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The Business Case for IBM i Green Screen Modernization

The top reasons, supported by real-world examples, why giving your green screens a web GUI adds value to your IBM i.

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We've all heard the complaints from IBM i users: "Green screens look outdated. I want to use my mouse. What about mobile?"

Before decision-makers approve your modernization project, you'll need to make a compelling business case and highlight why green screen modernization is about more than giving your legacy applications a pretty face. It's also about adding value to your IBM i.

Download this free ebook to learn about the top business reasons for green screen modernization, including:

  • Modern, browser-based look and functionality
  • Improved workflows and access to information
  • Leveraging and future-proofing your existing applications
  • Increased end-user productivity
  • Taking advantage of mobile devices and much more

You'll also see real-world examples that include screenshots and links to videos.

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Download the free ebook: