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Server Side Updates History

Many ILE functions now accept UCS-2 fields. Calendar insert fixed in ILE mobile template. PDO Templates using ODBC connection to DB2 database. Support for PHP Community Edition. New ILE email functions that support sending an email over TLS. New theme "Darkness" for the editor.

WebSmart 12.6 New Features 2020/07/06

  • Support for PHP Community Edition.
  • PDO Templates using ODBC connection to DB2 database.
  • New theme "Darkness" for the editor.
  • Calendar insert fixed in ILE Mobile template (WS-9210).
  • Many ILE functions now accept UCS-2 fields (WS-9203).
  • New ILE email functions that support sending an email over TLS.
  • New theme "Darkness" for the editor.

WebSmart 12.4 New Features 2020/03/31

  • Addition of a PHP API template for listing, viewing, adding, changing and deleting of records.
  • Updated Exodus error message screen to point to a list of Knowledge Base articles in myFresche.
  • Resolved an issue with adding files to a program when the file/table name contains a dot (WS-8952).

WebSmart 12.3 New Features 2019/11/19

  • Files list in the PML is now an intellisense prompt list.
  • Keylist in the PML is now an intellisense prompt list.
  • Added check to see if server version is higher than the IDE version (WS-8954).
  • Resolved issue with the alert function inserting an extra comma on the page (WS-9054).
  • Resolved issues with sorting in the WebSmart Change Management. (WS-9012).
  • WebSmart Unicode will now load Column Heading Text instead of the COLHDGs (WS-8929).
  • Resolved issue where the PHP syntax checker incorrectly flagged commas in an echo statement as errors (WS-8886).
  • Resolved issue where the PHP syntax checker incorrectly flagged break with a numeric value as an error (WS-8887).
  • Resolved issue where the PHP syntax checker incorrectly flagged chained function calls as an error (WS-8573).
  • Updated documentation for the vfyusr function as behaviour has changed in V7R3 (WS-8939).
  • Added documentation for the stripcdata function to the user guide and the F1 help (WS-8874).
  • Resolved issue with the ECFGSMTP command not accepting certain special characters (WS-8519).

WebSmart 12.1 New Features 2019/02/12

  • New Zend Framework 3 templates.
  • Added integration between WebSmart and Midrange Dynamics Change Management System (MDCMS) to register changed definitions in MDCMS.
  • Resolved issue where syntax checker generated invalid type messages when using OBJFLD in place of an alpha field. (WS-8872)
  • Resolved issue with NodeJS templates generating invalid SQL with missing key fields. (WS-8821 WS-8574)
  • Resolved issue where having characters ahead of func main() created scoping issues. (WS-8795)
  • WebSmart WCM now does an initial sort of ascending on the first column when the panel is opened. (WS-8712)
  • Resolved issue in PHP templates where key fields containing pound signs (#) would prevent PHP from functioning correctly. (WS-8691)
  • Resolve issue where you could not create a custom template family based on the Responsive family of templates. (WS-8572)
  • Corrected typo in wizard related to COALESCE. (WS-8799)
  • WebSmart 12 and up requires a new IBM i License Key. See the v12 Upgrader's Guide, Page 3 for details.

WebSmart 12. New Features 2018/10/03

  • WebSmart 12 requires a new IBM i License Key. See the v12 Upgrader's Guide, Page 3 for details.
  • Addresses issue with SENDMAILEX not working in new and older programs after upgrading to 11.4 or 11.6. (WS-8788).
  • You can now use CTRL-SHIFT-F to find text strings within files in the current local directory.

WebSmart 11.6 New Features 2018/06/06

  • Option in the template wizard to add "Required" field validation with the DB2 and PDO PHP programs.
  • Ability to use custom validators to extend the validation in the Add and Change functions.
  • Clearer instructions on the IBM i client side installer at the Key Prompt panel.
  • Updated WebSmart for Node.js guide can be found in the root of the WebSmart folder.
  • Note: After upgrading to release 11.6 please add XL_WEBSPT to your library list and prompt ECFGSMTP, specify your CCSIDs for the Optional Source and Target CCSIDs. On North American systems that will be 37 and 819 respectively. Not doing so will stop the sendmailex function from working. (WS-8788)

