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This is a summary of the services provided by the BCD Technical Support team under the software maintenance agreement and a brief overview of how you can get help from our technical teams on items that aren't directly support related. You can also read the longer explanation.

Software Maintenance Agreement Coverage
Your annual maintenance contract with BCD includes:

  • Unlimited technical phone support.
  • All product updates and enhancements.
  • All new features added.
  • Updates to documentation (User Guides, online resources, etc.).
  • Electronic update service for interim updates (patches, bug fixes, etc.).
  • Access to online web knowledge base and other technical resources.
  • Shipping and handling of releases.

We always aim to provide 'extra mile' technical support and especially so during your first few months using our tools. However, after you are up to speed with the products themselves, if you need ongoing assistance with general web and application development, or network configuration troubleshooting, you may be transitioning into billable services.

BCD Professional Services: Formal & Ad Hoc
BCD provides assistance with web and application development through both our Professional Services and Technical Support teams.

If you have a significant project or feature you need implemented, please contact our Professional Services team.

However, if what you need is regular (or sporadic) on-the-spot interventions to help you move past roadblocks in web applications or with a particularly thorny network configuration issues, your best resource may be our Technical Support team. You can purchase blocks of hours of Ad Hoc Services that we can debit from as you need help with non-Support questions.

If you think you would benefit from this service please contact Scott Honeyman at (250) 655-1766 to discuss how we can best help you.