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IBM i Videos : Green Screen to Web and Mobile in 10 Minutes

Watch these videos to see how Presto gives you immediate results and makes it easy to enhance screens without HTML experience.

Video 1 - Green Screen to Web GUI: Instant Results

You’ll see how Presto gives you a huge headstart by immediately giving your green screens a modern web GUI that’s accessible from desktops and mobile devices.

Video 2 - How to add new functionality to Presto-modernized green screens

In this 10-minute tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Visual Editor to add new functionality to speed up data entry, improve workflows and visually represent information.

Many green screen modernization projects consist of hundreds - or even thousands - of screens. Unfortunately, IBM i programmers are often expected to accomplish more with fewer resources. That’s why you need quick results using your existing skills, as well as the ability to maximize the value of your proven RPG programs.

Watch the above videos to see Presto’s out-of-the-box results and to learn how you can use the Visual Editor to add new functionality to your modernized green screens.

Why Presto?

BCD's Presto is the fastest way to give your IBM i green screens and new RPG programs a modern web GUI that's accessible from desktops and mobile devices. It also gives you endless opportunities to add new functionality.

"Any IBM i shop that has a need to extend an application or data to the web could use Presto with their in-house RPG developers. Presto allows for the creation of a web application at a fraction of the cost."

Jay Pierce, President, JRP & Associates

Visit our Presto resources page to watch more videos, including before-and-after videos of real-world applications that have been modernized with Presto.

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