WebSmart 11.5 New Features 201805/01

  • PHP templates contain a new option to set fields as output-only in add/change.
  • Japanese edition: 'Tip of the day' has been translated.
  • You can now open change management definitions as read-only via the context menu.
  • You can now select and open multiple items in the file browser.
  • Write to the job log with new ILE function wrtjoblog.
  • ILE type O file fields no longer displayed as type A. (WS-8373)
  • We removed the ILE JSON function's 64k data parameter size limit.
  • Improved parameter handling in Clover charts where prompts are in use.
  • Resolved issue where a bogus default value on the ECFGSMTP command was disabling sendmailex.
  • Resolved issue with Add Library To SQL option in PHP Templates when Zend Server 9 is in use. (WS-8348)
  • Resolved issue with bogus undeclared field error when using crtqextstruct. (WS-7508)
  • Resolved sendmailex issues relating to Bare Line Feed errors being returned by the mail server. (WS-8418)
  • Resolved issue where the WebSmart sign on was offended by 10 character User Ids. (WS-8396)

Update websmart11.4.1-IBMi. 2018/02/13

  • Resolves an issue on non-English systems with QCCSID 65535 where parser files were not translated correctly, causing generation errors. (FS#34391)
  • Removed debug logging from the exserv job which was causing log files to be generated in QPRINT. (FS#34505)

WebSmart 11.4 New Features 2017/11/02

  • Improved the code for retrieving parameters and building SQL in the PHP templates.
  • New HTML encoding attribute for Alpha fields - encode="html".
  • New Encode setting in the HTML Field>Right Click>Properties window.
  • New strmfexists function allows you check that a stream file exists.
  • Sendmailex now supports setting custom ASCII and EBCSID CCSIDs
  • ECFGSMTP settings now support domain names.
  • NodeJS dynamically loads the DB2 module based on the installed node version. This allows WebSmart for Node.js to work with v4 and v6 of Node.js.
  • WebSmart PHP's WebSmartObject's new getParameters function retrieves multiple URL parameters at once.
  • Introduced a command for installing Exodus on it's own (BCDINSTALL/XL_EXINST) should the need arise.
  • Resolved issue with Datepicker month and year lists empty in the Responsive templates (FS#29930).
  • Resolved issue with the IDE logon dropping last character of a 10 character userid (FS#33361).
  • Resolved library list issue in Websmart PHP with Zendserver 9 (FS#33011).
  • Resolved issue where referencing a field in a struct created with crtqextstruct generated a undeclared field message (FS#29128).

WebSmart 11.3 New Features 2017/06/06

  • Japanese PHP Edition
  • Addition of an XML stripcdata function to strip CDATA tags.
  • PHP Templates will now generate SQL without the library names. (FS#12328)
  • New character set encoding option in PHP templates to select between UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1.
  • Resolved issue where using non-keyed files broke the order by clause. (FS#24005)
  • Resolved issue where the Right-Click >Insert Calendar lookup inserted outdated references. (FS#29317)
  • Resolved an issue where the IDE ILE Debugger would only function in main. (FS#31215)
  • Resolved issue where PHP programs would not run automatically on Windows Server 2012 (FS#32305)
  • Resolved issue with very large user defined parser files getting corrupted when downloaded to the client side. (FS#32527)
  • Resolved issue with the Right-Click date conversion where quoted strings caused the compile to fail. (FS#31109)
  • Resolved issue where xdebug was having network issues and wouldn't connect. (FS#31730)
  • Resolved issue with WebSmart Node.js not initializing the SQL Statement handler. (FS#31586)
  • HTML entities are now escaped in ILE Page at a Time templates. (FS#15641)
  • New IBM i install process has option to run the entire installation process without signing in to an IBM i session.
  • Exodus51 has been updated to Exodus55. (Update your Start-up CL with STRSBS XL_EX55/EXODUS55)
  • Minimum IBM i OS release for WebSmart for Node.js is V7R1. Minimum IBM i OS for ILE, PHP, and Clover is V6R1

WebSmart 11.2 New Features 2016/11/16

  • Welcome the newest edition to the WebSmart Family - WebSmart for Node.js
  • WebSmart PHP and Node.js also include a Unicode edition that provides full support for most double-byte character set languages.
  • Exodus51 has been updated to Exodus55. (Update your Start-up CL with STRSBS XL_EX55/EXODUS55)
  • Addition of a Cancel button to the Add screen of the Input Capable List template.
  • Resolved issue where version mismatch message was displayed unnecessarily.
  • Added MSSQL support to the xl_set_env function. (FS#27220)
  • Added xdebug.so for php 5.6. (FS#25536)
  • Minimum IBM i OS release for WebSmart for Node.js is V7R1. Minimum IBM i OS for ILE, PHP, and Clover is V6R1

WebSmart 11.1 New Features 2016/08/11

  • WebSmart includes a new edition, WebSmart for Node.js.
  • You can easily run multiple Node.js applications on a single port and WebSmart's custom job handler for Node.js enables load sharing and job monitoring.
  • Node.js templates use the Bootstrap framework for a responsive design out of the box.
  • Contact us for promo pricing for this version of WebSmart for Node.js, which is included in WebSmart 11.1.
  • Please see KB article 15121 for a full list of requirements.
  • WebSmart for Node.js requires a Minimum IBM i OS release is V7R1. The ILE, Clover and PHP modules for WebSmart will still run on V6R1.

