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Full Feature List

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Report Selection

  • Flexible selection criteria (report name, queue, etc.)
  • Console (GUI) to manage grab rules
  • Poll unlimited number of output queues
  • Poll network directories for PC files
  • SCS or AFPDS spool files

Automatic Distribution

  • Set polling interval
  • Poll one or more IBM i
  • Bulk of client/server workload handled on PC
  • Run as a service

Distribution Options

  • Email with many options
  • Save to network drives
  • Print and fax
  • Nexus Portal
  • Group member distribution options
  • Call-out data values
  • Replacement characters for naming
  • Include additional files (i.e. terms and conditions)
  • IBM i commands for on-demand distribution

Formatting Reports

  • Convert to PDF, RTF, HTML, TXT, TIF, PRN
  • Forms/graphic overlays
  • Compression and encryption
  • Multi-language support
  • Font and page orientation controls
  • Bookmarks
  • Bar code fonts
  • Rich format

Parsing and Splitting

  • Split reports into segments
  • Extract email addresses, fax numbers or printers
  • Extract key and data values

Monitoring and Post Actions

  • Poller monitor for remote tracking
  • History list
  • Errors and requests list
  • Real-time server status window
  • Administrator failure notification
  • Save, delete or hold spool files
  • Move spool file to different queue
  • Update user data


  • Catapult console
  • Grab rule security
  • HIPAA and Sox compliant

Web Archiving

  • Web archiving and enterprise content management
  • Extract search indexes
  • Assign authorities

Report Mining

  • Distribute as CSV or Excel spreadsheets
  • Summary reports

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