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Nexus 5.0 - Nexus 7.0 New Features

You can download Nexus Portal, including the free trial, from our public site or on myFrescheSolutions.com.

Nexus 7.0 New Features

  • Multi Factor Authentication: Nexus now supports multi factor authentication with the use of authenticator apps. Administrators have the option to implement MFA on a site-wide or a per user basis.
  • ECM Enhancement: Nexus adds the ability to choose which direction to sort when resequencing ECM documents.
  • Email Enhancement: The Nexus Email functionality now supports TLS for secure email.

Nexus 6.9 New Features

  • Cloud license key support: Cloud providers move LPARs between servers. Nexus' license keys now allow wild cards for LPAR specific values, to support environments where these values may no longer be static.
  • New redirect option for handling the original request cookie.
  • IASP Support: The Nexus installer now has the ability to install the library to an iASP.

Nexus 6.8 New Features

  • IASP Support: The Nexus Installer now provides the option to install the IFS files to an iASP and specify the IFS path during the install process. This gives customers the flexibility to install the IFS files on different iASPs.
  • Rename Nexus Environment: This command will allow you to rename the library and IFS files for a Nexus environment. The command updates any Nexus files that use the library and IFS path to point to the new location.
  • Upgrade Angular: The version of Angular used by Nexus has been updated to 10.2. This provides a smaller size of downloadable file for faster performance.
  • Various enhancements to User, Group, and Quick Launch Maintenance:
    • When selecting a group in the user maintenance, you can now see the list of users that are in the group.
    • The User maintenance now displays group information when selecting the user's group.
    • Updated the icon list in Quick Launch Maintenance to the latest version.

Nexus 6.7 New Features

  • Group Tree: The ability to switch the new group maintenance UI from a list to a group tree. This is useful for visualizing the tree-structure relationships between users that belong to different groups.
  • Enhancements to User and Group Maintenance UI: The new User and Group maintenance UI now supports showing implicit group memberships.
  • Improvements to Nexus API: Group Members List API now supports returning inherited group members (i.e. users that are implicitly in the group).
  • Group Members Update API: New API that allows you to update whether a user is a manager for a group or not.
  • Copy ECM Option: New option during Clone install to select if you want to copy the ECM archive or not. This option is useful for upgrading Nexus sites with large ECMs that cause upgrading to take a long time.

Nexus 6.6 New Features

Modern Group Maintenance UI

Modern Group Maintenance UI

Nexus includes an intuitive new user interface for creating and managing groups.

Quick Launch Pages

Quick Launch pages are useful for creating modern, user-friendly navigation pages (for example, a portal landing page). This new type of page also includes a modern maintenance UI for creating and managing Quick Launch pages and their Quick Links.

Quick Launch Pages

Improvements to Nexus API

  • Added support for custom-named sites. By default, Nexus uses '/nexus/' as the site's path. This improvement allows the new Nexus UI to work with a customized site path.
  • Document Search API now returns Advanced Options and Search Values details.
  • Site Settings API now returns all the properties and additional data validation was added.

Nexus 6.5 New Features

Nexus User Maintenace UI

Modern User Maintenance UI

Nexus 6.5 includes an intuitive new user interface for creating and managing user profiles. The interface includes wizards and other features that make it quick and easy to add, edit and delete users, and assign them to groups.

Other Nexus 6.5 Features

  • Kerberos Support: Nexus now supports the Kerberos authentication protocol, so it can now be used in a Kerberos-enabled single sign-on environment.
  • Theme Editor UI: Site managers can now set a theme as the default site theme from the Theme Editor UI. They can also apply a theme from the Theme Editor UI.
  • Site Settings API: New API for managing Nexus site settings.
  • Documents Slim Tree API: New API returns only basic information but performs better than the Documents Tree API.

Nexus 6.3 - 6.4 New Features

Theme Editor UI Enhancements

We've made several enhancements to the theme editor, including:

  • Create a new custom theme directly in the theme editor UI instead of manually copying the IFS folder.
  • New APIs to add a new theme and remove an existing one

Other Nexus 6.3 - 6.4 Features

  • API responses now include a message ID property
  • New logout API allows you to invalidate a session on the server side
  • Search users by username, first name, last name and email
  • Search group list by group name, description or parent group name

Nexus 6.2 New Features

APIs - Version 2

Nexus 6.2 includes a new version of APIs that offer more consistent naming and performance improvements over version 1 of the APIs.

Nexus 6.0 New Features

New License Key

Nexus 6.0 requires a new permanent license key for existing customers. Our team has worked to ensure that this is a simple, self-serve process. You can retrieve your new permanent key through the myFrescheSolutions portal. For more information on this change, please see the Nexus 6.0 User Guide.

New APIs

  • Document Authority APIs: You can add, remove, update, and list the authority that groups and users have to a document.
  • Document Maintenance APIs: You can add, remove, and update folders and links in the ECM documents tree.
  • Document Upload API: This API allows you to upload an ECM document.

Nexus 5.3 New Features

New APIs

  • Group APIs: This is a new API that allows you to manage groups. It includes the ability to add, update, delete, and list groups. In addition, you can add users to existing groups.
  • User APIs: This version of Nexus includes a new API to manager Users. With this API, you can add, update, delete, and list users.

Nexus 5.2 New Features

Theme editor with colourpicker

Nexus Theme Editor Enhancements

The Nexus Theme Editor now supports the ability to choose colors using a colorpicker. You can also select your theme from a dropdown list in the theme editor UI.

Other Nexus 5.2 Features

  • Users can open links in a new tab by holding down the "Control" key while clicking the link.
  • You can now include a footer in your Nexus website to display information such as copyright or tech support details.

Nexus 5.1 New Features

Nexus Theme Editor

With Nexus Portal’s new theme editor, you can customize the color of various elements within your Nexus sites without coding HTML. Simply select the theme, then enter the hex number to change the color of your site’s text, backgrounds and menus. This feature saves time by allowing you to quickly test and implement color changes on the fly.

Theme editor

Other Nexus 5.1 Features

  • Added link on Manage site panel to return to the new Nexus mobile layout.
  • Improved the appearance of the default content with additional padding.

Nexus 5 New Features

UI adjusts to tablet and phone

New Mobile-Friendly Interface

Nexus has a new mobile-first interface that works on smartphones, tablets and desktops. The new interface automatically adapts to the size of the screen they’re displayed on (e.g. collapsible menus). Users can now seamlessly access IBM i and other data from anywhere, on any device.

Cleaner Design

The new Nexus Portal mobile-first interface has a cleaner design including more modern styling for the menus, fonts, input boxes, buttons and icons. This design approach is consistent with improvements we’ve made to other Fresche solutions that integrate with Nexus such as Presto, WebSmart and Formtastic.

Cleaner UI design

New APIs

This version of Nexus exposes new functionality through a rich set of APIs. These APIs allow for further customization of the UI along with further integration with other technologies and applications. There are now Login, Menu, ECM and Search APIs.

Menu API code

To view all previous releases and updates, please visit the Updates History page.


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