WebSmart 11.0 New Features 2016/06/22

  • Bootstrap based responsive templates for the WebSmart ILE and WebSmart PHP PDO template families.
  • Minimum IBM i OS release is V6R1

WebSmart 10.10 New Features 2016/01/11

  • Support for qualified data structures.
  • FTP mirroring will create missing directories in the mirror path.
  • You can now set *OBJLIB as the default library list for an IBM i connection.

WebSmart 10.9 New Features 2015/10/26

  • Z-Ray Integration in the IDE. WebSmart PHP now includes integration with Zend's Z-Ray to help you write better, faster PHP programs
  • IDE Debugger is now supported in Clover.
  • JSON functions now set PML Error fields.
  • The Rebuild process no longer alters lthe text inside an input filter field. (FS#24634)
  • Resolved issue where typing } on an Italian keyboard zooms in. (FS#24633)
  • Resolved issue where the File Add screen didn't recognize MSSQL primary keys. (FS#24341)
  • Resolved install issues where CPF2817 was unmonitored by BI_CCSID and file BINPFLS was not found. (FS#23901)
  • External name of HASH function was changed so as not to conflict with third party applications. (FS#26227)
  • Resolved issue where users received Unable to read temp file for opening when in WCM. (#FS23894)
  • Better syntax checking when dealing with missing curly braces. (FS#25869)
  • Resolved issue where field names like $N$AME caused errors in WSPHP templates. (FS#25707)
  • Clover can now import Query/400 queries using outer joins, (FS#20715)

Update WS108U01 2015/09/10

  • This ILE updated changes the external name of the hash function so that it does not conflict with third party modules. (FS#26169/26227)

WebSmart 10.8 New Features 2015/06/15

  • You can now add inline free-format RPG code to WebSmart ILE definitions.
  • ILE JSON object creation and manipulation functions.
  • Power and arithmetic assignment operators in ILE.
  • SmartCharts now use HTML5/JavaScript exclusively instead of Flash.
  • Updated jQuery version to 1.11.
  • ILE function getsrmfinf retrieves IFS file attributes.

WebSmart 10.7 New Features 2015/02/24

  • Added keyboard shortcuts to increase and decrease the font size in the editor (CTRL +/-).
  • New demo library file called MU_DATEF to simplify date-based SQL queries.
  • Improved auto formatting of PHP array declarations.
  • Mass PDW generation now supports fixed format definitions.

WebSmart 10.6.1 2014/12/04

  • Resolved issues with programs not compiling when using the geturl function. (FS#23283)

WebSmart 10.6 New Features 2014/11/27

  • PHP Data Objects (PDO) Templates.
  • JavaScript (instead of Flash) is now the default for SmartCharts.
  • WebSmart now supports UTF-8 for the posturl function.
  • New Clover chart link HTML snippet.
  • Clover templates now include a rotateLabels option.
  • You can copy/paste all repository extensions from one field to another.

WebSmart 10.5.4 2014/10/08

  • Resolved issue missing service program PW_RTH006. This caused programs compiled over the older service program (PW_RTH006) using the HTTP functions, like posturl and geturl, to fail. (FS#22710)

WebSmart 10.5.3 2014/10/06

  • Resolved issue where Global repository extensions were not updated with the correct date. (FS#22378)

Update WS105U02 2014/10/02

  • Increases the allowable size of the header parm for both the geturl and posturl functions. (FS#20381)
  • Trims the header parameter within the geturl and posturl functions. (FS#22358)

WebSmart 10.5.1 2014/09/18

  • Increased the size of the header parameter in the POSTURL function to 8K.

WebSmart 10.5.0 New Features 2014/09/02

  • PHP Zend Framework 2 templates for creating MVC based applications.
  • New HTML validation engine now validates HTML5.
  • Composite documents allow you to better organize projects by opening and closing associated files together.
  • You can now declare a UCS-2 field in ILE for improved multilingual support.
  • Custom jQuery UI themes are now more compatible with our templates out of the box.
  • The PHP debugger now supports PHP 5.4 and 5.5.

