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Sample from Field Change Impact Work Sheet. After you define rules for locating specific kinds of fields in your database and programs, you can run the Program/Display file work sheet (impact) summary report, to print a list of programs requiring changes.

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Customer Testimonials

"Docu-Mint is a powerful tool that I use on almost a daily basis."

Lynda Scharnick,
Amateur Electronic Supply

"Docu-Mint is the best documentation package available anywhere for automated assistance with documenting IBM i systems. It will pay for itself quickly for both large and small systems because it assists with difficult situations and helps resolve problems. We wouldn't want to be without Docu-Mint."

Steven Fletcher,
V.P. Administration/IT,
Seymour Manufacturing Co.

"We rely on the WRKWHRUSE (WWU) every time we need to make a database change."

— John Mandel,
Vulcraft Norfolk

"I like the ability to know which files are accessed by which programs and visa versa."

Jerry Bune, Sinton Dairy