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Non-programmer modernizes IBM i green screen programs and makes users' jobs easier with Presto

Evange Destounis, TMISI's CEO and a non-programmer, went way beyond just giving their green screens a nicer look. He also added value with faster data entry, improved navigation, better layouts and more.

Our Presto screens are way more than lipstick on a pig because they have added value that makes users' jobs easier. Many of the things we accomplished with Presto - like auto completes, macros and mobile-friendly layouts - could not have been done in a green screen environment

Evange Destounis, CEO

Watch the video to learn more about the modernized green screens.

TMISI provides IT applications and consulting services for wholesale distributors and grocery chains. They had a green-screen based wholesale distribution application that they modernized using Presto's 5250 datastream approach. They now offer their distribution software in the cloud using a software-as-service model.

TMISI started by selecting one of the existing Presto skins and customized it to match their company look by changing the colors and background. They chose the configuration option that places their function keys appear in a side menu for more of a web look. They also took advantage of Presto's subfile option flyout menu feature that gives their screens more intuitive mouse-driven navigation.

Some of the most impressive features are the visual elements they added using Presto's Visual Editor and the help of BCD Tech Support:

  • Dashboard: Transformed their main menu into a dashboard that visually shows them the big picture with charts that display sales, inventory and accounts receivable information. Previously, users had to navigate through a couple of menu screens to view details. Using the macro feature in Presto, users can now click the charts and jump directly to the detailed screens. This is more intuitive and saves a couple key strokes.
  • Maps: Added a Google map that displays the customer's address.
  • Tabs: Uncluttered screens by dividing them into individual tabs that users can click through.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to the end user is faster data:

  • Better input controls: Instead of having blank input fields, they now have drop downs and radio buttons that help users avoid mistakes.
  • Auto completes: Display a list of values that match the characters as users type them. This is faster than using a window lookup. The auto complete is multilingual and will find the corresponding French and English version of the word being typed.
  • Vouchers: Users can process vouchers more quickly because the application auto-populates values for many fields.

The ability to access the application from iPads was also an important part of the project. All of the screens render well on iPads, which comes in handy for people working remotely or in a warehouse. Presto also includes a virtual keyboard to handle any function keys that aren’t displayed on the screen.

In Evange's words, the things he likes most about Presto:

  • The ability to introduce new functionality to COBOL programs where we have no COBOL expertise, such as dropdowns for certain fields.
  • Adding visual elements to existing screens like maps, images, charts, etc.
  • Adding JavaScript for validation, pre-filling fields with relevant data and making the user experience better by avoiding mistakes and reducing keystrokes.
  • The support I received and continue to receive is above and beyond anything I can compare it to.

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