Update WS102U03 2014/08/06

  • Resolved issue with getcookie run-time errors when cookies contained a percent sign. (FS#21690)
  • Resolved issue with Clover programs not compiling when a file field was varying length. (FS#21500)

Update WS102U01 2014/07/09

  • Added option to ECRTCGI command to Allow the retention of old spool files. This was an issue for clients who had a gazillion spool files in their queue. This update will help avoid inordinately long wait times due to WebSmart searching for an existing compile listing. (FS#15230)

WebSmart 10.2 New Features 2014/03/28

  • IDE now highlights matching parenthesis and braces.
  • HTML5 SmartCharts for non-flash devices are now all compatible with Clover.
  • Added file-level repository extensions.
  • ILE functions base64encode and base64decode let you work with base64 encoded data. (FS#13957)
  • Added secure/httponly parameter to the ILE gensmurfid function.(FS#15721)
  • PHP debugger settings have been added to the Options menu so it's easier to configure for single or multi-users.
  • Added Global Transitions option to the Reflow Table template. (FS#19312)
  • More descriptive error messages when query/400 imports fail. (FS#18826)
  • Signed Numerics are now allowed in the crtarr function. (FS#17963)
  • Rplstr function now permits trimming of parameters now.
  • Added Include Page Header option to the Grid template. (FS#18664)
  • Gensmurfid now has option for secure or httponly. (FS#18689)
  • The IDE will now display a message if it's release is older than the server. (FS#15832)
  • Option in IDE to set up use of a proxy server for the PHP debugger.

Important: Updates can only be applied to the Release level for which they were created. For example, if you apply an 8.8 update such as W8800005P to release 8.2 you will disable WebSmart. The two numbers following the W (88 in this case ) in the update name is the release level.

Update WS101U02 2014/02/28

  • Resolves an issue where Smurf data is retrieved incorrectly when the job ccsid doesn't match the one the smurf files were opened with. This can occur when clients use the CGIJobCCSID directive in their Apache configuration to serve multiple languages. This fixes the same issue with transaction files as well. (FS#19518)
  • Updates release 10.1.1 to release 10.1.2.

WebSmart 10.1.1 2014/01/23

  • Resolved issue with new installations on V5R4 systems where the new getparm4 caused MCH3601 errors on form data. (FS#17924 )

WebSmart 10.1 2014/01/08

  • New PHP and ILE Mobile Reflow Table DB2 template that displays data in sortable columns.
  • Right-click on function names to shortcut to a user function definition.
  • New ILE function fetchseg lets you retrieve segment data into a variable.
  • PHP functions tabs updated immediately when include/require statements are changed.
  • The Clover SQL fetch statement is now editable. (FS#9254)
  • Find/Replace: "Replace All" now reports the number of occurrences in the message window.
  • Find window can now search up or down. (FS#14599)
  • IDE option to force externally opened documents to open in a new window.
  • Template specific color coding for variables (Tokens and Fragments) when customizing/editing templates.
  • WebSmart Change Management Compile on Arrival setting will now compile newly imported definitions. (FS#18061)

Update WS100U02 2013/11/07

  • Addresses an issue where piping failed in cgi programs when a non-cgi was called. (FS#18217)
  • Contains all enhancements from previous updates.
  • Updates release 10 to release 10.02.

Update WS100U01 2013/10/30

  • Add support for high port numbers in jsqlconnect. (FS#17911)
  • Allows file names longer than 10 characters in Clover JDBC templates. (FS#17924 )

WebSmart 10.0 New Features 2013/10/16

  • PHP DB2 mobile templates (List, Login and Simple) for rapid mobile web app development.
  • Updated PHP DB2 templates generated as PHP objects for better encapsulation and reuse of components.
  • PHP validation of functions in included files.
  • Multiple active pipes and named pipes in ILE.
  • Find and replace remembers your search history.
  • HTML segments in ILE programs are no longer limited to 32k.
  • WebSmart ILE, WebSmart PHP and Clover now share the same version number.

Update W9600007P 2013/11/20

  • Resolves issue with a server deadlock that prevented the saving of a definition in WCM. (FS#18276)
  • This update supercedes update W9600004P and addressing other deadlock issues. (FS#17861)

Update W9600003P 2013/10/03

  • Allows 5 digit port numbers when using jsqlconnect. (FS#17048)

Update W9600002P 2013/08/16

  • Addresses issues with very large (1-2 GB) file uploads.(FS#17154)

WebSmart 9.6 New Features 2013/07/18

  • ILE Mobile templates (List, Login and Simple) for rapid mobile web app development.
  • Abilit to mass compile programs outside of the WCM.
  • Point-and-click HTML snippets to add mobile UI widgets and HTML5 inputs.
  • New PHP smart snippet to call RPG or COBOL programs using the new open source PHP toolkit for IBM i.
  • Open documents in WebSmart from Windows Explorer context menu.
  • ILE functions htmlencode and jsonencode to protect your programs from malicious user data.
  • Migrate to new getparm to remove parameter limits and improve multilingual support.

