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Server Side Updates History - Release 5

Release 5.27 - 2006/06/05

  1. Fixes an issue with the setsmurf for numeric data.
  2. Updates the program field, removing non-existant field pgmf_gdslibl.

Release 5.26 - 2006/01/30

  1. Minor fixes

Release 5.24 - 2005/10/04

  1. Fixes for alert and countrybx functions
  2. Fixes for IsNumeric (fixed format)
  3. Fix for getprvrcd *NO lock fix (free format)
  4. Fix for numtodate (free format)

Release 5.23 - 2005/10/04

  1. No updates

Release 5.11 - 2005/07/19

  1. Change to ECRTCGI for SQL cursor close problem
  2. Fix for chgvlepwd
  3. Fix for redirect RAND parameter
  4. Fix to wrtevar

Release 5.10 - 2005/06/06

  1. Fix for sendmailex with some mail servers Free Format generator changes:
  2. A fix for crtlike with 10 char field names
  3. A fix to timetoalpha
  4. A fix to the way setsmurf handled numeric fields
  5. A fix to the call and callb for problems with 10 char field names
  6. A fix to the translate function to default zero length correctly

Release 5.10 - 2005/04/12

  1. Fix for Apache security problem
  2. Improved ECRTCGI and SQLCONNECT interaction
  3. Sqlquery changes for V5R3
  4. Other minor fixes

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