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Spring 2009
BCD at Spring COMMON in Reno

If you plan to attend this year's COMMON conference, make sure you drop by Expo booth 200 to pay us a visit. We'll be happy to chat about your projects for the coming year, and how we might be able to help you out with them. As always, you can sign up to try any of our products for free, so you can get a clear idea of what they'll do for you!


And while you're there, make sure you sign up for our sessions and labs! On the morning of April 27th, we will be leading a jump start on Native IBM i Web Development Made Easy Using WebSmart ILE, where you will get a hands-on introduction to building ILE RPG CGI browser based programs using BCD's WebSmart ILE solution. Follow along as we demonstrate just how easy RPG CGI web development can be using a web development and deployment tool specifically built for RPG programmers on the iSeries. Follow this lab up with PHP Rapid Development with WebSmart PHP. This lab will give you a jump start on PHP by providing you with hands-on experience using WebSmart PHP; it's a rapid Web application development tool that will make you highly productive with PHP no matter what your level of experience. WebSmart PHP removes the barriers to learning PHP by providing many productivity and rapid development features.

Our third session at COMMON 2009 is on the 28th, Rapid IBM i & Multiplatform PHP Development with WebSmart PHP, where you will be introduced to BCD's WebSmart PHP development tool. You'll learn how easy it is to build PHP applications that run on the System i or on other platforms. The session will cover topics such as WebSmart's intelligent templates, which minimize the need to know how to code in PHP, WebSmart's Rapid Development Workbench and how you use it to write PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS code.

In This Issue
 BCD Services
BCD Professional Services Group - Consulting for the System i
The BCD Professional Services Group's team can help you with any aspect of your strategic iSeries web application development projects. Read more »
BCD Webinars
"Your webinars are always 95% content, some theory, some ideas, and very little hype - one of the things that makes you different that your customers really appreciate." Marjorie Crouse, Seneca Sawmill
 WS ILE Training
WebSmart ILE Public Training Class June 8 in Victoria, BC
BCD is hosting a WebSmart ILE Fundamentals training seminar the week of June 8-11. Reserve your spot now! Read more »
myBCD Temp Codes
Create Your Own Emergency Temp License Keys
We have added this oft-requested new feature to myBCDSoftware. Read more »

 WS Examples
New WebSmart Example Programs and KB Articles
The Tech Support team has created a few new WebSmart example programs, as well as dozens of new Knowledge Base articles. Read more »
BCD's WebSmart Helps Breathe New Life into Legacy Applications
Veolia Environmental Services used WebSmart ILE to modernize their existing Approval application, allowing them to drop two-decade old RPG code. Read more »
Tech Update
BCD Tech Update Subscriber Cleanup
After more than 10 years of sending out this newsletter, we have done some house cleaning to ensure that our distribution list includes only recently confirmed subscribers. Read more »
Nexus 3.6 Preview Release Available
We are now looking for a few good Nexus users interested in trying out the Nexus 3.6 Preview Release. Read more »
New Staff
BCD Welcomes New Staff, and a Returning Veteran
The BCD development and services teams recently welcomed Yuval & Gareth, and we're also happy Stephanie's back! Read more »

   Staff Photo
Get to Know BCD: Meet Bill Giuffre
Bill is a Senior Account Executive working out of our Hinsdale, IL offices. Read more »

 Latest Promotion
Latest BCD Promotion: WebSmart ILE or PHP
Reach your IBM i Web Modernization Goals - Faster & more Affordably with BCD. Prove it all with your staff or BCD’s - Start it all on a Free Trial or Live Web Demo. Read more »
Also in this Issue....

BCD Professional Services Group - Consulting for the System i

Is web development the focus of your IT strategy? Your organization's ability to provide customers, vendors, business partners and employees with real time information in a browser will save you money and resources. And, you'll gain an advantage over your competitors by providing easier and secure access to information. And if you don't have enough time, or the expertise to tackle the projects on your own, the BCD Professional Services Group is a team of experts that can help you with any aspect of your strategic iSeries web application development projects.

Jump Start Your 2009 Web Application Projects

For more information and examples of the applications we've built, please visit the Client Success Stories and References pages in the Professional Services area of our website.

Why We Are Uniquely Qualified to Help You

Our consulting team uses WebSmart ILE and WebSmart PHP for all their iSeries web development, with PHP web development a particular focus for many of our recent customers (see this press release). WebSmart is an award-wining iSeries web development/deployment solution successfully used by hundreds of companies such as Starbucks and Universal Music International to build web applications quickly and affordably. We are an integral part of the company that created WebSmart. You get professional results quickly as we leverage our expertise and intimate knowledge of WebSmart. You will benefit from the commitment of highly qualified professionals who have built many mission-critical business applications in addition to doing commercial product design.