Update W9500002P 2013/11/20

  • Resolves issue with a server deadlock that prevented the saving of a definition in WCM. (FS#18276)
  • This update supercedes update W9500001P addressing other deadlock issues. (FS#17861)

WebSmart 9.5 Main Download Updated 2013/05/01

There wasn't a separate update posted, however a fix was added to the main download as of 2013/05/01. It only impacts new installs and addresses dealing with the new path used by Zendserver 6. Now it will recognize the new path and create the necessary files to run PHP with your WebSmart Apache server.

WebSmart 9.5 New Features 2013/04/09

  • New PHP object-oriented DB2 Page at a Time Grid template with resizable columns, scrolling and performance improvements with AJAX.
  • New PHP object-oriented Simple Page template.
  • HTML closing tags are automatically inserted when the tag is opened.
  • Support for data structure arrays in PML.
  • SmartCharts now ship without product branding.
  • Generation warnings are now reported to a status window rather than as individual alerts.

WebSmart 9.4 New Features 2013/01/17

  • Edit and compile RPG source code directly from your WebSmart IDE. Call Tech Support for an activation Key.
  • Validation window is now dockable and context sensitive meaning each tab owns it's own validation window.
  • Drag and drop segment tabs.
  • Remote SQL connections can be made environment sensitive.
  • Real-time mirroring is now possible with High Availability license keys
  • New function SetSubStr lets you substitute characters into the middle of a string.
  • F11 option to always download the compile listings for ILE programs.
  • Supports Windows 8
  • Resolved an issue where editing a generator file would sometimes put a lock on that member. (FS#13290)

Update W9300002P 2013/07/11

  • Resolves an issue where special characters like :, +, ,/ and ? were being corruped by the getcookie function in Fixed Format programs. (FS#16716)

Update W9300001P 2012/11/28

  • Resolves an issue where the server job went into MSGW status when creating very large Clover Excel reports. (FS#13697)

WebSmart 9.3 New Features 2012/11/20

  • Four new template themes with more modern looks and updated HTML and CSS.
  • A debug watch window to add variables for convenient monitoring of your program.
  • Source code color themes to change the IDE code editor's colors to your liking.
  • PHP definitions under WCM now have support for environments (ie, library lists and database properties).
  • New function 'getseg' makes it easier to construct emails and other documents with variable data.
  • Supports Windows 8.
  • The maximum page size of a Clover program is now configurable in the WAS.
  • Resolved issue where Clover Level Break didn't populate some break fields (FS#13144).
  • Resolved issue with uploading large files (FS#13224).
  • Better error reporting when piping errors occur(FS#12246).
  • Resolved issue with dltcookie in Fixed Format programs (FS#13099).
  • Improved prototyping for some PHP functions (FS#12658).
  • Resolved issue where unmatched quotes in field tag caused the IDE to crash (FS#12034).

Update W9210002P 2012/11/28

  • Resolves an issue where the server job went into MSGW status when creating very large Clover Excel reports. (FS#13697)

Update W9210001P 2012/10/11

  • Resolved an issue with uploading large files in ILE programs . (FS#13224)

WebSmart 9.21 New Features 2012/10/11

  • This is an accum for the below 9.20 updates rolled into one full install.

Update W9200005P 2012/10/10

  • Resolved an issue with uploading large files in ILE programs . (FS#13224)

Update W9200004P 2012/09/25

  • IMPORTANT: This update requires update W9200002P be installed already.
  • Resolved an issue where blank fields may occur within level break total lines when a report contains multiple level breaks . (FS#13009)

Update W9200002P 2012/08/13

  • Resolves an issue when the ALPHATONUM function is used directly with division, producing invalid results . (FS#12624)

Update W9200001P 2012/07/24

  • Resolves a piping issue which generated the errors PML4102 and CPF2105. (FS#12694)

WebSmart 9.20 New Features 2012/06/25

  • New ILE Page at a Time - jQuery Grid template.
  • SmartCharts single-series charts now support non-Flash devices such as iPads.
  • PHP Debugger allows multiple users.
  • FTP option to save a local copy of the remote file.
  • RPF Editor - Add member option.
  • Definitions can be recreated from the wizard choices.
  • PML field length validation.
  • Find window now finds next occurrence when pressing Enter.
  • ILE templates now use locally scoped variables.
  • Long function names now allowed in ILE.
  • PHP templates generate functions with more meaningful names.
  • Improved PHP validation for OO code and classes.
  • Improved function list handling for JS.

