


  • Spool-Explorer now uses a replacement to the external Exodus communications layer previously used. Configuration screens have been updated to reflect this. Granularity was added for handling and logging communications errors. The Windows path no longer needs to be updated to include the path to Exodus.
  • Exodus now supports OS/400 Password Level 2.
  • Exodus now Blowfish encrypts the iSeries password passed between the client and the server on startup.


  • User security screen now correctly displays the subset list of queues selected for the user/group.
  • User security configuration tool now works correctly without Spool-Explorer III.

Release 4.20 - 2005/02/17

PC Build 1205, iSeries version 4.21. Includes all previous fixes.


  • Updated User Interface (UI) including: graduated backgrounds modernized splash screens improved configuration screens integrated communications configuration Windows XP style buttons and controls.
  • Revamped spool file list that allows grouping the first column into folders.
  • The date and time fields are combined (for easier sorting) in the spool file list.
  • Additional PDF functionality including: compression and encryption additional page sizes additional fonts overlays.
  • Support for *RICH format downloads and Rich Format Tags.
  • Integration with Nexus Web Object Warehouse (WOW) including search values extracted from the report text.
  • Improved User Security (UI and functionality).
  • Append into existing zip files.
  • Cancel capability for many operations (for multiple downloads etc). The Cancel button is available on the splash screen and if pressed, the process will be interrupted at the next 'substep'.
  • Lots of other UI tweaks based on customer input.


  • A problem displaying the list of queues was discovered and repaired.
  • The button images on the email dialog were not displaying.
  • Muliple prints were not working correctly (only the first spool file selected would be printed).
  • The file naming option (overwrite, append, assign unique) was not being saved correctly from the configuration screens. This has been corrected.

SP32R009 - 2004/01/30

PC Build 942, iSeries version 3.20. Includes all previous fixes.


  • Problems with commas and decimals for PDF's on some non-English systems.

SP32R007 - 2003/01/06

PC Build 940, iSeries version 3.20. Includes all previous fixes.


  • PDF's generated by Spool-Explorer are now automatically generated in a compressed format. This change is transparent to the end-user of the PDF.

SP32R005 - 2002/05/06

PC Build 920, iSeries version 3.20. Includes all previous fixes. (10133696)


  • Added a browse button to the pdf/rtf/html profiles screen to allow changing the active directory on the fly.
  • Added registry setting to determine how to handle unknown characters in spool-files (characters that are not part of the report text, and not part of the known printer data stream for formatting). Contact techsupport for help setting this up if needed.

SP32R004 - 2002/03/25

PC Build 895, iSeries version 3.20. Includes all previous fixes. A message is now issued when attempting to download a spoolfile that you are not authorized to. Previously this was not clear, and would cause the client side of Spool-Explorer to hang due to a MSGW condition on the server side.

SP32R003 - 2002/03/25

PC Build 890, iSeries version 3.20. Includes all previous fixes. Also improves handling of unusual printer commands in the printer data stream. These resulted in ***UNKNWN*** text inserted in the spool file. Also addresses reported problem where when you saved a smaller file to overwrite a large file, it would leave behind the end of the larger, original file.

Before executing this update on your PC, run this command on your AS/400 (you'll need to sign on as QSECOFR):


SP32R001 - 2001/11/27

PC Build 879, iSeries version 3.20. Includes many fixes and enhancements.

SP31R004 - 2001/11/27

PC Build 734, iSeries version 3.14. Includes all previous fixes. Addresses a problem reported by a client where the spool file attributes specified 66 lines per page, but the spool file actually contained something like 130 lines per page, and also a problem with the configuration screen where if you turned on 'Underline' (Options/Configuration, Display Tab) you would get an 'invalid integer number' error.

SP31R003 - 01/11/12

PC Build 712. Addresses problems with decimal point separator on languages that use anything other than '.' for the decimal point separator (this manifested itself in the spool file attributes display screen). The cryptography has been changed, which should resolve assorted crypto related errors. Users that have SMTP passwords defined (Lotus Notes, MS Exchange etc) will need to rekey the userid and password from the Spool-Explorer Configuration on the Email Tab. Do you need the crypto fix for XP on your PC? Download it here.

SP31R002 - 01/11/01

Includes all previous fixes. Enhancement to greatly improve the speed of downloading queues lists. Also some changes for users not authorized to create a member in XL_PCSPL3/QTBLSRC (which we were using to handle a default translation table). It now creates the member in QTEMP/QTBLSRC. Also includes a minor change to the SplUser security program to specify that the initial list can be whatever the user wants, rather than forcing it to be what may be set for the group. Update includes both 400 and PC side.

SP31R001 - 01/10/02

Fix to make Splx III respect the 'Remember Session Password' option on the Communications Configuration.


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