Low Overhead - Efficient and Rapid Development High ROI

We perform all services from our offices, so you incur no additional travel, lodging or office overhead expenses. By working together and exchanging information and ideas with you, your web application will take shape quickly. You'll see an immediate and significant return on your investment in areas such as increased customer and vendor satisfaction, more productive employees and more up to date information.

Contact Us

To discuss your needs in more detail please contact Kevin Cronin, BCD Professional Services Group Manager, by phone at 250-655-1766 or email at:

WebSmart ILE Fundamentals Course in Sidney, BC

BCD is hosting a 4-day WebSmart ILE Fundamentals training course the week of June 8. If you are interested in attending this class, please submit a training request via our website, or give us a call at (250) 655-1766 to discuss your training needs.

About the WebSmart Fundamentals Course
The WebSmart Fundamentals class is a comprehensive course that will give you a working knowledge of all the key areas you need to master in order to begin developing applications with WebSmart. The course begins with an introduction to HTML (page structure elements, tables, images and links), then continues on to creating simple WebSmart programs. As you familiarize yourself with the tool, you'll add more features to your own application: passing parameters between programs, customizing file access, and then prompting users for input and validating what they enter.

The class concludes with exercises in securing applications, SQL, and using WebSmart's Change Management interface. This class also includes a session on the WebSmart interactive debugger.

If you have any questions about the course content, or whether the level would be appropriate for you, give us a call at (250) 655-1766. Our Sidney, BC offices are located just a 5-minute drive from Victoria International Airport (YYJ) and three blocks from a beautiful oceanfront walkway with panoramic views of Mt. Baker and the San Juan and Gulf Islands. June is a particularly nice time to visit southern Vancouver Island, with some of the best weather of the year and just before the main summer tourist crowds move in. Our website has further information about area attractions and accommodation.

New Feature: Generate your own Emergency License Keys

We have added an important new feature to the ability for registered customers to generate their own temporary license keys for products you currently own. These temporary keys are intended to be used in disaster recovery procedures and other emergencies where you aren't able to contact our support or sales offices because of hours of operation, holidays, etc. For this reason, the feature is currently not available for ProGen and Docu-Mint, which have no license-key limited run-time modules.

You'll find this feature within, as an option in the left side menu from any of the mySupport pages. The menu option is called 'Generate License Key'. If you don't currently have a profile, please request an account via the form at our website.

Clients who have current maintenance contracts will be able to generate 3 keys every 4 months for each product they own. The generated keys are active for 4 days, beginning with the date at which they were generated. The temporary key is displayed on the screen with the proper instructions on how to apply it. A confirmation email is also sent, containing the temporary key and instructions.

The Temporary License Key generation program is one of the new benefits provided by the myBCDSoftware portal. Look for more features currently in the works!

Nexus 3.6 Preview Release

For the last several months we have been finalizing work on the next release of Nexus, and we will soon be shipping the Nexus 3.6 Preview Release. We are now looking for enthusiastic Nexus users who are interested in getting early access to the new features, as well as the opportunity to give us feedback at a time when the product is more malleable and we can respond more quicly to your feedback.

Sign up for the Nexus 3.6 Beta today!

In addition to many, many smaller bug fixes and minor improvements, Nexus 3.6 adds several notable features, mostly originating as client requests. These include:

  • an option to use Nexus headers which remain at the top of your page when you scroll down through the page content
  • great stability improvements to the V5R4 and V6R1 nxauth module
  • support for installing Nexus to libraries other than XL_SMSLIB
  • a portlet which can be used to achieve full text search of Nexus ECM documents (PDFs and Word docs, etc) when configured with a Google Mini/GSA.
  • many fixes addressing FireFox display issues
  • A fix for a reported problem relating to guest users with autologin hitting a redirect loop
  • better ECM document sizing for PDF docs
  • new UI for custom password reminder emails

We look forward to your participation!

WebSmart Example Programs and KB Articles

The Technical Support team has been hard at work updating many of our older examples as well as creating new examples using Presto, WebSmart PHP, WebSmart ILE and JavaScript. As part of this process, you might notice a few changes. Although our examples are still viewable to the general public, in order to access the instructions and download the source code used within, you now require a myBCDsoftware account. is our client portal which provides you with not only full access to our examples, but also to trial downloads, a listing of your support incidents, a Support Incident Submit form and more. You can get more details and sign up for a myBCDsoftware account by filling out the form here.

You'll find the latest additions at the top of the list at our website.The most recently published examples are:

Here is an example of the program in Example 155. The user has clicked on the Customer Name heading to sort the records in ascending order:

Column Sort Headers Example 155 - Column Sort Arrows.

Notice the small red arrow to the right of the Customer Name column heading.

