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Clover customers shared the following testimonials about about building real-time IBM i and multi-platform web reports, queries and dashboards.

"BCD walked me through the installation, and in about an hour, I was creating charts and graphs using my own data. I realized right off the bat that Clover and Nexus were very user friendly and BCD's support team was second to none."

— Michael Ellis, IT Director, Key City Furniture

"We have found Clover to be a very useful tool in rapidly creating reports and getting them to the web. I was able to create a report and display it as a bar graph in the first couple of hours we had the product. I also like the fact that we have unlimited users and developers."

— Dennis Ruud, Senior Programmer/Analyst, Dominion Enterprises

"Accessing Clover web reports is as easy as opening your web browser.

Clover web reports saves both our sales force and customer service representatives in the corporate office precious time and dollars. Sales representatives do not have to communicate to each other and/or wait for emailed spreadsheets with client sales information that they need quickly.

Clover reports have given our sales team out in the field the capability to retrieve real time sales figures easily and rapidly, within moments before meeting with their clients. Clients are impressed with the up-to-date sales numbers that they are given during meetings.

Our company is constantly expanding our web site with knowledgeable sales and customer web applications at their fingertips."

— Stephanie Beall, Encompass Group LLC

"Clover allows us to provide our clients access to data via web browser. Previously, this was only accessible through requests for reports that were generated by in-house staff."

— Narender Reddy, CompuBill Inc.

"Clover has allowed us to build a suite of inquiry reports which write directly to Excel in the XML format and allow for excellent formatting of our spreadsheets. All of our reports have a consistent style with clean headings and formatting that's easy to adjust."

— Jim Franchi, Heyco Products Inc.

"We use Nexus as a framework to deliver reports we write in Clover. We like the IBM i integration for user id and password and how easy it is to create folders and secure them based on groups or user ids. Our president has stopped receiving green bar reports and accesses our Nexus Portal for all his financial reports and graphs."

— Mauricio Vejar, Country Villa Health Services

"We love Clover Query. It's easy and it works just as advertised. We've integrated Clover Query into Lotus Notes and our 'Critical Controls' dashboard so our Business Leaders can check on the current real-time pulse of our business."

— Bron A. Sheriff, Vice President - MIS, Scott Specialty Gases

"What I have been doing a fair amount of lately is exporting data into a spreadsheet/Excel. Our end users appreciate our quick turnaround time."

— Warren Schultz, American Food Group

"Clover adds much more flexibility than my previous report writer, Crystal Reports, in getting the data in the format and the results that I want in a single step. Very helpful."

— Todd Hanselman, Furniture Plus


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