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Attend BCD Training Courses to Get More Out of BCD Products

You have three choices for receiving training on BCD products: online, onsite, or by attending a public course.

All our seminars consist of brief lectures describing and illustrating the software functions followed by hands-on labs working with the product. The courses are quite intensive, covering all important areas of the software as well as tips and shortcuts. Upon completing a class you will have a solid base for working with our development tools.

If your HTML skills are modest rather than great, and/or if your PHP knowledge is at a very basic level, then I would recommend doing what I did - I went to the training courses offered by BCD. The instructor was excellent."

  • Warren Schultz
  • American Foods Group, LLC

Online Training

For those of you unable to attend a 3 or 4 day course and need a more flexible schedule our online training option is for you. You can schedule a private course just for your staff and get more affordable training from the convenience of your office.

Using web conferencing tools and speaking to you over the phone in real-time, one of our experienced instructors mentors you on how to use your choice of BCD software products. In private training we can also be looking at your screen to work with you on your own application.

There are 2 private online training options: structured classroom-style training or collaborative consulting. You can select the style of training that works best for you, or combine the two. In both cases the training is held in a web-conference environment.

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Public and On-Site Training Seminars

BCD can provide onsite training for all our products. We also periodically host these public training seminars:

For onsite training you can get a customized package for you, and focus particularly on the areas you need help with. If you have 3 or more programmers at your company who need training, on-site training is probably your best option.

All our training includes a series of hands-on labs designed to take you through all the important functions of the software. For WebSmart training, we recommend a minimum of 4 days, and if you have more than 5 or 6 people in the class, you should probably consider doing a 5 day class. We generally recommend at least 3 days for ProGen Plus training, and if you have more than 4 or 5 people, you should give serious consideration to having a customized 4 or 5 day format, similar to the structure of the training seminars we host. The longer format will allow us to spend more time on issues specific to your site.

In the past we have also arranged for two or more WebSmart or ProGen Plus clients in the same area to share training courses, so if you don't have enough staff members to make on-site training economically feasible, and you'd like to try and get together with another company, let us know and we'll try and set it up for you.

We also provide private, customized training courses for all other BCD products including Clover, Nexus and Catapult. Contact us for details.


Get More Out of BCD Products with Personalized or Public Training Courses

Our training courses are a cost-effective way to get started with BCD tools, or to gain more in-depth knowledge about them.

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