If you have any questions, or problems implementing any of these programs, please send a note to Technical Support. We're always on the lookout for ideas for new examples. If there is a feature you need to add to your website that you are finding a challenge, and which you think might be applicable for others, please drop us a note and we'll take a crack at building it for you!

Knowledge Base Articles

Our online Knowledge Base also continues to grow at a steady rate. Here is a small sampling of KB articles that we have recently published:
  • KB 7786 (Exodus) - How to change default port settings.
  • KB 7774 (WebSmart) - How to insert a popup calendar window to pick a date from the calendar to fill a field.
  • KB 7773 (WebSmart PHP) - What is Zend Platform, and should I install it in conjunction with WebSmart PHP?
  • KB 7772 (Catapult) - I am receiving the error message: "Polling locked: Another instance of the polling program is active. System: Job: EXODUS" What is happening? How can I fix this?
  • KB 7761 (Nexus) - When using "Work with iSeries User Profiles," how do I set all iSeries users to have "Inherit Site Skin," as their skin default?
  • KB 7757 (Nexus) - What do I do if the NEXUSADMIN account becomes disabled?
  • KB 7751 (WebSmart) - We are using an Input-capable, Page at a Time template and are having a problem with a checkbox field adding the value to the wrong record in our file.
  • KB 7705 (ProGen Plus) - I am moving ProGen Plus from one box to another, where it has never been installed before. How should I do this?
  • KB 7698 (WebSmart) - How to open a browser window from a green screen (CL) program.
  • KB 7683 (WebSmart) - I'm having a problem in a definition because I don't have unique field names across all my files. How can I rename my fields in the WebSmart IDE?
  • KB 7680 (Catapult) - How to move your Catapult Rules from one 400 to another.
  • KB 7661 (WebSmart) - I am passing an alpha field into the rtnpwd parameter of getvle() and getnxtvle(), but the password is not showing. How can I retrieve the password from a validation list?
  • KB 7654 (WebSmart) - How to change the default Snippet directory in WebSmart to another directory on your computer, or a path over the network.
  • KB 7651 (Nexus) - If you upgrade your iSeries OS/400 level to either V5R4 or V6R1, you may run into incompatibility issues with NXAUTH. Alternate versions are included in save files in the installation library XL_SMSINST.
  • KB 7636 (WebSmart) - How can I work with WebSmart on a Mac desktop with OS X?
  • KB 7629 (Catapult) - How to print RTF documents using Open Office.
  • KB 7603 (WebSmart PHP) - Does Zend Core for i5/OS include Oracle drivers and libraries?
  • KB 7574 (Smart Charts) - SmartCharts cylinder gauge was not streaming data as expected. The dataStreamURL parameter was passed, but the gauge was not updating.
  • KB 7546 (Catapult) - How should I go about installing another instance of Catapult on a single system?

As you can see, we are publishing articles on a wide variety of issues. Any time you are wondering how to do something, remember that in addition to the documentation, you can check BOTH the example programs list and the online Knowledge Base. All of these items are completely searchable, so it'll only take you a few seconds to find what you need.

If you have any questions about any of the example programs or KB articles, please email Technical Support. And remember that we're always on the lookout for ideas for new examples, so if there's something you need to add to your website that you're finding a little challenging and which you think others might also want to use, drop us a note and we'll take a crack at building it for you!

Customer Profile by IBM Systems Magazine: Veolia Environmental Services

Veolia ES Technical Solutions - Custom ERP
BCD is proud to be able to contribute to the green movement. Veolia Environmental Services recently used WebSmart to incorporate its existing and new RPG/ILE applications. In an effort to stand by it's commitment to being eco-friendly, Veolia ES Technical Solutions is resusing, recycling and reclaiming its mission-critical legacy applications with the help of BCD's WebsSmart. Working with evolveIT, the company is building new applications and creating hooks back to its existing RPG-based applications.

Veolia Customer Profile"If you're switching from RPG to Java or .NET, the learning curve would be very high. That's not the case with WebSmart."- Dail Earl, manager of business applications and systems engineering, Veolia ES Technical Solutions.

To date, 48 programs have been developed using WebSmart from BCD. Find out more on how WebSmart is contributing to a greener world at IBM Systems Magazine.

BCD Tech Update Subscriber Cleanup

After more than 10 years of sending out the BCD Tech Update we have recently done some house cleaning to ensure that our distribution list includes only recently confirmed subscribers with a current interest in BCD software. For this reason, you may have recently received an email from us asking you to sign yourself back up again. If you did receive one of those emails, and you did sign up again, we appreciate your continued interest!

Tech Update Logo

If you did not receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription, we either had a clear record of when you asked to be signed up or your company has a current maintenance contract for one of our products. In these two cases we automatically moved subscribers from the old list to the new.

