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File-Flash Plus is the easiest way to view, edit, query and print DB2/400 data and to export to Excel spreadsheets

Do everything you need to do with your database files instantly with no programming setup using File-Flash Plus. It's the easiest way to view, query and print data and to quickly make field changes. You can also export data to Excel spreadsheet files in seconds or with a simple command you can embed in your applications. Developers and power users alike can use File-Flash Plus to see file contents, provide test data, change data on the fly or print selected fields and records. File-Flash Plus is indispensable for working with both legacy and new applications, green-screen or web.


Publish data to Excel

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"File flash has 'saved the day' for us many times by allowing our support staff to quickly and easily solve problems with data files. It is a great tool to have in out 'back pocket'!"
K. Johnston, Dunn Paper Inc.


File-Flash PlusFile-Flash Plus

File Flash Plus Highlights

  • Instant Access To Your Data
  • Maintain Data On The Fly
  • Find Information In Files Instantly with OPNQRYF
  • Run Mass Updates For Increased Productivity
  • Help Developers Test and Debug Applications
  • Unleash iSeries Data To End-Users With Direct Excel Interface
  • Users Can Customize and Save Settings for Working With Files
  • Extensive Database Support
  • Proven File Editor Solution
  • Backed by an Industry Leader
  • Expect and Get World Class Support

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