Update W9100002P 2012/08/13

  • Resolves an issue when the ALPHATONUM function is used directly with division, producing invalid results . (FS#12624)

Update W9100001P 2012/05/08

  • Resolves issue with shell files that caused page headers to become corrupted when a websmart non-cgi program or module was called. (FS#11816)

WebSmart 9.1 2012/04/05

  • Single record list in template wizard now defaults to list from main list panel.
  • Files Window now lists column numbers and the list of fields can be sorted back to the original file layout.
  • New PHP function getnxinfphp which can retrieve your Nexus session information.
  • Allows two files with the same name to be opened at the same time if from different FTP sites.
  • Improvements to the PHP validator that address the following:
    1. An object's variables' references.
    2. Pass by reference function signature.
    3. Spaces around an "=" operator
    4. Various operators: ++, +=, -+, *=, ::
    5. Floating point assignments.
    6. One line conditionals with no curly braces
    7. Multi-dimensional arrays
    8. Zero being a valid value for a String
    9. Parenthesized parameters.
    10. Numeric constants in function calls.
    11. Key words new and static.
    12. Floating point assignments.

Update W9000001P 2012/05/08

  • Resolves issue with shell files that caused page headers to become corrupted when a websmart non-cgi program or module was called. (FS#11816)

WebSmart 9.0 2012/01/11

  • Create PDF Reports.
  • New Date and Time PML Functions.
  • Improved User Interface.
  • Improved File Browser.
  • WebSmart Default Options Redesign.
  • Bundle option allows you to easily send files to support.
  • New install process allows customized WebSmart library name.
  • Option to specify custom WebSmart library name in server connection options.
  • Advanced Find and Replace panel.
  • Workfield descriptions can now be blank.
  • Quick block comment and block uncomment using Ctrl+K.
  • Server side files included with PC install for non-iSeries platforms.
  • Validation for .PHP files.
  • Sendmailex can now send larger emails.

Update W8900002P 2011/12/08

  • Resolves issue where the mimetype function was failing in fixed format programs. (FS#10629)

WebSmart 8.9 2011/11/01

  • Server installer now has the correct release level of pw_apcfg for OS/400 V5R3. (FS#10272)

Update W8800005P 2010/12/20

  • Resolved issue with expired code handling for Nexus non-cgi programs. ( FS#7264)
  • Resolved issue where getCookie on one character cookies crashed Fixed Format programs. (FS#7508)

Update W8800003P 2010/11/29

  • FS#7286: Type S and B fields now validate correctly when used in the edtnum function.
  • FS#7230: Resolved issue with getsmurf and getsmurfset functions on type S and B fields in Fixed Format programs.

Update W8800002P 2010/10/13

  • Resolves issue with Fixed Format programs where the getparm would fail on signed fields.

Update W8800001P 2010/10/13

  • Resolves issue where cookie retrieval was prevented due to the posturl function changing the case of the cookie set by the web service.

WebSmart 8.9 2011/09/28

  • New PML functions for hashing.
  • New PML function 'addheader', to write any HTTP header you want.
  • Support for calculated fileds in SQL templates.
  • Support for creating record filter in some PHP templates.
  • Download generator files upon first defiing a system for new installs.
  • Reduced the number of messages that appeared after a failed compile.
  • Improved the default toolbar positioning.
  • User-customizable extensions to allow editing of other languages using color coding.
  • FTP now supports ASCII transmission.
  • TIMExxx function enhancements.
  • Removed the incorrect "Object names cannot be blank" message box.
  • SQL utility now works with varying length fields.
  • Fixed a memory leak issue in XML code.
  • Improvements to the HTML in templates.

WebSmart 8.8 2010/10/08

  • Templates now use jQuery
  • Local variables, Function Parameters and Return values.
  • Additional Templates that use Keys instead of RRN.
  • The WebSmart Change Management (WCM) now has a Tool Bar.
  • New SmartSnippets for PHP Record Level Access.
  • CTRL-G to go to a line.
  • F1 help when editing JS files.
  • SQL programs: the cursor name is now the program name, instead of MC.
  • Added a "Changed" flag to let you know an open definition has changed (* following .pdw in Title Bar).
  • SQL Utility now word wraps and vertically scrolls.
  • Fields window shows the actual type of numeric fields.
  • Internal file sizes are now larger and reuse deleted records.

Update W8200007P 2010/10/06

  • Resolves issue with Fixed Format programs where the getparm would fail on signed fields.

Update W8200006P 2010/09/15

  • This update replaces the PW_RTH006 service program and resolves an issue where the POSTURL function changed the case of a cookie name set by a web service.

