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WebSmart Node

Introducing WebSmart for Node.js

Develop open-source Node.js desktop and mobile web applications on IBM i with WebSmart.

Watch the 5 minute video introduction on WebSmart for Node.js

[Recorded] Rapid Node.js Web Development with WebSmart

In this webinar you will learn what Node.js is and why you should consider using it on IBM i. You’ll also see a live technical demonstration of how new WebSmart for Node.js speeds up open-source Node.js desktop and mobile web application development.
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WebSmart for Node.js is the newest edition of WebSmart, BCD's rapid web application development solution. These new templates jumpstart open-source web and mobile application development by generating the initial HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can then customize the Node.js applications for your business needs in the WebSmart IDE.

About WebSmart for Node.js:

  • Currently intended exclusively for development environments
  • Templates produce server-side JavaScript
  • Built with Bootstrap, a responsive, mobile framework that uses a single code base for the desktop and mobile versions
  • You can use the Node.js Toolkit for IBM i to leverage RPG resources such as RPG programs

About Node.js:

  • Open-source runtime environment for server-side web applications
  • Develop web applications for ecommerce, payment processing, web services, chat and more
  • Can help IBM i organizations attract new programmers and facilitate experienced developers as they absorb new technologies
  • Run on platforms such as IBM i, Windows, Linux, IBM AIX and IBM System z
  • Several large companies, including Walmart, Paypal, LinkedIn, Netflix and Yahoo!, have adopted Node.js

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Learn more about the other WebSmart editions (ILE and PHP) or read the printable datasheet (PDF).

Need help getting started?
BCD's professional services team has experience with Node.js and first used it in 2011. They have a large team of full-time IBM i and BCD solution experts who can help with any aspect of an application modernization project, from discovery to development.

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