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Server Side Updates History - Release 3

Release 3.04 - 2003/10/27

  1. Fix occasional redirect flushing problem
  2. Fix SSL redirects trimming one char problem
  3. Handles spaces in front of negatives correctly

Release 3.04 - 2003/08/11

  1. Change version to 3.04
  2. Support for locale specific decimal notation
  3. Support for detecting negative numbers with preceeding spaces

Release 3.08 - 2003/07/12

  1. JSE related files for new version of WAS
  2. Getstrmflin no longer appends null terminator to end of string
  3. Fix to file uploads when using Apache
  4. *OBJLIB supported as parm to setlibl function

Release 3.07 - 2003/04/21

  1. New parm on redirect to allow for an added random number
  2. Changes to redirect to use HTTP_HOST (for apache)
  3. Fix to upddtaara problem with numeric
  4. Getusrexp number of days fix
  5. Openstrmf codepage fix
  6. Fix to file upload under Apache
  7. New parm on include function to control translation
  8. External data structures now initialized
  9. Fix to custom error handling routines
  10. Automatic spool file cleanup

Release 3.06 - 2003/02/19

  1. Fix for the unlockdtaara function
  2. Fix to binary field lengths in the repository
  3. Change to the way data structures are generated, such that they can used in SQL
  4. Changes to ECRTCGI to allow creation of object type *MODULE, and to make sure a joblog is produces if the bind step fails
  5. Changes to allow a compile time library list object to be specified in the client
  6. Support for a return code on the openfile function
  7. New function: rajstr (right adjust string)

Release 3.05 - 2003/01/20

  1. Fix to ECRTCGI where it would bomb when used on a non-WebSmart program
  2. Problem where generator would go into loop if the client failed or connection was dropped a specific point in the generation
  3. PML of excessive length caused generator error (80,000 bytes broke it but we don't know the exact limit, new limit unknown)
  4. File names of only 2 characters caused compile error
  5. Defining a numeric constant that starts with a decimal point cause the generator to drop the decimal
  6. The generator would fail to generate the following correctly: }else{ (no spaces)
  7. Extended the number of fields that can be used in getparmset, getsmurfset, setsmurfset (new limit unknown, old limit between 70 and 90)
  8. Fixed a wrapping problem with the generated code
  9. Fixed position-to problem with EWRKDBG
  10. Changed openfile to bomb if it fails, and no return code used in PML
  11. Changed generated programs to not fail on 'task not found' if no runtasks were present.
  12. New function: getusrexp
  13. New function: setusr
  14. New function: rlsusr
  15. PARSER fix to data area function

Release 3.04 - 2002/12/17

  1. Fix crtlike in function problem
  2. jdbcconnect() function support for JDBC

Release 3.03 - 2002/11/04

  1. Fixes for data area functions
  2. Support for file uploads greater than 16 meg
  3. Eliminate requirement for OS/400 PTF when going to V5R1
  4. Improvements to search functions
  5. Added functionality with the CC portion of FROMFMT-TOFMT conversions

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