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Clover 3.7 - 10.9 New Features

Clover is part of the WebSmart family, which also includes WebSmart PHP and WebSmart ILE. Beginning with version 10, the entire WebSmart family uses one version number. You can download Clover, including the free trial, from our public site or on myFrescheSolutions.com.

Clover 10.9 New Features

  • IDE debugger supports Clover programs

Clover 10.8 New Features

HTML5 Charts

Clover's SmartCharts have been updated and exclusively use HTML5 and JavaScript. They previously used Flash as the default with JavaScript fallbacks for mobile devices.

Mobile IBM i business intelligence

IDE Shortcuts

The Clover IDE includes several new shortcuts:

  • CTRL+W to close the current tab
  • Right-click in the Fields window to Find/Find All
  • Ctrl+Alt+T to create a new text file (previously Ctrl+T)
  • Ctrl+Alt+J to create a new JavaScript file
  • Ctrl+Alt+C to create a new CSS file

Clover 10.7 New Features

  • You can now increase and decrease the IDE's code font size using CTRL+ and CTRL-.

Clover 10.6 New Features

  • JavaScript (instead of Flash) is now the default for SmartCharts
  • New Clover chart link HTML snippet
  • Clover templates now include a rotateLabels option

Clover 3.7 - 10.5 New Features

New Template Themes

We've completely re-imagined Clover's program templates with four new template themes that have modern looks and updated CSS and HTML, including being HTML5-ready.

The new template themes use jQuery UI so it's easier to create your own themes using ThemeRoller, a jQuery widget (buttons, action icons) CSS generator. Using ThemeRoller, you can select pre-determined color combinations or create your own without writing CSS.

The new template families are:

  • Arctic: a crisp, lightweight look.
  • Cascadia: a navy blue-based color scheme.
  • Nightfall: a bold header with a subtle background.
  • Sonora: muted background provides the perfect backdrop for your content.

new IBM i web report templates
non-flash html5 smartcharts

Non-Flash HTML5 SmartCharts

HTML5 versions of SmartCharts are now included so you can display single-series charts on non-Flash devices such as iPads. With SmartCharts, you can design and integrate real-time animated two and three-dimensional bar charts, pie charts, executive dashboards and more.

Mass Generate Reports

Generating multiple reports is now more convenient with Clover's mass generation feature. This allows you to easily select and generate more than one report at a time from the Tools menu.

Visual Editor Palette Icons and Buttons
Visual Editor Palette Tabs

IDE Shortcuts

We have made it more efficient to work with the WebSmart/Clover IDE by adding the following new features:

  • Ctrl-T shortcut to open a new tab.
  • Right-click option, "Close all but me", which closes all tabs except the one you're working on.
  • Option to turn off "Open in same IDE" setting.

Open Documents Using Windows Explorer Context Menu

You can now open documents in WebSmart from Windows Explorer's context menu. Simply right-click the file, then select 'Edit with Clover.' This makes it more convenient to open and edit files on the fly.

Visual Editor Palette Icons and Buttons
Visual Editor Palette Icons and Buttons

Automatic HTML Tag Completion

Coding HTML is now more efficient. When you open an HTML tag, WebSmart will now automatically insert the closing tag for you.

Additional 3.6 - 10.2 New Features:

  • We now use one version number for the WebSmart family (ILE, PHP and Clover).
  • The Clover SQL fetch statement is now editable.
  • Find and replace remembers search history.
  • Migrate to new getparm to remove parameter limits and improve multilingual support.
  • Updated HTML code for center and underline styles to use spans instead of deprecated tags.
  • Now supports the HTTPonly property in setcookie, which provides additional protection against XSS attacks.
  • New getnxtparmset function, a hybrid of getparmset and getnxtparm.
  • SmartCharts now ship without product branding.
  • You can now configure the maximum page size of a Clover program.
  • Supports Windows 8.
  • The Validation Results window (previously called the Errors window) is now dockable and context-sensitive.
  • Drag and drop your segment tabs.
  • Real-time mirroring is now possible with High Availability license keys.
  • A new function, SetSubStr, lets you substitute characters in the middle of a string.

To view all previous releases and updates, please visit the Updates History page.


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