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*WebSmart PHP and Clover updates are included in WebSmart updates.

Current Release

The current version of WebSmart is:

  • Server side: 10.2.3.
  • PC side: 10.2 (Build 19872 ).

This release includes WebSmart ILE 10.2.3, WebSmart PHP 10.2.3 and Clover 10.2.3. WebSmart ILE, WebSmart php and Clover all share the same release level.

Download Current PC and/or IBM i components from our client portal at or from our public site.

You can find further information on the most recent versions and updates below.

Update Requirements

To verify your WebSmart IBM i release level open the WebSmart IDE and select the Help/Test Connection menu option or run this command: DSPDTAARA XL_WEBLIB/PW_GRLS. To verify your WebSmart PC release level open the WebSmart IDE and select the Help/About option. Note the version and build number.

If you are on 10.2.3 you do not need the below updates. If you are on 10.2.0 and the last update you applied was a lower number than the one listed in the IBM i or PC update below download and apply the update. If you are not on release 10 you can download version 10.2.3 from the links above and skip the below updates.

WebSmart 10.2.0 Updates

The IBM i and Client(PC) side updates below may be installed independent of each other.

WebSmart 10.2.0 iSeries Side Updates

Note that if you have 10.2.3 then you already have these updates installed.

Update WS102U01 2014/07/09

  • Added option to ECRTCGI command to Allow the retention of old spool files. This was an issue for clients who had a gazillion spool files in their queue. This update will help avoid inordinately long wait times due to WebSmart searching for an existing compile listing. (FS#15230)

Update WS102U03 2014/08/06

  • Resolved issue with getcookie run-time errors when cookies contained a percent sign. (FS#21690)
  • Resolved issue with Clover programs not compiling when a file field was varying length. (FS#21500)

The following PC side update (a full install) is available.

WebSmart 10.2 Client side Update 19872: 2014/05/26

  • Resolves an issue with adding inheritance type repository extensions that was introduced in 10.2. (FS#20615 )

This build includes all previous updates and features.

WebSmart 10.2 New Features 2014/03/28

  • IDE now highlights matching parenthesis and braces.
  • HTML5 SmartCharts for non-flash devices are now all compatible with Clover.
  • Added file-level repository extensions.
  • ILE functions base64encode and base64decode let you work with base64 encoded data. (FS#13957)
  • Added secure/httponly parameter to the ILE gensmurfid function.(FS#15721)
  • PHP debugger settings have been added to the Options menu so it's easier to configure for single or multi-users.
  • Added Global Transitions option to the Reflow Table template. (FS#19312)
  • More descriptive error messages when query/400 imports fail. (FS#18826)
  • Signed Numerics are now allowed in the crtarr function. (FS#17963)
  • Rplstr function now permits trimming of parameters.
  • Added Include Page Header option to the Grid template. (FS#18664)
  • The IDE will now display a message if it's release is older than the server. (FS#15832)
  • Option in IDE to set up use of a proxy server for the PHP debugger.