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Instant Access To Your Data

File-Flash Plus requires no programming. Type a simple command and file name, and you are instantly viewing your data. The initial display shows you a list of records in a spreadsheet style format. You can easily switch to a flat panel, single record display. And, you can select fields, the order in which they appear and how they appear. Here's a list of features for viewing data:

  • Simple command to display any file instantly - just type FILDSP filename and go!
  • Supports 24x80 or 27x132 column displays
  • View data by key or relative record number
  • Position to records by key (partial or full values) or by relative record number
  • Shows you formatted prompt for key values on the same display as the list, making it easy to position to records
  • Shows list of records in spreadsheet style format with several options:
    • Formatted data (unpacks packed fields, shows correct values for binaries, etc.)
    • Formatted data with hex values underneath - helpful in debugging
    • Unformatted record (ignores field boundaries) - helpful when you need to know positions of data in a record
    • Unformatted record with hex values underneath
    • Show or hide relative record number, or anchor it as you scroll left/right through fields
    • Show key fields in position in fields list, or always show key fields in order first on list so you always know which records you are viewing
    • Show or hide field grid to improve readability
  • Use field names, field text or column headings for list headings
  • Optionally supply your own column headings
  • Select all or subset of fields to view, and the order in which they appear on the list
  • File-Flash Plus remembers your choices across sessions - next time you view the file, you can see the same set of fields in the order you've chosen
  • Use function keys to page left or right through a list of fields, either one field or one screen at a time
  • Automatically substrings long fields for display, and shows substringed relative positions as you move through the field
  • Page-at-a-time processing for paging through lists of records
  • Switch to single record record display instantly
  • View physicals, logicals, SQL tables, multi-format logicals or multi-member files
  • Switch between files without exiting
  • Shows you dependent/related logicals and their key structures to simplify selecting a new view
  • Shows you lists of available members or record formats in a file where applicable
  • View summary information about any file, such as number of records, last saved date and more

Maintain Data On The Fly

File-Flash Plus provides complete facilities for adding, changing or deleting records in files and for modifying the contents of all physicals and almost all logical files. And, because the maintenance function is provided in a separate command, it's easy to secure File-Flash Plus to authorized personnel. Full record maintenance facilities are included, so you can add, change or delete single records or you can change fields in records a page at a time. You can also perform mass updates or deletes over all or some of the records in a file. Just review the editing features here:

  • Different command for maintaining files than displaying them - so you can easily implement iSeries security
  • All the features and functions of the display mode for all file types except multi-format logicals
  • Maintain records by relative record number or by key
  • In list mode you can change field values directly for many records and/or fields at once
  • Automatically converts packed, binary, dates, varying length field values correctly when updating fields
  • Provides messages and helpful feedback if you make editing mistakes (eg: duplicate keys, etc.)
  • Single-record maintenance mode supports Add, Change, Delete of records
  • Single-record mode supports working with long field values - provides an extension screen to show you data that would normally not fit on the display
  • Quick-Update mode available- allows you to add/update records by entering just a few field values, without having to page through many screens of fields per record
  • Page up/down through single records one at a time
  • Identify and fix decimal data errors
  • Dupe key support makes it easy to duplicate data from one record to the next
  • Mass update and delete for all or selected records using OPNQRYF - see later section for more details.

Find Any Information In Any File Instantly with OPNQRYF and More

File-Flash Plus makes it easy for you to find records or field values, with no complex statements like SQL to write. It includes a direct interface to operating system query programs via an OPNQRYF interface. With this you can perform ad-hoc selections against a database file, collect all or some of the qualifying records and work with them- including, where authorized, doing mass updates. Using this selection method means optimum performance for your searching, and is much faster than straight sequential searches. If you want, there is an option to look for a value in a single field. This uses a very simple prompt and search. OF course, you can always position to any record in a keyed file simply by key part or all of its key value, even for files with multiple keys.

  • Use simple or complex selection expressions, including "contains" clauses, etc.
  • Automatic validation of your selection expression with complete syntax checking and error reporting
  • Optionally produce total record counts for selections, or optimize query by returning results a page at a time
  • Create a comma-delimited CSV file from your query results that can be opened instantly in Excel
  • Switch back and forth between a list of all records in the file and the query result set - without re-executing the query
  • Use all the facilities available for the result set as for the normal view of all records- including field selection, choice for column headings, etc.
  • View result set in multi-record mode or in single-record mode

Run Mass Updates For Increased Productivity

The Mass Update features in File-Flash Plus let you make changes to many records at once with a few keystrokes. You can select all or a subset of records (using the OPNQRYF interface), specify the fields to change and their new values and perform the update - all with no programming required. Mass Update also provides a preview function for safety - you get to review which records will be affected before you commit to the update. You can also perform mass deletes to help you clean up old files or test data.

