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Most Asked Questions about Presto

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Q. What is Presto?

Q. What are the benefits of Presto besides providing nicer looking applications?

Q. How long does it take to web enable green screen applications with Presto?

Q. Is there a trial version and how long does it take to install Presto?

Q. Does Presto work with any version of RPG or COBOL and do you need to change the source?

Q. Is System/36 supported?

Q. Can I still run the original green screen application?

Q. Are mobile devices supported?

You can access Presto screens from tablets and smartphones including iPads, iPhones and Android devices. Presto includes a virtual function key keyboard and mobile layouts that can be customized for specific devices.

Q. Are system screens like Work with Output Queues and third party applications supported?

Yes, all system and third party screens are web enabled. You don't need the source to give screens a web GUI with Presto.

Q. What is the learning curve?

Q. How does Presto affect system performance?

Your IBM i should perform the same whether you are running the Presto or the green screen version of your screens. You can run Presto in batch or interactively. Presto uses advanced web technologies like Ajax to render the screens as quickly as possible. While you can never beat the rendering speed of text-based screens, your users shouldn't notice a performance difference on most screens.

Q. What is the difference between Presto and WebSmart? Which one is for developing new apps?


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