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Create Portals for Any Business Function

Nexus benefits customers, trading partners and every level within your organization by providing a central, secured and structured place for people to go to organize and find enterprise information.

Portals for Every Business Need

Nexus Portals can be created and customized for any business function (Intranet, B2B, B2C, etc), any department (Sales, Financial, IT, etc) or any type of user (clients, vendors, partners, employees, etc).

Portals for Every Business Need
Portals for Every Business Need

Mobile-Friendly Interface

Nexus has a mobile-first interface that works on smartphones, tablets and desktops. The interface automatically adapts to the size of the screen they’re displayed on (e.g. collapsible menus). Users can now seamlessly access IBM i and other data from anywhere, on any device.

Dashboards and Graphs with SmartCharts

Create executive dashboard pages with SmartCharts, included for free with Nexus, and with Clover or other web reports. SmartCharts allow you to create graphs and KPIs to visually present your IBM i data. They can be created in a couple of minutes through the SmartCharts wizard which gives you the choice of 6 different types of graphs to choose from.

Dashboards and Graphs with SmartCharts
Cross Browser Support for IBM i-Hosted Portals

Cross Browser Support

Cross-browser support is very important for any web solution. Both the end user and administrator pages work on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


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