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Get the news on BCD products and services

The BCD Tech Update newsletter is published on a semi-regular basis. It is intended for users or administrators of BCD software to provide information on product updates, useful tips & techniques, training and other relevant technical information. Our products include WebSmart, Nexus, Catapult, Clover, ProGen Plus, Spool-Explorer and several others.

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2004 issues

December 2004 BCD Tech Update

  • Upcoming WebSmart 5 Public Training Seminar.
  • RPG & Beyond Webcast Recording Available.
  • Consulting Profiles: City of Sitka Online.
  • WebSmart 5 Beta Now Shipping: Contact us ASAP to Participate!
  • WebSmart 5 Directions: DDS to HTML Conversion.
  • New WebSmart Example Programs.
  • Catapult & Spool-Explorer Communications Survey: SOCKS Proxy Usage.
  • Nexus 2.50 Documentation Now Available for Download.
  • New Dealer Profile: DAGESSA (Poland).
  • Spool-Explorer IV Beta Still Available For a Short Time.

November 2004 BCD Tech Update

  • Nexus 2.50 is Now Available for Download!
  • Nexus 2.50 Has a New Portlet Class: Spool-Explorer for the Web.
  • The Spool-Explorer 4 Beta is Now Shipping.
  • WebSmart 5 Beta Still Available for a Short Time: Contact us Now!
  • Client Profile: Mason Computer Consulting's Police Reporting System.
  • New BCD International Dealers: Poland, Indonesia & Brazil.
  • Upcoming WebSmart 5 Beginner and Advanced Training Classes.
  • New WebSmart Example Programs: Auto-refreshing with HTML, etc.

October 2004 BCD Tech Update

  • WebSmart 5 Beta Shipping Soon!
  • Spool-Explorer 4 Beta Available Soon!
  • BCD Tech Support Feedback Survey and BCD WebSmart Survey Draw Winners.
  • BCD @ Toronto COMMON and Las Vegas Tech Conference.
  • WebSmart Programs and Upgrading to V5R3.
  • Potential Apache Security Problem with WebSmart Programs.
  • WebSmart 5 Directions: Vertical HTML.
  • Nexus 2.50 New Portlet: Web Messaging.

September 2004 BCD Tech Update

  • Preview RPG-to-PML Conversion in the upcoming WebSmart 5
  • New Nexus Portal Web Messaging Portlet.
  • Take a minute to sign up for beta-testing the new version of SpoolExplorer.
  • Fill out the WebSmart Programmers Survey and earn a chance to win $100 US.
  • Read about the successful implementation of WebSmart applications in international character sets.

August 2004 BCD Tech Update

  • Spool-Explorer Upcoming Release & Feedback Request.
  • WebSmart Developer Feedback Request.
  • WebSmart 5 Directions: SQL Prototyping.
  • WebSmart Client Snapshot: Kawasaki Motors.
  • WebSmart Fall Training Class.
  • Tech Notes: WebSmart. Execution of SQL Stored Procedures.
  • New WebSmart Example Programs.
  • Nexus 2 WOW Search Enhancements.
  • ProGen 9: Last Call for Feature Requests.

July 2004 BCD Tech Update

  • OS/400 Release Level Notice.
  • Catapult *AFPDS to PDF feature consideration.
  • Take a minute to fill out the related surveys.
  • Check out the Nexus case study.
  • Sneak preview a new feature in WebSmart 5.

June 2004 BCD Tech Update

  • BCD Wins APEX Awards.
  • BCD at IBM iSeries Technical Conference.
  • ProGen Plus 9 Feature Requests.
  • WebSmart 4 Upcoming Training.
  • Client Snapshot: Hoshizaki America & ProGen Plus.
  • New WebSmart 4 Example Programs.
  • WebSmart Web Services.
  • Original HTTP Server no longer supported in V5R3(i5/OS)
  • BCD Services.
  • May 2004 BCD Tech Update

  • Access a green screen through our web portal.
  • Learn about the source compare tool in WebSmart Change Management.
  • Welcome to the new members of our team here at BCD.
  • March / April 2004 BCD Tech Update

  • Nexus 2, Catapult 5 and Websmart 4 have been released.
  • There are tips on how to access a remote iSeries.
  • Websmart examples.
  • We are seeking input for Progen 9 new features.
  • February 2004 BCD Tech Update

  • Coding tips and training for Websmart and Progen.
  • Nexus 2 and Catapult 5 are now available for beta testing.
  • The anticipated release of Websmart 4 is just around the corner.
  • January 2004 BCD Tech Update

  • Nexus 2 and Catapult 5 will both soon be in beta.
  • Vote for your preferred default template for WebSmart 4.
  • There is a great example on allowing Nexus to protect your CGI and static pages.
  • The usual plethora of news, tips and updates.
  • Archive:   2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005