Update W8200004P 2010/06/15

  • Resolves issues where POSTURL function would generate a Pointer not set error when *DEFAULT was used for the header parm .

Update W8200003P 2010/05/17

  • Resolves getparm issue when older Fixed Format programs are recompiled in version 8+.
  • Includes previous update W8200001P which resolved sendmailex SMTP login parms issue.

Update W8200001P 2010/02/16

  1. Resolves issue with SENDMAILEX function where the SMTP login parms would not always be passed correctly.

WebSmart 8.20 2010/01/18

New Features
  • XML functions
  • Locally scoped variables
  • New Simple PHP template
  • Easily launch a GoToMeeting session within the IDE
  • Oracle for PHP templates
  • Updated SmartCharts have a fresh modern look
  • Change Management definitions can now be opened in 'Read Only' mode
  • SQL Template code simplifications
  • Polymorphic SQLEXEC function allows dynamically constructed statements
  • Automatically rename file fields containing '#'
  • Allow customization of valid variable name characters
  • Clover programs can now accept entry parameters
  • Simplify ILE SQL templates
  • Improved job logging when errors are suppressed from a web page
  • Mimetype function accepts longer strings
  • CTRL-G to go to a line number
  • Toolbar button to block comment PML
  • Clover: Report attributes now available via the Attributes >> Files menu
  • "Download Files" (server files) now always downloads the server files
  • Setsmurf function works for variable length fields
  • Smurf functions now work on Safari
  • SQLSTATE is now available as a program field
  • IDE Debugger's automatic launch path now has a default value
  • DB2 ILE SQL templates now check for failure of the PREPARE
  • Previews are now available upon creation of a WCM definition
  • Increased number of libraries in the library list object
  • ECRTCGI specifies ENTMOD as *FIRST
  • Fix to View Data button
  • JDBC templates convert numerics to alpha for update
  • Fail properly if a WCM definition can't be opened
  • Zero-length varying fields now work in transaction functions
  • PML validator now correctly validates timestamp fields in getparmset and date functions
  • Empty repository now allows right-click functions
  • Validation list functions now have the correct number of parameters
  • SQL utility now handles the library list object correctly
  • Visual HTML editor no longer hangs on inline PML function calls
  • Formatting code (F9) handles embedded quotes
  • Deleting a renamed field from a file no longer fails compilation
  • Clover: a summary function in a calculated field that is a parameter of a non-summary function is no longer put in the Group By clause
  • Program name field increased to handle qualified library names
  • Using 'create like' during the wizard now works
  • Refreshing the library list object combo box now loads the list correctly
  • MSSQL table names longer than 20 characters are now usable
  • Clover: in-line PML is now retained when re-adding a level break
  • Environment and system comboboxes are now consistent when changing systems
  • Failed SQL INSERTS no longer fail silently
  • PHP validation now works for long function signatures
  • ECRTCGI now uses the library list object properly
  • SQL strings occasionally dropped quotes
  • CRTLIKE function now works properly for Object Field type
  • IDE no longer launches the program when compilation fails
  • Database connection names check for case sensitivity
  • Change Set on an open definition now works
  • Re-enable crtimgjpg and crtimgpng functions
  • In-line PML validation and line positioning now works in Clover
  • Piping functions can now be used in conjunction with setcookie
  • Floating point assignment in PHP now passes validation
  • PHP Program Call SmartSnippet now allows longer than 16 character parameter names and values
  • Fix to Clover Drill Down template html
  • A tilde (~) in the definition no longer results in a generator log
  • JDBC templates: SQL Calculated fields don't get a work field generated
  • Non-CGI programs no longer warn about an absent web path
  • Right-click to show field properties now shows the field type correctly
  • Prompt to save changes prior to exporting a WCM definition
  • Right-click and drag now work fields or program fields now places the width properly
  • Openstrmf function now works with CCSIDs longer than 3 digits when the type is *BIN
  • Find and replace won't infinite loop

Update W7200007P 2009/08/05

  1. This update includes a program that you can run to change the file size limit on some WebSmart files that, depending on how often you run your programs and how many users you have, may hit the upper limit causing run-time error. Please review KB article 7940 for details, as well as instructions on how to apply the update and run the included program.