Moving forward, new requests to subscribe to the mailing list are submitted via the new form on our website. You can now also unsubscribe directly from our website as well as by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the top of any of the BCD Tech Update emails you receive. In this last case, the unsubscribe link no longer generates an email to Technical Support, but rather interacts directly with the subscriber list and removes you immediately.

If you have any questions about your BCD Tech Update subscription, please email Technical Support.

BCD Staff Profile: Bill Giuffre

Bill Giuffre is one of our Senior Account Executives at BCD, working out of our Hinsdale office. Bill has been with BCD since 1999, and will be celebrating his 10th anniversary next month!

Staff Photo

A life-long Chicago resident, Bill started out with a BSc in Business from NIU and then moved on to getting another in Computer Science from NorthEastern Illinois University. He has been selling Midrange software and solutions since the AS/400 was first announced in 1988.

When he's not talking with our customers on the phone, Bill enjoys running and has a passion for classic cars. A member of a local Mustang Club, Bill currently owns a 'soon-to-be-classic' 2009 Mustang convertible. As a runner, right now he's participating in local 10K runs in preparation for the 2009 Chicago Marathon in October, along with a mere 45,000 other participants.

If you're planning to attend the RPG World Conference and Showcase May 7th-9th Las Vegas, you can look forward to meeting Bill there! He'll be anchoring our booth, and available to answer any questions you may have.

BCD Welcomes New Staff

Born and raised in Victoria, Gareth Gilson earned his computer systems diploma from Camosun College in 2005. He worked for three years as a programmer / analyst on government projects before joining BCD. Outside of work, Gareth is a Little League umpire, including working the 2008 Softball World Series in Portland. Gareth also volunteers as a first responder with St. John Ambulance, and enjoys spending as much time as possible outside, usually watching a sports match of some kind. Gareth has joined our Professional Services team.

Yuval Oren recently moved to Victoria with his wife, Rotem, from Israel, and is anchoring our newly-independent QA team. Yuval earned both his B.Sc and his Masters in Industrial Engineering and Management, with a specialization in Intelligent Systems. Prior to moving here, Yuval gained valuable experience at Intel Corporation where he worked as a business analyst for two years. Yuval's travels have taken him to such exotic places as India, Nepal, Tanzania and Thailand, and learning about other cultures has always been his passion. In his free time he enjoys an outdoorsy lifestyle which lately includes training for his first half-marathon.

We are also happy to welcome Stephanie back! Stephanie went on leave last March and gave birth to a very active and noisy little girl named Darya (a Persian word meaning "the sea"). She had a great time staying at home with her, and now she is happy to be back and has jumped straight into a large project. Stephanie also came back just in time to scoop an absurdly good spot in the Professional Services group's new home in downtown Sidney.

New ESDI Office

Current BCD Software Release Levels

These are the current release levels for all our products:

If you have any questions about how to get to the latest versions, please contact Technical Support.

Summary List of Recent Updates

Nexus 3.37

Nexus 3.37 includes the following enhancements:
  • Nexus now prevents login information from one Nexus library from being used in another library
  • ECM Search Portlet no longer allows maintenance on deleted objects
  • Ability to specify a custom logout URL
  • Resolved issues where ECM Viewer would not correctly resize
  • Resolved issues with scrollbars and collapsed columns
  • Allow case-sensitive passwords for iSeries users

WebSmart 7.20 iSeries/PC Updates

There is a new server side update W7200001P which resolves USRSPC issue with SETPIPE which caused untranslated data to display in Clover Spread Sheets. Client side, the new release includes all previous updates in addition to resolving the "No Server specified" error that may occur if the definition being opened has a REPSYSTEM node different from the current system.

You can download the current PC and server versions of WebSmart from our website, or go to the WebSmart Updates page to download just the server side.

Organizations that Recently Purchased BCD Software

Anadigics • Asbestos Workers Local 91 • Bangkok Steel Industry • Brevard County School District • Bridgestone Australia • Casino Rama • Cleveland Gear • Comune di Figline Val d'Arno • Country Villa Service • FOCIL-MB, LLC • Food Service of America • Georgia Underwriting Association • GEUSA • Guardian General Ltd. • Hinz Claim Management • International Container Terminal Services • KDL Harware Supply, Inc. • Key City Furniture • Kimray, Inc. • Macallister Machinery • Madison County • Montreal Gateway Terminal • Muncie Transit Supply • Norman Equipment Company • PBR Knoxville LLC • PDM Service Centers • Peppler & Associates • Professional Management, Inc. • Puget Sound Blood Center • Quadion Corp. • Red Ball Oxygen • Schwebel Baking Co. • Studio Torta • Western Glove Works • Zahid Tractor

Organizations That Have Recently Contracted BCD Professional Services

Million Dollar Round Table • City and Borough of Sitka • Alfa Aesar • Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Co. • ACTS Curacao • Hinz Claim Management

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