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Select a product from the list below to go to the software's updates page.

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WebSmart ILE and PHP

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Nexus Portal & ECM

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ProGen Plus

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File-Flash Plus

Need to Upgrade to the latest version?

If you aren't at the latest version of the software, you may need to upgrade before applying updates. Check your version and compare it to current release versions listed at right. Go to the downloads page to get the latest version.

Having trouble applying IBM i updates automatically?

If your IBM i is giving you grief with applying server side updates automatically, you may be able to use FTP123 to transfer the relevant save file from the download and restore it manually on the server.

Current Product Updates
WebSmart 12.1
WebSmart PHP 12.1
WebSmart for Node.js 12.1
Presto 8.1.0
Nexus 5.3
Catapult 8.2.0
Clover 12.1
ProGen Plus 9.70 - Update PG97006
Spool-Explorer 8.2.0
Docu-Mint 6.6
DbGen 2.5 Update DB25R0002
File-Flash Plus 4.50