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Server Side Updates History - Release 4

Release 4.02 - 2004/09/30

  1. Fix for Apache security problem
  2. Improved ECRTCGI and SQLCONNECT interaction
  3. Sqlquery changes for V5R3
  4. Other minor fixes

Release 4.02 - 2004/08/04

  1. Fix for rare 14 char field name/date formatting problem
  2. Automatic creation of SQL packages
  3. Service side support for up to 100 files in one PDW
  4. Vfyusr support for V5R3

Release 4.02 - 2004/06/03

  1. Trap occasional error issued by CEEMSG
  2. Fix rare parm length problem
  3. Allow longer urls in GetUrl
  4. Fix some SQL parsing problems

Release 4.02 - 2004/04/16

  1. Fix to posturl to issue correct error on timeout.
  2. Changes to sendmailex to work with more mail servers.
  3. Compile time libl reference now works outside of WCM.

Release 4.02 - 2004/03/31

  1. Additional options for search program omission characters and %xx character translation on getparm.
  2. Fixes for skipsmurfchk and for upddtaara.

Release 4.02 - 2004/10/27

  1. See PC updates above for build
  2. Fix SSL redirects trimming one char problem
  3. Handles spaces in front of negatives correctly

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