WebSmart 7.21 2009/06/22

  1. ECRTCGI has been modified to allow user-specified compile time library list when run from command line.
  2. Changed ECRTCGICPP program to specify ENTMOD(*FIRST) for clients using a non-default CRTPPGM command
  3. Resolves USRSPC issue with SETPIPE which caused untranslated data to display in Clover Spread Sheets

Update W7200003P 2009/05/22

  1. ECRTCGI has been modified to allow user-specified compile time library list when run from command line.

Update W7200002P 2009/03/25

  1. Changed ECRTCGICPP program to specify ENTMOD(*FIRST) for clients using a non-default CRTPPGM command

Update W7200001P 2009/03/25

  1. Resolves USRSPC issue with SETPIPE which caused untranslated data to display in Clover Spread Sheets

WebSmart 7.20 2009/02/04

  1. Clover support for importing IBM Query/400 queries
  2. The program name parameter on a program CALL increased to 21 from 20 (allows for qualified program name)
  3. Resolved issues with Exodus conversation
  4. Added FTP Path to change management set property
  5. Option to open a WCM PDW as 'read only' if it is in use
  6. Resolved issue with Save-as where definition appears to be in a different set
  7. Automatically accommodates for long SQL strings that exceed the RPG maximum length for a string literal(1024 for V5R4 and lower and 8192 for V6R1+)
  8. Library list objects now support up to 180 libraries.

WebSmart 7.0, 2008/10/29

  1. Clover support for importing IBM Queries
  2. The program name parameter on a program CALL increased to 21 from 20 (allows for qualified program name)
  3. Resolved issues with Exodus conversation
  4. WebSmart Change Management now correctly reports when a definition is not found

WebSmart 7.02, W700002P 2008/08/19

  1. Resolves issue with missing file PW_DBGJFM when running STRDBG

WebSmart 7.01, W700001P 2008/08/13

  1. Resolves issue with the prototype for GetJDBCConn
  2. Resolves style sheet issue for Clover Drill Down templates.
  3. Added command processing for UNLOCK5. This pertains to license keys for pre-version 6 created programs.

WebSmart 7.00, Release 2334-3506 2008/07/21

  1. Support for LDAP
  2. WebSmart Environments
  3. Option to use Green Screen Debugger
  4. V6R1 Support
  5. New Date and Time Functions
  6. Custom Variable Name Options
  7. Improved Support for JDBC

WebSmart 6.70, Release 1739-2341 2008/03/03

  1. Signed fields now show the decimal places correctly

WebSmart 6.64, W660001P - 2007/11/06

  1. Resolves SQL template issues in V5R4.

WebSmart 6.64, 2007/11/06

  1. Missing program fields added

WebSmart 6.63, 2007/11/01

  1. MySQL, MsSQL and Oracle access for ILE
  2. Field Renaming
  3. New JDBC Connection Templates

WebSmart 6.52, 2007/10/03

  1. Added missing objects necessary to follow the WebSmart Tutorial

WebSmart 6.51, 2007/09/11

  1. WebSmart PHP module now available
  2. FTP Site Access
  3. Open Multiple Definitions and Files in the IDE

Release 6.05, W605005P - 2007/05/11

  1. Compile errors no longer generated for wrtdbgdta when debug option not turned on
  2. Protection from SQL Injection
  3. Resolves issue where date types could not be included in a struct
  4. Program generation can now be binding directory/WAS specific
  5. Redirect functions using the SECURE parameter will now correctly redirect to the specified connection type

Release 6.05, W605003P - 2007/01/15

  1. Resolves outer join issues in Clover when NULL values are returned in the result set.

Release 6.05 - 2006/11/30

  1. Resolved issue where debugger would not run on some foreign systems
  2. Redesigned Clover SQL statement construction is more robust.
  3. New server command BCDDSPKEY, shows the installed license keys.
  4. Generated source code includes the project and set, if applicable.
  5. Fix to SQLEXEC, the statement will not contain extra spaces.

Release 6.04 - 2006/11/07

This update contains two fixes for sendmailex. It can be applied to version 6.04 only.

  1. Will now work for fixed format
  2. Degrades more gracefully from EHLO to HELO protocol

Release 6.04 - 2006/10/23

  • No Updates

Release 6.03 W601004P - 2006/10/13

  1. Encryption module PW_RTCP002 is now included
  2. UNLOCK command picks up the correct LPAR

Release 6.02 W601003P - 2006/10/12

  1. Fix to the LPAR ID retrieval for clients who have LPARs. This is needed to generate a valid license key and requires a re-start of the web server.

Release 6.02 W601002P - 2006/10/11

  1. This update fixes a performance problem with non-cgi programs. It will require a re-start of the web server for it to take effect.

Release 6.01 W6UPGRADE - 2006/10/02

  1. Allows users to enter a version 5 key at the unlock screen for WebSmart 6 to facilitate the running of programs created under version 5.

Release 6.01 W601001P - 2006/10/02

  1. Fixes an issue with installing temporary license keys.

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