  • All the features of record-at-a-time updates
  • Update all records in a file, or use the OPNQRYF interface to select specific records
  • Update inidividual field values - one or several at once
  • Preview function - review which records will be affected prior to updating them
  • Option to update portions of a field- using substring capability
  • Mass delete option lets you delete records selected via OPNQRYF selection

Features to Help Developers Test and Debug Applications

File-Flash Plus includes many features for helping developers test and debug applications. It's easy for developers to see the effects of programs on their data because of the instant views provided. Other features particularly helpful for testing and debugging are:

  • Detects decimal data errors
  • Options to show you information in hex format, unformatted character format or standard format
  • Mass update facilities to easily correct program mistakes that may have resulted in incorrect data
  • Sophisticated query/search facilities to let you select samples of data
  • Options to print or output data to spreadsheets for further analysis

Unleash iSeries Data To End-Users With Direct Excel Interface

File-Flash Plus lets you directly publish data in your files to Excel spreadsheets (CSV's) - as easily as pressing a button. Simply work with the tool as usual, selecting any fields or records you want, then press a Function key. That's it! Even the Excel file name is provided for you (although you can change it if you wish). File-Flash Plus creates the Excel file directly on the IFS, so you can open it instantly with Excel if your IFS is mapped as a network drive. File-Flash Plus also comes with a separate command that you can embed within your applications that lets you generate Excel spreadsheets with your choice of fields and/or records.

  • Write selected fields and/or records to CSV spreadsheet
  • Option to provide your own delimiter for fields in spreadsheet
  • Option to output column headings or field names in top row
  • Option to limit number of records output to spreadsheet
  • Automatic creation of path and file for spreadsheet
  • Option to choose your own path and file name for spreadsheet
  • Automatically converts data to ASCII-format data in the output spreadsheet, making it completely compatible with Excel instantly
  • Standalone command provided, with many options and parameters for creating spreadsheets:
    • Select file
    • Select fields from file
    • Write heading row of field names or column headings
    • Use key or arrival sequence order to output records
    • Select delimiter characer (comma, etc.)
    • Use OPNQRYF interface to perform simple or complex record selections for output to file
    • Specify output path and file name on IFS to use for output

Users Can Customize and Save Settings for Working With Files

File Flash Plus allows you to provide your own settings for working with files, to maximize your productivity and help you work with data the way you want to.

  • Remembers which fields you selected to view between sessions, so next time you view a file you can see the same set of fields
  • Choose your format for viewing numeric fields from 1 of 3 options
  • Choose whether to view fields with field names, column headings or text assiciated with them
  • Choose whether to allow uppercase-only or mixed-case searches
  • Choose from a variety of opions for the format of lists of records:
    • Include or exclude relative record number in list
    • Show key fields first in list, or in order of occurrence within record layout
    • Show records formatted or unformatted
    • Show records with hex values under or not

Extensive Database Support

File Flash Plus supports working with almost all OS/400 database file types, making it the only File Editor tool you will need. These include:

    Physical files
  • Single-format Logical files
  • Multiple format Logical files
  • Logical files over multiple members
  • DDM files
  • SQL Tables
  • SQL Views

File-Flash Plus is a Proven File Editor Solution

File-Flash Plus is incredibly stable and reliable. It was first released over 20 years ago, and has had constant new features, enhancements and improvements over the years. Development work continues with the product. File-Flash Plus is in use by thousands of developers world-wide, and has a reputation for being the easiest and fastest editor available.

File-Flash Plus is backed by an Industry Leader

You can comfortably put your trust in BCD. We have over 25 years as an industry leader developing leading edge programmer productivity tools. Thousands of customers have enjoyed great success with our technology, support and ongoing development efforts. We have one of the strongest organizations in the third-party iSeries-i5 software industry.

Expect and Get World Class Support

Our quality of support is ranked in the 98th percentile in customer satisfaction surveys. When you use BCD Productivity tools, you have a direct line to our support group to answer any questions, to offer advice and to take ownership of whatever issue you have until you are satisfied. We gladly include unlimited support calls when you are a BCD customer.

Live Web Demos, our unique web-based communications technology, provides a unique support service at no extra charge for our clients. It enables us to either view or work directly with your workstation in order to solve or diagnose problems, instruct you on product features, or provide advice for the most effective way to use our products.

We encourage our clients and prospects to call whenever we can be of help. We average closing 15,000+ support calls across our product line each year.We are here to support you.