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Intranet with Cloud Capabilities Will Avoid Shock of Green Screens

Rusty Gadberry, president of ADS (an ISV), wanted to restructure his entire green screen Client Access-dependent medical billing package into a web based zero footprint intranet solution with Cloud capabilities.

For thirty years Arkansas Data Services (ADS) had been steadily building its reputation as a top full service information technology company, over 20 of those years as an Advanced IBM Business Partner. ADS develops medical and utility billing software, and has a significant presence in other markets.

Rusty Gadberry, president of ADS, wanted to restructure his entire green screen Client Access-dependent medical billing package into a web based zero footprint intranet solution with Cloud capabilities. Says Gadberry, "We wanted to provide a modern solution completely based on IBM i technology. Most new clients we go after are managed by young people, and have doctors, who have never seen a green screen in their life. They almost go into shock when they see green screens. We have lost sales because of this."

Choosing the right solution

Gadberry says he started searching for a modernization solution three years ago, and evaluated everything on the market. He knew he didn't want to deploy anything that used ActiveX which leads to similar deployment problems as Client Access and he wasn't interested in doing a lot of resource intensive code re-engineering.

Ritchie Gadberry, a programmer, says they chose Presto for three main reasons. "First, Presto runs in Web browsers without the need for locally installed software or browser plug-ins. Next, it offers most of the features that we require out of the box and for our exceptional needs. The standards-based underpinnings of Presto that incorporate HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, and jQuery allow us make enhancements and modifications quickly and cleanly. And finally, we chose Presto for the excellent support organization that stands behind it."

RPG pro gives thousands of green screens a web GUI and adds modern new functionality

Gadberry says that it took five months to develop the web enabled version of their software. He noted that thousands of screens that were used less often were automatically web enabled with no further changes. They started by developing four custom skins based on one of the skins shipped with Presto to match their company's look and feel. On top of this they were able to create global rules to further enhance all of their screens at once.

They further customized the screens that users spent 80 percent of their time on -- the ones that would influence sales, and provide extra functionality for existing users. To speed up data entry they replaced many windows lookups with drop downs or auto completes and added date pickers. And they improved navigation and screen design by transforming subfile options into right click context menus and by splitting up busy screens into tabs.

Gadberry had no HTML experience prior to starting this project but that didn't stop him from implementing some sophisticated features such as a calendar embedded on a scheduling page that calls an RPG Web Service to populate the calendar with events which saves users a lot of time.

Rusty Gadberry says they are now ready to go to market with his new system and they are already looking at modernizing their utility billing software with Presto.


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