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Presto customers shared the following testimonials about modernizing their legacy IBM i (AS/400) green screen applications.

"Our Presto screens are way more than lipstick on a pig because they have added value that makes users' jobs easier. Many of the things we accomplished with Presto - like auto completes, macros and mobile-friendly layouts - could not have been done in a green screen environment"

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  • Evange Destounis
  • President & CEO

"Presto allows us to use many of the tools and techniques that we are used to in the web world, like datepickers, and apply them to our green-screen application."

— Brian Bradley, Vilden Associates, Inc.


"Using Presto to replace our old 5250 green screens was unbelievably easy. Within hours, we had a GUI replacement up and running. We then globally converted our customized menus and subfile navigation keys (2,000+ display screens) into clickable links and buttons. This was all accomplished without changing a single line of code!"

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Jim Underwood
  • Jim Underwood
  • IT Manager

"We used Presto to web enable our payroll and human resource green screen programs. Our mill supervisors can now securely work with employee information using a web GUI. Presto seamlessly bridges the gap between the IBM i and the Web with no learning curve."

— Marjorie Crouse, Seneca Sawmill


"I put Presto on our IBM i and within a few minutes everything was web enabled. It works in any browser and my users don't have to install anything on their PC or Mac. Function keys are translated to buttons so my Mac users can finally use the IBM i without all the hassle."

— David Shoaf, Alpine School District

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"Any IBM i shop that has a need to extend an application or data to the web could use Presto with their in-house RPG developers. Presto allows for the creation of a web application at a fraction of the cost. I also discovered that the IBM i box is a screaming HTTP server - the Zieger application is amazingly fast, even over the Internet."

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Apline School District
  • Jay Pierce
  • President

"Presto can either work for you straight out of the box, or allow you to manually accomplish just about anything you can dream up if you are willing to put a little more effort towards it. That's the beauty of it... flexibility."

— Felicia Krubl, PA, National Van Lines, Inc.

"Presto is a great product, it gave our old IBM i green screen applications a modern new face within minutes. Presto was the perfect option for keeping our existing clients interested while making our products more marketable, all via a simple and quick out-of-the-box solution."

— Christopher Voelker, Voelker & Associates, LLC

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"My apps look like real web apps, not converted green screens, which we can access via any browser. Having lots of RPG apps, limited HTML experience and the need to add new functionality, Presto was truly the way to go."

— Ellery Soifer, Tricots Liesse

"We looked at everything in the market and chose Presto because it runs in web browsers without the need for locally installed software, offers most of what we need right out of the box, allows us to make enhancements quickly and comes with excellent support."

— Ritchie Gadberry, Arkansas Data Service

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"With Nexus we now have a secure single point of entry for our dealers to access information including our Presto web enabled green screens. The site can also easily be customized for each dealer group."

— Paul Warnes, Bridgestone Australia

"I love the way our IBM i screens were all web enabled with Presto. It required no manual intervention to modernize our screens! Kudos and thank you for a great product. We are now productively using BCD's Presto, Nexus and Catapult modernization tools."

— Chris Keebler, IT Manager, Gladwin Paint Company

Gladwin Paint Company

"I can't tell you how many web enablement modernization tools we've tried. After 8 years trying to modernize our product's user interface, I became very skeptical. Then I found BCD's Presto and love the way it works and the capabilities it offers. Presto is the answer we were looking for!"

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— King Harrison, President, King III Solutions Inc.

King III Solutions

"Presto is very easy to install and to modify screens compared to other products I've used. And, BCD's technical support team is very competent, helpful, professional and very good educators too!"

— Cathy Rogers, Phillips Communications


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