Nexus Portal In the Press

The following articles have been written about the benefits of organizing and securing enterprise information with the IBM i-hosted Nexus Portal.

Modernize and Organize your IBM i Business with Nexus Portal

Nexus can save your organization thousands of dollars in productivity gains by making it easier to manage and distribute valuable information securely and by making more information accessible, more of the time, to the right people.

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Get Your Data Organized!

With Nexus' ECM, you can vastly improve communication throughout your organization. This increases efficiency, productivity, and the quality of life in the workplace

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Portals: Gateways to Whole New Worlds

Enterprise information portals like Nexus save substantial amounts of money, thus contributing positively to the bottom line. An EIP typically runs on an intranet or extranet and provides a locus for corporate information for employees, customers, and vendors. An EIP can also help open up worlds of locked, hidden, or inaccessible information that's buried deep in servers or scattered haphazardly in various corporate policy documents.

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