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Below are the key new features in Docu-Mint 6.0

  1. Reorganize current menus
    1. Make them easier to navigate
    2. Help text added to all menus
    3. Help text added to all DM commands
  2. Work with System Libraries interface
    1. PDM like interface to view/work with libraries
    2. Shows library analysis status
    3. Allows user to view/work with analyzed objects in selected library
    4. Provides customizable options to mark and analyze a library, copy a library, work with objects etc.
    5. Customizable subfile options and function keys to access other DM menus
  3. Work with Analyzed Objects interface
    1. PDM like interface to view/work with analyzed objects within a library
    2. Provides options to execute common Docu-Mint commands such as Work Where Used and Work Used Objects.
    3. Provides customizable options to edit an object or source member, copy, delete, display and rename objects.
    4. Customizable subfile options and function keys to access other DM menus
  4. Added interface for working with library groups - users can now identify and manage which libraries belong to a group. DM library analysis supports the ability to analyze a group of libraries
  5. Object analysis where no source code exists - DM now derives as much information as possible from the object even if no source code analysis can be done on the object. This provides information on program references, bound modules etc.
  6. Compare program information (CMPPGMINF) report allows you to define various information about program object within a library.
  7. The compare program data base files (CMPPGMDBF) command provides a report of the system objects referred to by the specified program(s) within a library. This list of objects is then compared against the list of comparison DBF object library(s) specified. Any objects that have a referenced object library that does not match the list provided will be marked for evaluation.
  8. The WRKWHRUSE command now allows an object type of *ANY. This type will provide a listing of all objects for the specified object name across all objects.

You can download Docu-Mint, including the free trial, from our public site or on

To view all previous releases and updates, please visit the Updates History page.

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Customer Testimonials

"Docu-Mint is a powerful tool that I use on almost a daily basis."

Lynda Scharnick,
Amateur Electronic Supply

"Docu-Mint is the best documentation package available anywhere for automated assistance with documenting IBM i systems. It will pay for itself quickly for both large and small systems because it assists with difficult situations and helps resolve problems. We wouldn't want to be without Docu-Mint."

Steven Fletcher,
V.P. Administration/IT,
Seymour Manufacturing Co.

"We rely on the WRKWHRUSE (WWU) every time we need to make a database change."

— John Mandel,
Vulcraft Norfolk

"I like the ability to know which files are accessed by which programs and visa versa."

Jerry Bune, Sinton Dairy